All Everyday Science MCQs for Online Test Preparation

In this section, you will find All Everyday Science MCQs for Online Test Preparation. These solved Everyday Science MCQs will help you with ETEA, NTS, CSS, PMS, ATS and CSS Test Preparation. 

All Everyday Science MCQs

All Everyday Science MCQs with Answers

31: The chemical formula of Table salt is ____________.

  • a) NH3
  • b) HCL
  • c) NaCl
  • d) CaCO3

c) NaCl

32: The distance between the _______________is called Asronomical Unit.

  • a) Earth and moon
  • b) Sun and moon
  • c) Earth and Sun 
  • d) None of these 

c) Earth and Sun

33: The percentage of water in blood is ______________

  • a) 70 %
  • b) 80 %
  • c) 90 % 
  • d) 95 %

c) 90 %

34: Electron revoles around the Nucleus in a particular path called_____________.

  • a) Shell
  • b) Atomic Number
  • c) Photon
  • d) Atomic Mass 

a) Shell

35: Atomic mass is the sum of the number of ___________.

  • a) Protons and Electrons
  • b) Only Electrons
  • c) Neutrons and Electrons
  • d) Protons and Neutrons 

d) Protons and Neutrons

36: the main cause of acid rain is ______________

  • a) Green Plants
  • b) Flood
  • c) Pollution 
  • d) Cold Weather

c) Pollution

37: Optical fiber are the fine strands of _____________

  • a) Glass 
  • b) Steel
  • c) Plastic 
  • d) Silver

a) Glass

38: If an electron or more than one electrons are removed from an atom it is known as _____________

  • a) Anion 
  • b) Cation
  • c) Isotopes
  • d) None of these 

b) Cation

Everyday Science Online Test Preparation

39: The lens which is narrow toward the corner and broader toward the center is called______________

  • a) Concave
  • b) Convex 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these

b) Convex

40: An aquatic ecosystem include_______________

  • a) Sand and desert
  • b) Forest and desert
  • c) Rivers and Oceans 
  • d) Desert and Rivers

c) Rivers and Oceans

41: Which of the following instrument is used for the disorder of the heart?

  • a) ECG 
  • b) X-Ray
  • c) Ultrasound
  • d) Microscope

a) ECG

42: The branch of science which deal with the study of universe is called ________________

  • a) Geology 
  • b) Cosmology
  • c) Particle Physics 
  • d) None of these 

b) Cosmology

43: Biotic components of ecosystem is/are_______________

  • a) Producers
  • b) Consumers
  • c) Decomposers
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

44: In lunar eclipse the _____________comes in between the sun and moon.

  • a) Moon
  • b) Sun
  • c) Earth 
  • d) None of these

c) Eath

45: Which of the following is/are Isotopes of Hydrogen?

  • a) Protium
  • b) Deuterium
  • c) Tritium
  • d) All of above 

d) All of above


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