Basic IT knowledge MCQs for Online Test Preparation

In this section of Computer Science MCQs, you will find Basic IT knowledge MCQs for FPSC Test. All these Multiple Choice Questions with Answers cover Basic Computer, Central Processing Unit, Computer Storage, Input, and Output Devices.

Basic IT knowledge MCQs

FPSC Basic IT Online Test Preparation

1: MICR stands for ___________.

  • a) Magnetic Ink Code Reader
  • b) Magnetic Ink Case Reader
  • c) Magnetic Ink Card Reader 
  • d) Magnetic Ink Character Reader 

d) Magnetic Ink Character Reader

2: Example of output devices is/are___________.

  • a) Monitors 
  • b) Printers
  • c) Speakers 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

3: A_________  is a microprocessor-based computing device.

  • a) Workstation
  • b) Server
  • c) Personal Computer 
  • d) Mainframe Computer 

c) Personal Computer

4: Which of the following is the largest manufacturer of Hard Disk devices?

  • a) Microsoft
  • b) Amazon 
  • c) Dell
  • d) Seagate 

d) Seagate

5: __________ is a language that can be understood and executed by the computer.

  • a) Application Software 
  • b) System Software
  • c) Machine Language 
  • d) None of these 

c) Machine Language

IT MCQs for Online Test Preparation

6: A____________ cannot support multiple users simultaneously?

  • a) Micro Computer 
  • b) Mainframe Computer
  • c) Mini Computer
  • d) Cluster Computer 

a) Micro Computer

7: Which of the following part of the computer does not consist in the processor?

  • a) Arithmetic Logic Unit 
  • b) Memory 
  • c) Control Unit 
  • d) Registers 

b) Memory

8: John Napier developed logarithm in ______________.

  • a) 1416
  • b) 1641
  • c) 1804
  • d) 1614

d) 1614

9: The first page of a website is also known as __________.

  • a) Cookies
  • b) Homepage
  • c) Directory
  • d) Bookmark

b) Homepage

10: A __________ is also known as the brain of the computer. 

  • a) Central Processing Unit
  • b) Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • c) Control Unit 
  • d) Registers 

a) Central Processing Unit

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