Basic Computer MCQs For NTS Online Test Preparation

Below are Basic Computer MCQs For NTS with Answers. In this section, you will find basic to advance and multiple-choice questions about computers. All these computer MCQs are helpful for online test preparation like NTS Test, ETEA Test, KPPSC Test, CSS, and PMS. In most competitive exams a special part for the assessment is given. 

Basic Computer MCQs For NTS

So, don’t worry all these basic computer MCQs cover basics and advanced concepts in computers. For example, Computer Hardware, Software, Input and output devices, Internet and websites, Printers and scanners, Central processing unit, and Computer Memory. 

Basic Computer MCQs For NTS

1: In which generation the size of the computer was very large?

  • a) First Generation 
  • b) Second Generation ‘
  • c) Third Generation 
  • d) Fourth Generation 

a) First Generation

2: BCD stands for _____________

  • a) Bit Coded Decimal
  • b) Binary Coded Digits
  • c) Bit Coded Digits
  • d) Binary Coded Decimal 

d) Binary Coded Decimal

3: Software or programs that are used to find out possible faults and their diagnostics are called_________.

  • a) Booting software
  • b) Diskettes
  • c) Diagnostics Software
  • d) Operating System software

c) Diagnostics Software

4: In the following ________support co-processors?

  • a) AT Computer
  • b) XT Computer
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 


a) AT Computer

5: To connect our computer with internet connection we need _________.

  • a) Keyboard
  • b) Modem
  • c) CD-Drive
  • d) Scanner 

b) Modem

NTS Online Test Preparation

6: Which one of the following is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer?

  • a) RW/ RAM
  • b) RAM
  • c) ROM
  • d) ERAM

c) ROM

7: Which unit of our computer is capable to convert user data into machine-readable form?

  • a) Input Device
  • b) ALU 
  • c) Contol Unit
  • d) Output Unit 

a) Input Device

8: The personel computer industry was started by__________company.

  • a) Microsoft
  • b) Apple 
  • c) Compaq
  • d) IBM 

d) IBM

9: Stored program concept was first suggested by __________.

  • a) John Mauchly 
  • b) J.P Eckert
  • c) Joseph Jacuard 
  • d) John Neumann 

d) John Naumann

10: In computer _______is capable to store single binary bit.

  • a) Inductor
  • b) Flip Flop 
  • c) Capacitor 
  • d) Register 

b) Flip Flop

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