ATS Test MCQs |Questions with Answers| Solved

ATS Test MCQs |Questions with Answers| Solved

If you are looking to find the latest ATS Test MCQs Online. Here you will find ATS Test Science MCQs, ATS General Knowledge MCQs with Answer, Current Affair MCQs for ATS Test, ATS Test English MCQs and ATS Test Maths Solved MCQs. 


In this section, you will find ats test science MCQs Solved Questions with Answers for Online Test Preparation. As you know every ATS Test consists of General Science Multiple Choice Questions. All these Solved ATS Test MCQs will help in all ATS Test Preparation. 


1: Which of the following diseases is/are caused by Bacteria?

  • a) Typhoid 
  • b) Cholera 
  • c) Pneumonia 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

2: Snake is the example of __________.

  • a) Amphibian
  • b) Reptile 
  • c) Bird 
  • d) None of these 

b) Reptile

3: The forelimbs of birds are modified into_______.

  • a) Head 
  • b) Foots 
  • c) Wings 
  • d) Tail 

c) Wings

4: Ostrich is the largest __________ .

  • a) Flying bird 
  • b) Running bird 
  • c) Flying animal 
  • d) Smallest bird 

b) Running bird

5: Those vertebrates which give birth to young ones and the mother feed to babies with her milk are called_______.

  • a) Insects 
  • b) Amphibians
  • c) Mammals 
  • d) Reptiles

c) Mammals

6: The first antibiotic was extracted from a fungus called______.

  • a) Penicillium
  • b)Bacillus
  • c) Cephalosporins
  • d) Griseofulvin

a) Penicillium

7: Monocots have ________ roots.

  • a) Tap 
  • b) Fibrous 
  • c) Single 
  • d) No

b) Fibrous

8: A normal adult human being has ______ teeth.

  • a) 20
  • b) 28
  • c) 30
  • d) 32 

d) 32

9: All seasons occur due to the resolution of the______ around the sun.

  • a) Moon 
  • b) Earth 
  • c) Stars 
  • d) None of these 

b) Earth

10: A dark image formed by a body that block rays of light are called_______.

  • a) Reflection 
  • b) Sceene 
  • c) Shadow
  • d) Refraction 

c) Shadow

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11: Mammals are :

  • a) Vertebrates 
  • b) Invertebrates 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None of these 

a) Vertebrates

12: Bacteria help in making _______.

  • a) Plastic
  • b) Cloth 
  • c) Pickle 
  • d) Soda 

c) Pickle

13: ______ convert milk into curd.

  • a) Virus
  • b) Fungi 
  • c) Bacteria 
  • d) None of them 

c) Bacteria

14: Blight, Citrus, Canker, and Crown gall are the diseases of ________.

  • a) Fishes 
  • b) Plants 
  • c) Birds 
  • d) Human 

b) Plants

15: Our teeth contains ________.

  • a) Zinc
  • b) Potassium 
  • c) Calcium 
  • d) Tin 

c) Calcium

16: Which of the following is/are the main sources of Calcium?

  • a) Milk 
  • b) Bananas 
  • c) Eggs 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

17: Rust and Smut are diseases of plants caused by__________.

  • a) Bacteria 
  • b) Viruses 
  • c) Fungi 
  • d) None of these 

c) Fungi

18: A seed kept at low temperature does not grow because of not getting the________.

  • a) Proper water 
  • b) Proper temperature 
  • c) Proper Oxygen 
  • d) Proper Carbon Dioxide 

b) Proper temperature

19: A grain of maize contain ________ cotyledons.

  • a) One 
  • b) Two 
  • c) Three 
  • d) Four 

a) One

20: Gram, peas, and mango seeds are the best example of _________.

  • a) Monocotyledons
  • b) Dicotyledons 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None of these 

b) Dicotyledons

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21: Baby plant inside the seed is called__________.

  • a) Testa 
  • b) Redical 
  • c) Plumula 
  • d) Embryo 

d) Embryo

22: A diet containing food items from all food groups in the proper amount is known as __________.

  • a) Junk food 
  • b) Fast food 
  • c) Balanced diet 
  • d) Unbalanced diet

c) Balanced diet

23: In the following which one is a rich source of carbohydrates?

  • a) Potato 
  • b) Meat 
  • c) Milk 
  • d) Ghee 

a) Potato

24: Fish breath in water through its:

  • a) Skin 
  • b) Gills 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None of these 

b) Gills

25: Rice, corn, potato, and wheat contains:

  • a) Fats 
  • b) Proteins 
  • c) Carbohydrates 
  • d) None of these 

c) Carbohydrates

26: Animals, air, plants and soil are examples of _________.

  • a) Capital Resources 
  • b) Natural Resources 
  • c) Human Resources 
  • d) None of these 

b) Natural Resources

27: Vital organ of the body is:

  • a) Liver 
  • b) Kidney
  • c) Heart
  • d) Brain 

d) Brain

28: Similar characters are transferred by the parents to their young ones, the property is called______.

  • a) Genue 
  • b) Transforamtion 
  • c) Heridity 
  • d) Reproduction 

c) Heridity

29: Hepatitis and Polio are caused by:

  • a) Fungi 
  • b) Bacteria 
  • c) Virus 
  • d) None of these 

c) Virus

30: The biggest animal found on earth is:

  • a) Elephant 
  • b) Whale 
  • c) Shark
  • d) Ostrich 

b) Whale

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