Class 9th Physics MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Below is Class 9th Physics MCQs Chapter Wise for Online Test Preparation. All physicss Multiple Choice Questions with Answers  are important for Class 9th Students Exam Preparation. 

Class 9th Physics MCQs for Online Test Preparation

These Physics MCQs are also helpful for competitive exams like CSS, PMS, ETEA Test Online Preparation, and NTS Test Physics MCQs. For provincial Competitive exams like KPPSC Physic Test MCQs, PPSC Physics MCQs, SPSC Test, and BPSC tests these solved physics MCQs will help you.

Class 9th Physics MCQs Chapter Wise

Class 9th Physics Complete MCQs With Answers

We have covered the most important Class 9th MCQs of Physics in these chapters. All these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers are helpful for Matric Students’ Online Test Preparation. 

Brief summary of Chapter Wise MCQs :

Chapter 1 In Chapter 1 you will find all the MCQs of Physic related to Introduction to Physics, main branches of Physics, Physical Quantities, Measurement, S.I System, Base Physical Quantities, Derived Quantities, etc. 

Chapter 2: Included Kimatics MCQs Solved with Answers. 

In Chapter 3 you will find MCQs related to Dynamics. 

Chapter 5 is related to Gravations and all these topics which are related to gravitation. 

In Chapter 6 we have covered the most important MCQs of Work and Energy, Types of Energy, Torques, and Unit of Work. 

Chapter 7 covered all Motion MCQs, equations of motion, numerical problems related to motion.

In Chapter 8 we have broadly covered Properties of Matter, States of matter, Solid, Liquid,s, and Gases.

Chapter 9 is related to the Thermal Properties of Matter. 

Chapter 10 covers the Transfer of Heat, Temperature, Kelvin, Celsus, and all other topics related to Heat. 

If you want to prepare yourself for Secondary School tests, MDCAT Test, CAT Test, Physics Test Board Test, or Examination. All these MCQs will help you in many Tests and Examinations. 


1: Are These Physics Multiple Choice Questions are related to Textbook?

Answer: Yes all these MCQs have been taken from textbooks as well as from other resources which cover basic and advanced concepts of Physics for Grade 9th Students.

2: Are these MCQs will help me in Board Exams?

Ans: Yes, These Physics MCQs with answers will help you in Board Examination and other Tests and Quizez Preparation for example 9th class physics MCQs KPK Board, Federal Board, Punjab Board Class 9th Physics MCQs and Sindh Board Physics MCQs for Class 9th. 

3: How I can prepare myself for Physics Test competitive exams and tests?

MCQs Help is an online portal and the best website for Online Test Preparation. You can find the latest Multiple Choice Questions of Physics for your test like NTS Test Physics MCQs, ETEA Test, ATS Test, Entry Test MCQs of Physics, MDCAT Test Physics Questions and answers. 

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