BSc Computer Science MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Latest BSc Computer Science MCQs questions with answers for online test preparation. All these Computer Science MCQs cover some basics and advanced concepts and exam questions.

BSc Computer Science MCQs for Online Test Preparation

 The main topic includes computer Software, Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Types of Operating systems, Central Processing Unit, ALU, Computer Memory, etc. 

All these BSc Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are helpful for many online tests, Quizzes, Online Exam Preparation, and Online Test Preparation. 

BSc Computer Science MCQs for Online Test Preparation

1: Modern Computers are based on ____________ are more capable then early machines.

  • a) Integrated Circuits
  • b) Power 
  • c) Memory 
  • d) Secondary Storage 

a) Integrated Circuits

2: The principle of the modern computer was first described by mathematician and computer scientist __________ in 1936.

  • a) Blaspascal 
  • b) Charles Babbage 
  • c) Alan Turning 
  • d) Bill Gate 

c) Alan Turning

3: The first practical integrated circut was invented by ____________.

  • a) Tom Kilburn 
  • b) Jack Kilby 
  • c) Grace Hopper 
  • d) Blas Pascal 

b) Jack Kilby

4: Errors in computer __________are called bugs.

  • a) Programs
  • b) Hardware 
  • c) Internet
  • d) Input Devices 

a) Programs

5: In a general-purpose computer the main components are inter-connected with the help of ____________.

  • a) Registers
  • b) Memory 
  • c) Buses
  • d) Programs

c) Buses

6: A __________ keeps track of which location in memory the next instruction is to be read from.

  • a) Program Counter
  • b) ALU
  • c) Cach Memory
  • d) None of these 

a) Program Counter

7: Software stored in ROM is also called __________.

  • a) Compiler
  • b) Translator 
  • c) Firmware
  • d) Operating System 

c) Firmware

8: Computer Networking is an example of _____________.


  • a) Input 
  • b) Output
  • c) Both input and Output
  • d) None of above 

c) Both Input and Output

Computer MCQs Questions

9: Rexx,Java and LISP are ____________.

  • a) Assembly language 
  • b) High-level Languages
  • c) Machine Language 
  • d) None of these 


b) High-level Languages

10: An operating system manage __________.

  • a) Software
  • b) Hardware 
  • c) Both software and Hardware 
  • d) Only Software 

c) Both Software and Hardware

11: Unix was originally written in___________.

  • a) Java Language 
  • b) Assembly Language 
  • c) C# Language 
  • d) Python Langue 

b) Assembly Language

12: Microsoft Windows was first released in _____________.

  • a) 1985
  • b) 1988
  • c) 1990
  • d) 1995 

a) 1985

13: A ____________ connects the application software to the Hardware of a computer.

  • a) Compiler
  • b) CPU
  • c) Debugger 
  • d) Kernel 

d) Kernel

14: Interaction with Hardware devices i-e Printers, Scanner, etc is possible due to:

  • a) Application Software
  • b) Device Drivers
  • c) Hardware 
  • d) Internet 

b) Device Drivers

15: Which of the following Operating systems is widely used in automobile engine control?

  • a) Real-time Operating System
  • b) Windows Operating System
  • c) Unix Operating System
  • d) Embided Linux 

a) Real-time Operating System


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