Basic Physics MCQs With Answers for Online Test Preparation

Are you looking to test your knowledge of basic physics? Test your knowledge of basic physics by taking on these challenging Basic Physics MCQs with Answers!

If so, you‘ve come to the right place! This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive list of basic physics Mcqs with answers, so you can see how much you really know.

Basic Physics MCQs with Answers.

Whether you‘re studying for a physics exam, trying to brush up on your skills, or just curious, these MCQs will help you become a master of the basics of physics.

So, without further ado, let‘s get started!

Basic Physics Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1: How many millimetres are there in 10 cm?

  • a) 100mm
  • b) 200mm
  • c) 50mm
  • d) 10mm

a) 100mm

2: Which of the following quantity can be measured using a micrometre?

  • a) current
  • b) force 
  • c) length
  • d) mass

c) length

3: Which prefix represents the largest value?

  • a) mega
  • b) giga 
  • c) peta
  • d) exa

d) exa

4: Which of the following is the smallest prefix?

  • a) atto
  • b) pico
  • c) nano 
  • d) femto

a) atto

5: Which of the following number shows on significant digit?

  • a) 1.1
  • b) 6.0
  • c) 7.1
  • d) 600

b) 6.0

6: Which of the following number shows 4 significant digits?

  • a) 900.8
  • b) 4
  • c) 5174.00
  • d) 0.0002

c) 5174.00

7: A light year is a distance travelled by light in one year. It travels about 9.460×1015 m. How many significant figures are in this number?

  • a) 6
  • b) 2
  • c) 3
  • d) 4

d) 4

8: 0.2 mm in units of meter is:

  • a) 0.0002m
  • b) 2×10-4
  • c) none 
  • d) both a & b

d) both a & b

9: Kitab-Ul-Manazir is the name of the book written by:

  • a) Yaqub Kindi
  • b) Ibnal Haitham 
  • c) Al Beruni 
  • d) Ibne Seena 

b) Ibnal Haitam

10: The average speed of a bus is 20 m/s how far can it travel in 10s?

  • a) 100m
  • c) 200m
  • c) 150m
  • d) 250m

c) 200m

Physics MCQ Questions for Practice and Learning

In this unit of basic Physics MCQs with answers you will Newton Laws of Motion MCQs with answers.

11: A truck accelerates uniformly from 15 m/s in 5s. What is the acceleration of the truck?

  • a) 2ms-2
  • b) 1.5ms-2
  • c) 1 ms-2
  • d) 2.5ms-2

c) 1 ms

12: A car moving along a straight line at 20 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 4ms-2. After 2 seconds its speed will be:

  • a) 28 m/s
  • b) 16 m/s
  • c) 12 m/s
  • d) 8 m/s

a) 28 m/s

13: A bird begins to accelerate at a constant 0.3ms-2. Its change in velocity is:

  • a) 0.9 m/s
  • b) 1.5 m/s
  • c) 1.95 m/s
  • d) 2.4 m/s

a) 0.9 m/s

14: The slope of the distance-time graph represents:

  • a) acceleration 
  • b) change in acceleration 
  • c) speed 
  • d) distance

c) speed

15: The area under a speed-time graph represents:

  • a) acceleration
  • b) Δa
  • c) distance 
  • d) velocity

c) distance

16: You drop a rock from a bridge to the river below. When the rock has fallen 4m, you drop a second rock. As the rock continue their free fall, their separation:

  • a) increase
  • b) decrease
  • c) stay the same
  • d) None 

b) decrease

17: A 30 kg object is supported by a rope, such that tension in the rope is equal to its weight. The weight of the object is:

  • a) 30kg 
  • b) 30N
  • c) 294N
  • d) 9.8N

c) 294N

18: The force needed to produce an acceleration of 10ms-2 in a ball mass of 0.5kg is:

  • a) 20 N
  • b) 10.5 N
  • c) 9.5 N
  • d) 5 N

d) 5N

19: What is the mass of a car that is travelling with a velocity of 20m/s[W] and moment of 22000 kg m/s[W]?

  • a) 440000 kg
  • b) 21980 kg
  • c) 22020 kg
  • d) 1100 kg

d) 1100 kg

20: An object on earth and taken to the moon should have:

  • a) Less mass / less weight 
  • b) same mass/more weight
  • c) same mass/less weight
  • d) less mass/ same weight

c) same mass /less weight

Basic Physics Questions with Answers

This unit of basic Physics MCQs with answers include MCQs on centripetal force.

21: The unit of coefficient of the fraction is:

  • a) N
  • b) kg
  • c) µ
  • d) it has no unit

d) it has no unit

22: The centripetal acceleration for an object of mass 1 kg moving with 6 m/s in a circle of radius 3m is:

  • a) 18ms-2
  • b) 10ms-2
  • c) 12ms-2
  • d) 2ms-2

c) 12 ms-2

23: How many times the centripetal force will increase if the mass of a body moves with uniform speed in a circle is doubled?

  • a) Six times
  • b) Two times
  • c) Four times
  • d) Eight times

b) Two times

24: Which of the following force can act as a centripetal force?

  • a) Tension
  • b) Friction 
  • c) Gravational force
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

25: Conventionally anti-clockwise torque is taken as:

  • a) Negative 
  • b) Positive 
  • c) Parallel
  • d) Zero

b) Positive

26: A door requires a minimum torque of 80 N in order to open it. What is the minimum distance of the handle from the hinges, If the door is to be pulled with a force at the handle not greater then 100N?

  • a) 0.6m
  • b) 1m
  • c) 0.4m
  • d) 0.8m

d) 0.8 m

27: Two children are balanced on opposite sides of the seesaw. If one child leans inward toward the pivot point, his side will:

  • a) rise
  • b) fall
  • c) insufficient
  • d) neither rise nor fall

a) rise

28: A body in equilibrium must not b:

  • a) At rest 
  • b) moving
  • c) rotating 
  • d) accelerating

d) accelerating

29: The torque in a uniform rotating fan having a blade of length 0.5 m is:

  • a) 0.5 Nm
  • b) 2 Nm
  • c) -0.5 Nm
  • d) 0 Nm

d) 0 Nm

30: A force of 100 N is applied perpendicularly at 0.5m, to turn a nut of a wheel of a bus. The torque acting on the nut is:

  • a) 500 Nm
  • b) 50 Nm
  • c) 5 Nm
  • d) 0.005 Nm

b) 50 Nm

Multiple Choice Question Answers on Physics 

We have included important MCQs of torque in this unit of basic Physics MCQs with answers.

31: A girl pushes to open a door perpendicularly with a force of 25 N at 0.6m from the thing, the torque is?

  • a) 41.6 Nm
  • b) 25.6 Nm
  • c) 15 Nm
  • d) 0 Nm

c) 15 Nm

32: The center of mass is different from centre of gravity when we have non-uniform_________.

  • a) shape of the object 
  • b) mass of object
  • c) gravitational force 
  • d) none of these 

a) shape of the object

33: Two masses are separated by a distance r. If both masses are doubled, the force of interaction between the two masses changes by a factor_______.

  • a) 2
  • b) 4
  • c) 1/2
  • d) 1/4

b) 4

34: The radius of earth re is:

  • a) 9.8 m
  • b) 6.67×10-11
  • c) 6×1024m
  • d) 6.4×106m

d) 6.4×106m

35: The SI unit of gravitational constant “G” is:

  • a) Nkg
  • b) Nm2kg-2
  • c) Nm² kg²
  • d) None of above 

b) Nm2kg-2

36: The value of “g” at the surface of the moon is:

  • a) 9.8ms-2
  • b) 1.63ms-2
  • c) 4.9ms-2
  • d) 1.2ms-2

b) 1.63ms-2

37: The value of “g” ___________ with altitude.

  • a) increases 
  • b) decreases
  • c) gets zero 
  • d) remain the same

b) decreases

38: When a body is moved from sea level to the top of a mountain, there is a change in the body?

  • a) mass 
  • b) weight 
  • c) none 
  • d) both mass and weight

b) weight

39: The value of g at the equator is:

  • a) same at poles 
  • b) larger at poles 
  • c) smaller at poles 
  • d) none of above

c) smaller at poles

40: Work done will be zero when the angle between force and displacement is:

  • a) 30°
  • b) 45°
  • c) 60°
  • d) 90°

d) 90

Basics Physics Online Test MCQs

41: 30 N force is exerted and the trolley moves a distance of 5 m in the direction of force, the word done is:

  • a) 6J
  • b) 25J
  • c) 150J
  • d) 0.17J

c) 150J

42: An object of mass 10 kg is lifted vertically through a height of 5m. The gravitational potential energy gained by the object is:

  • a) 0.5J
  • b) 2J
  • c) 50J
  • d) 490J

d) 490J

43: If a petrol engine does 20 J of useful work for energy supplied to it, then its efficiency is:

  • a) 80%
  • b) 60%
  • c) 40%
  • d) 20%

d) 20%

44: 1hp=__________

  • a) 746W
  • b) 476W
  • c) 550W
  • d)

a) 746W

45: KWh is unit for____________.

  • a) energy
  • b) power
  • c) efficiency
  • d) force

a) energy

46: Hira weighting 500 N takes 90 s to reach the top of a hill 18 m high. Her average muscle power is:

  • a) 2500 W
  • b) 100 W
  • c) 32.8 W
  • d) 3.24 W

b) 100 W

47: A machine is able to lift 200 N of concrete slab vertically up to a height of 30 m above the ground in 50 s.The average power of the machine is:

  • a) 1.33 W
  • b) 60 W
  • c) 120 W
  • d) 6000 W

c) 120 W

48: A container having a volume of 6m³ is full of a liquid, having a density of 30 kgm-3. The mass of the liquid is:

  • a) 180 kg 
  • b) 24 kg
  • c) 5 kg
  • d) 0.2 kg

a) 180 kg

49: Which of the following cannot be used to measure pressure?

  • a) Atm
  • b) Pa
  • c) bar
  • d) kgm-3

d) kgm-3

50: Pressure at depth in fluid:

  • a) increases
  • b) decreases
  • c) none 
  • d) stay same

a) increase


I hope these Basic Physics MCQs With Answers will be helpful for your basic Physics online test preparation. If you need more solved Physics MCQs, you can easily find them below. 

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