Basic Computer MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Basic Computer MCQs for Online Test Preparation

In this section, you will find Basic Computer MCQs. All these Multiple Choice Questions with Answers cover main topics of computer science, Information and communication Telecommunication, software engineering, computer network, operating system, data communications, computer software, etc. 

These are helpful for online test preparation of NTS Test, ETEA Test, KPPSC Test, FPSC Test, PPSC Test, SPSC Test, BPSC Test, Computer Job Test, Computer Operator Test, Junior Clerk Test, ATS Test, and other Teaching Job Tests.

Basic Computer MCQs

Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1: Which of the following is an important part of CPU?

  • a) RAM
  • b) ALU
  • c) Hard Disk
  • d) Modem 

b) ALU

2: A computer cann’t boot without___________.

  • a) Assembler
  • b) Loader
  • c) Compiler
  • d) Operating System 

d) Operating System

3: The data and program are stored in___________ when processor use them.

  • a) Secondary Storage 
  • b) Program Memory 
  • c) Main Memory 
  • d) None of these 

c) Main Memory

4: ___________is/are classified as low level programming languages.

  • a) Assembly Languages 
  • b) COBOL Language
  • c) C, C++ Language 
  • d) JAVA Language 

a) Assembly Language

5: A light pen is a/an ________device.

  • a) Mechanical Input
  • b) Electrical Input 
  • c) Optical Output 
  • d) Optical Input 

d) Optical Input

Computer Online Test Preparation

6: FORTRAN stands for ________________.

  • a) File Translation 
  • b) Formula Translation 
  • c) Floppy Translation 
  • d) Format Translation 

b) Formula Translation

7: Transistors invented in ______________.

  • a) 1938
  • b) 1948
  • c) 1956
  • d) 1968

b) 1948

8: BASIC is a ____________language.

  • a) Object-Oriented Language 
  • b) Procedural Langauge 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

b) Procedural Language

9: Time during which a job is processed by computer is called__________.

  • a) Delay Time
  • b) Real Time
  • c) Down Time 
  • d) Execution Time 

d) Execution Time

10: The inventer of Mark-1 is ___________.

  • a) J.P Eckert 
  • b) John Mauchly 
  • c) Howard Aikin 
  • d) John V.Atanasop 

c) Howard Aikin

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