Adverb MCQs With Answers: Adverb Quiz

In this section of Parts of Speech MCQs, we are going to cover Adverb MCQs With Answers. All these Adverb Multiple Choice Questions and Answers are helpful for English Test, Grammar Quiz and also for competitive Exam Online Preparation.

Adverb MCQs with Answers

If you are looking for Adverb MCQs questions for Online Test Preparation. These are the most important Adverb English Solved MCQs Questions. 

Solved MCQs of Adverb

1: Ahmad reads quite clearly. In this sentence which of the following is an adverb.

  • a) reads
  • b) quite
  • c) clearly
  • d) the 

b) quite

2: We shall now begin to work. Here the word ‘now’ is:

  • a) Adverb of time
  • b) Adverb of place
  • c) Adverb of frequency
  • d) Adverb of manner 

a) Adverb of time

3: Ali once met me in Karachi; I have not seen him since. Point out adverb of time.

  • a) once
  • b) met 
  • c) seen
  • d) since

d) since

4: Zain often makes mistakes. The word ‘often’ is an adverb of __________.

  • a) frequency 
  • b) time
  • c) place 
  • d) None of these 

a) frequency

5: He looked _________. Put the correct adverb.

  • a) of
  • b) off
  • c) up 
  • d) if

c) up

6: The baby slept __________.

  • a) sadly
  • b) soundly
  • c) betterly
  • d) nicely

b) soundly

7: Adverb of degree is also known as an adverb of _________.

  • a) Adverb of quantity
  • b) Simple adverb 
  • c) Relative adverb 
  • d) None of these 

a) Adverb of quanity

8: Our collage volley ball team fought__________.

  • a) clearly
  • b) bravely
  • c) nicely
  • d) formerly 

b) breavely

9: Things are no better at present. Point out adverb of degree.

  • a) no 
  • b) better
  • c) no better 
  • d) present 

c) no better

10: Zahid certainly went. The underlined word is an:

  • a) Adverb of affirmation 
  • b) Adverb of negation 
  • c) Relative adverb 
  • d) Both a and b

d) Both a and b

Adverb Quiz Online MCQs

11: This is the reason why I left. The word ‘why’ in this sentence belong to:

  • a) Relative Adverb 
  • b) Simple Adverb 
  • c) Integrative Adverb 
  • d) None of these 

a) Relative Adverb

12: Tania speaks _________ than Maria. 

  • a) fluent 
  • b) fluently 
  • c) fluents 
  • d) fluenting 

b) fluently

13: I searched my bag but could not find _________.

  • a) nowhere 
  • b) anywhere 
  • c) everywhere 
  • d) somewhere 

b) anywhere

14: Breathe _______ when you walk.

  • a) deep 
  • b) deeply 
  • c) deeps 
  • d) deeping 

a) deep

15: The turtle swam ______ across the lake.

  • a) badly
  • b) loudly 
  • c) slowly 
  • d) quickly 

c) slowly

  • 16: Maria ___________ ran to her room.
  • a) quick 
  • b) quickly 
  • c) quicker 
  • d) quicks 

b) quickly

17: Has she got ________ money than you?

  • a) enough
  • b) much 
  • c) more 
  • d) most 

c) more

18: I visited my uncle __ lives in Canada.

  • a) who 
  • b) which 
  • c) whom
  • d) that 

a) who

19: Sanan walks _______ than Abid.

  • a) slowly
  • b) slowlier 
  • c) more slowly
  • d) slow 

a) slowly

20: The birds flew __ above the lake.

  • a) furiously 
  • b) mysteriously 
  • c) gracefully
  • d) eventually 

c) gracefully

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