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In this section of Parts of Speech MCQs, you will find Adjective MCQs With Answers for English Online Test Preparation. 

Adjective MCQs with Answers

If you are searching to find the most important MCQs on Adjective for English Quiz. There are best Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for English Test Preparation. 

All these Solved Adjective MCQs With Answers are helpful for English papers, Competitive exams and English Quiz Practice. 

Most Important Adjective MCQs

1: John gave me seven mangoes. In this sentence adjective is __________.

  • a) gave 
  • b) John
  • c) Seven 
  • d) Mangoes 

c) Seven

2. All these are solved questions of English language. The word English is:

  • a) Adjective of Quality 
  • b) Adjective of Quantity
  • c) Adjective of Number
  • d) Demonstrative Adjective 

a) Adjective of Quality

3: The department expects _____ man to do his duty.

  • a) some 
  • b) every 
  • c) no 
  • d) one 

b) every

4: He was beaten at his own game. The underlined word is:

  • a) Exclamatory Adjective 
  • b) Numeral Adjective 
  • c) Distributive Adjective 
  • d) Emphasizing Adjective


d) Emphasizing Adjective

5. Pick out the correct sentence.

  • a) Those boys play.
  • b) This boys play.
  • c) The boys play.
  • d) These boys plays.

a) Those boys play.

6: Lead is the ________ of all metals.

  • a) heavy
  • b) heavier 
  • c) heaviest 
  • d) None of these 

c) heaviest

7: The comparative degree of the word ‘thin’ is:

  • a) Thick
  • b) More thin
  • c) Thinner 
  • d) Thinnest

c) Thinner

8: The superlative degree of the word ‘out’ is:

  • a) most out
  • b) outmost 
  • c) uttermost
  • d) both b and c 

d) both b and c

9: Farther and further are used to express:

  • a) Distance 
  • b) Age 
  • c) Character
  • d) Behavior 

a) Distance

10: The positive degree of the word ‘worst’ is:

  • a) Worse 
  • b) Bad 
  • c) Good
  • d) Best 

b) Bad

Adjective Multiple Choice Questions

11: Multani Halwa is the _______ of all.

  • a) sweet 
  • b) sweeter 
  • c) sweetest 
  • d) most sweet 

c) sweetest

12: He did not eat any bread.

The word ‘any’ shows adjective of:

  • a) Quality 
  • b) Quantity
  • c) Number 
  • d) None of these 

b) Quantity

13: What an idea! the word  ‘what’ in this sentence represent:

  • a) Demonstrative Adjective 
  • b) Adjective of Quality 
  • c) Exclamatory Adjective 
  • d) Indefinitive Adjective 

c) Exlamatory Adjective

14: Adjective of the word ‘Gift’ is:

  • a) Giftious 
  • b) Gifted 
  • c) Gifting 
  • d) Gifty 

b) Gifted

15: Adjective opposite in meaning to the word ‘beautiful’ is:

  • a) Ugly
  • b) Bad 
  • c) Worst 
  • d) Worse 

a) Ugly

16: Pick out the correct comparative degree of ‘courageous’.

  • a) courgeour 
  • b) more courageous 
  • c) most courageous 
  • d) None of these 

b) more courageous

17: Gold is _____ than any metal.

  • a) useful 
  • b) most useful
  • c) more useful
  • d) None of these 

c) more useful

18: ‘Least’ is the superlative degree of the word_______.

  • a) lesser
  • b) less
  • c) little 
  • d) small

c) little

19: The comparative degree of an adjective denotes a higher degree of the quantity than the_________.

  • a) positive
  • b) comparative 
  • c) superlative 
  • d) None 

a) positive

20: My uncle is _______than my father.

  • a) elder 
  • b) older 
  • c) oldest 
  • d) old

b) older

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