9th Class Physics MCQs Chapter 5 | Gravitation MCQs

In this section of 9th Class Physics MCQs Chapter 5 Gravitation, we have covered the most important multiple-choice questions of class 9th physics for online test preparation. 

9th Class Physics MCQs Chapter 5 Gravitation MCQs

The main topics include Gravitation, the Laws of universal gravitation, Earth, motions of artificial satellites, and Newton’s laws of universal gravitation. 

All these Physics MCQs of Class 9th are important for class 9th students and competitive exams, CSS, PMS, NTS Test, ETA Test, and Entry Test. 

Class 9th Gravitation MCQs

1: Our Milky way galaxy is a ____________.

  • a) Rectangle-shaped 
  • b) Square-shaped
  • c) Disk-Shaped
  • d) Triangle-Shaped


c) Disk-Shaped

2: Law of Universal was proposed by:

  • a) Newton 
  • b) Stephen Hawking 
  • c) Einstien 
  • d) None of these 

a) Newton

3: The value of gradational constant is____________

  • a) 8.67 x10-11 Nm2Kg-2
  • b) 6.67×10-11 Nm2Kg-2
  • c) 7.6×10-11 Nm2Kg-2
  • d) 9.8×10-11 Nm2Kg-2

b) 6.67 x 10 -11 Nm2 Kg-2

4: ___________is the the closest planet to the Sun.

  • a) Earth 
  • b) Neptune
  • c) Venus 
  • d) Mercury 

d) Mercury

5: Any object purposely placed into the orbit of Earth or other planets, star or Sun are termed as:

  • a) Natural Satelite 
  • b) Artificial Satelite 
  • c) Planet
  • d) Galaxy 

b) Artificial Satelite

6: In circular orbit a satelite has a constant trangential speed called___________.

  • a) Angular Velocity 
  • b) Angular Speed 
  • c) Contact Acceleration
  • d) Orbital Velocity 

d) Orbital Velocity

7: The acceleration of bodies falling freely toward the earth is called____________.

  • a) Gravitational force
  • b) Orbital Velocity 
  • c) Gravitational Acceleration 
  • d) None of above 

c) Gravitational Acceleration

8: The value of gravitational acceleration ‘g’ decreases as altitude:

  • a) Increases
  • b) Decreases
  • c) Remain same
  • d) None

a) Increases

Class 9th Physics Solved MCQs

9: Orbital velocity is the velocity of a satellite that moves around the _________ at a specific height. 

  • a) Sun
  • b) Moon 
  • c) Mercury 
  • d) Earth 

d) Earth

10: The radius of Earth rE is : 

  • a) 6.4 x 106m
  • b) 9.8 x 106m
  • c) 6.6 x 10-11 m
  • d) 6 x106m

a) 6.4 x 106m

11: In the law of universal gravitation the attractive forces bodies is directly proportional to the product of their_________.

  • a) Distances
  • b) Masses
  • c) Speed
  • d) Wieght 

b) Masses

12: The sunlight takes almost ________minutes to travel to Earth.

  • a) 8.5
  • b) 9.5
  • c) 10.5
  • d) 7.8 

a) 8.5


All these 9th Class Physics MCQs Chapter 5 Gravitation MCQs are important for your Physics Online Test Preparation. If you need more Physics MCQs with Answers. You can find them below. 

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