Basic Computer Science MCQs Questions With Answers

In this section of Computer Science MCQs, we have covered Basic Computer MCQs Questions with Answers. All these Basic Computer Multiple Choice Questions are important for NTS Computer Test, KPPSC Computer Test, FPSC Computer Test, ETEA Computer Test Test, Computer Operator Test, CSS, and PMS Test, etc. 

Basic Computer Science MCQs Questions with Answers

In this section, you can easily learn about basic concepts about basic computer science concepts, the History of computers, the Generation of computers, Data and Information, Electronic Data Processing, Types of computers, Operating systems, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, System Software, Application Software, Basics of Networking and much more. 

Computer Science Basic MCQs for Online Test Preparation

1: A microcomputer owned and used by individuals for use at home, school and at work is called_________.

  • a) Personel Computer
  • b) Mainframe Computer
  • c) Analog Computer
  • d) Server 

a) Personel Computer

2: Any thing in raw form like numbers, words and facts are known as _____________.

  • a) Output
  • b) Database
  • c) Data
  • d) Information


3: The type of date which includes alphabetic, numerics, and special character is known as __________.

  • a) Visual Data
  • b) Video Data
  • c) Alphabetic Data
  • d) Alphanumeric Data 

d) Alphanumeric Data

4: Which of the following is involved in processing the function in which data is processed into information?

  • a) Printing
  • b) Sorting
  • c) Comparing 
  • d) Both b and C 

d) Both b and c

5: A ___________design, writes, test and implement a program in a particular language.

  • a) System Analyst 
  • b) Programer
  • c) Operator 
  • d) System Designer 


b) Programer

6: A__________is a small wafer, usually made of Silicon, that plugs into a computer mother board.

  • a) Bit
  • b) Chip 
  • c) Transister 
  • d) RAM 

b) Chip

7: Who made the first Mechanical device?

  • a) Blase Pascal 
  • b) Gottfried 
  • c) John Napier 
  • d) Charles Babbage 

c) John Napier

8: CAD Stands for ______________________

  • a) Computer and Devices 
  • b) Computer-Aided Devices 
  • c) Computer-Aided Design 
  • d) None of these 

c) Computer-Aided Design

9: Cray-1 and CYBER205 are:

  • a) Micro Computers 
  • b) Super Computers 
  • c) Mainframe Computers
  • d) Special Purpose Computers 

b) Super Computers

10: The first device used by humans for computings probabbly ___________.

  • a) Fingers
  • b) The abacus
  • c) Nipper Rods
  • d) The Pascaline 

b) The abacus

Computer Online Test Preparation

11: DOS stands for:

  • a) Disk Operating System
  • b) Digital Operating System 
  • c) Disk Output System 
  • d) Digital Output System 

a) Disk Operating System

12: The full form of IBM is:

  • a) International Business Module 
  • b) International Business Machine
  • c) International Management Machine 
  • d) International Business Model 

b) International Business Machine

13: Which one from the following is both input and output device?

  • a) Speaker
  • b) Light Pen
  • c) Mouse 
  • d) Touch Screen 

14: BIOS stands for:

  • a) Basic Internal Operating System
  • b) Basic Integrated Operating System
  • c) Basics Input Operating System 
  • d) Basic Input Output System 

d) Basics Inpute Output System

15: To enhance the functionality of a computer we normally add__________ to our system.

  • a) Disk Space 
  • b) System add-on
  • c) Peripheral Devices 
  • d) None of these 

c) Pheripheral Devices

16: The main function of _______ is to set up Hardware and start Operating System.

  • a) Application Program
  • b) Memory 
  • c) Compiler 
  • d) BIOS


17: Microsoft Excel is widely used for _________ purpose.

  • a) Designing 
  • b) Accounting 
  • c) Presentation 
  • d) Email 

b) Accounting

18: Moste data go first to _______ in a computer memeory hierarchy.

  • a) Cache 
  • b) Hardisk 
  • c) ROM
  • d) RAM 

d) RAM

19: The smallest storage in the given units is:

  • a) Terabytes 
  • b) Gigabytes 
  • c) Kilobytes 
  • d) Megabytes 

c) Kilobytes

20: The combination of Hardware and Software make___________

  • a) Computing System 
  • b) Network System 
  • c) Storage System 
  • d) None of above 

a) Computing System

Basics Computer Questions with Answers

21: Desktop Computer is best example of __________.

  • a) Mainframe Computer 
  • b) Mini Computer 
  • c) Special Purpose Computer 
  • d) Personel Computer 

d) Personel Computer

22: Unix  is an example of _____________.

  • a) Application Software 
  • b) Operating System 
  • c) Compiler 
  • d) All of these 

b) Operating System

23: Joysticks are mainly used in __________.

  • a) Gaming 
  • b) Printing 
  • c) Designing 
  • d) Networking 

a) Gaming

24: Which one of the following connects the CPU to internal components? 

  • a) PROM
  • b) RAM 
  • c) ALU 
  • d) Buses 

d) Buses

25: Which one is a storage device?

  • a) USB 
  • b) Webcam 
  • c) Keyboard 
  • c) Mouse 

a) USB

26: A scanner uses optical technology to transfer _________ into computer.

  • a) Audio 
  • b) Image 
  • c) Numbers 
  • d) None of these 

b) Image

27: iOs is an example of __________ .

  • a) Device Driver
  • b) Application Software 
  • c) Operating System 
  • d) Firmware 

c) Operating System

28: MS Access and MySQL are ___________ software.

  • a) Database 
  • b) Graphics 
  • c) Multimedia 
  • d) Anti-Virus

a) Database

29: Which of the following is a web browser?

  • a) Microsot Outlook 
  • b) Canva 
  • c) Microsoft Edge 
  • d) Team Viewer 

c) Microsoft Edge

30: A __________ is used for modulation and demodulation.

  • a) Hub 
  • b) Switch  
  • c) Router 
  • d) Modem 

d) Modem


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