Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Dynamics MCQs Online Test

In this section of Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Dynamics MCQs you will find the latest Physics MCQs with Answers. All these MCQs cover important topics in Dynamics.

Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Dynamics MCQs Online Test

We have broadly covered in a chapter of class 9th Physics MCQs the following topics related to Dynamics:

Force, Newton Laws of Motion, Inertia, Weight, Momentum, Collisions, Friction, Normal Force, Tension, Centripetal acceleration, etc. 

All these Class 9th Physics MCQs are important for class 9th students’ online test preparation. These are also helpful in most Competitive Tests and Exams like the NTS test, CSS Test, PMS Test, ETEA, KPPSC, PPSC, FPSC, Entry test, and other tests. 

Dynamics MCQs for Class 9th Physics

1: The downward force with which the earth pulls a body toward its center is called______________.

  • a) Mass
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Weight 
  • d) Momentum

c) Weight

2: The force which compels a body to move in a circular path, is called___________.

  • a) Centripetal Force
  • b) Net force 
  • c) Friction force 
  • d) None of these 

a) Centripetal Force

3: When a body rolls over a surface, the force of friction is called___________.

  • a) Static Friction 
  • b) Kinetic Fraction 
  • c Rolling Friction 
  • d) None of above 

c) Rolling friction

4: A physical quantity that moves or tends to move a body, stop or tends to stop a moving body is called_____________.

  • a) Force 
  • b) Velocity 
  • c) Speed
  • d) Acceleration 

a) Force

5:The S.I unit of force is ____________.


  • a) Ohm
  • b) Joule 
  • c) Newton 
  • d) Pascal 

c) Newton

6: When Fnet=0 the ΔV=0 or a=0 this represent  Newton ___________ Law of motion. 

  • a) First
  • b) Second
  • c) Third
  • d) None of these

a) First

7: Newton second law of motion is mathematically represented as: 

  • a) a=Fm
  • b) F=ma
  • c) F=ma2
  • d) F=m2a2

b) F=ma

Class 9th Physics Solved MCQs

8: Newton __________ law is also called the Law of Inertia.

  • a) First 
  • b) Second 
  • c) Third 
  • d) First and Third 

a) First

9: The value of g in w=mg is:


  • a) 7.8m/s
  • b) 9.8m/s2
  • c) 9.7 m/s2
  • d) 8.9 m/s2

b) 9.8 m/s2

10: The product of mass “m” and velocity “v” is called______________.

  • a) Friction 
  • b) Velocity 
  • c) Collision 
  • d) Momentum 

d) Momentum

11: An event during which particles come coles to each other and interact by means of force is called___________.

  • a) momentum
  • b) force
  • c) collision 
  • d) weight 

c) Collision

12: The frictional force that acts against during motion of an object in a direction opposite to the direction of motion is called____________.

  • a) Static Friction 
  • b) Kinetic Friction 
  • c) Rolling Friction 
  • d) None of these 

b) Kinetic Friction

13: By which method we can reduce friction?

  • a) By polishing
  • b) Applying lubricants
  • c) Using ball baring 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

14: Newton ____________  states that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • a) First Law 
  • b) Second Law
  • c) Third Law
  • d) None of these 

c) Third Law

15: The branch of Physics in which we study study forces and their effect on motion is called______________.

  • a) Electrostatics 
  • b) Electrodynamics
  • c) Kinematics
  • d) Dynamics 

d) Dynomics


All the above are the solved Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Dynamics MCQs for Online Test Preparation. If you need more Solved MCQs of Physics for Practice you can find them below. 

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