Basic Concepts in Geometry MCQs for Online Test Preparation

All the given Maths MCQs are related to some Basic Concepts in Geometry. As we know that Geometry is the most important branch of Maths. We also know that in most exams and tests there is a separate section of Geometry. So in this section, you will find the most important Geometry MCQs Questions with Answers.

Basic Concepts in Geometry MCQs

 All these basic Geometry MCQs will help you to solve your Geometry Questions in your Maths Test. These MCQs will also help you in NTS Test, ETEA Test, KPPSC Test, FPSC Test, KPPSC Test, ATS Test etc. 

Basic Concepts in Geometry MCQs

1: Any angle greater than 180° but smaller than 360° is called________.

  • a) Straight Angle
  • b) Reflex Angle 
  • c) Right Angle
  • d) None of these 

b) Reflex Angle

2: Two angles are called supplementary angles if their sum is __________.

  • a) 360°
  • b) 90°
  • c) 180°
  • d) 60°

c) 180°

3: Equilateral Triangle is a triangle in which all sides are ________.

  • a) Equal
  • b) Different
  • c) Opposite
  • d) Straight

a) Equal

4: A having all sides of different measures is called a ________traingle.

  • a) Equilateral 
  • b) Scalene
  • c) Acute
  • d)Right Angle Traingle 


5: A quadrilateral having all sides are equal and parallel is called a__________.

  • a) Rectangle
  • b) Rhombus
  • c) Square
  • d) Trapezium

b) Rhombus

Geometry Online Test Preparation

6: Which of these is a reflex angle?

  • a) 75°
  • b)215°
  • c) 180°
  • d) 120°

a) 75°

7: Two angles will be called supplementary angles if their sum is equal to :

  • a) 180°
  • b)90°
  • c) 360°
  • d)100°

a) 180°

8: A rectangular pool is 10 meters long and 7.3 meters wide the perimeter of the pool is:

  • a) 70.3 m
  • b) 34.6 m
  • c) 49.9 m
  • d) 27.3 m 

b) 34.6 m

9:A square mirror has a length of 42 cm. What is its area?

  • a) 1764 cm2
  • b) 82 cm2
  • c) 1764m
  • d) 1764 cm


a) 1764 cm2

10: A cricket ground has a length of 7.5 meters and a width of 4 meters. The area will be:

  • a) 300 m2
  • b) 15 m2
  • c) 28.5 m2
  • d) 30 m2



All the above-mentioned are some important Geometry MCQs questions with answers for your online test preparation. If you need more solved MCQs of Maths, you can find them below. 

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