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If you are looking for the latest Computer Basics MCQs solved with answers. Here are all basic computer Multiple Choice Questions for Online Test Preparation. All these Computer questions with answers cover basic concepts about computer software, Hardware, Internet, Application Software, Internet, and Operating systems. In the end, you will also find the most important Computer Shortcut keys MCQs.

Computer Basic MCQs

All these Computer MCQs are helpful for students of computer science and also for the preparation of Computer Quiz. Moreover, these are also important for Competitive Exams like CSS and PMS Test, ETEA  Computer Test, NTS Computer Test, ATS Test, CTS Test, KPPSC Computer Test Preparation, PPSC Computer Test, FPSC Computer Test, SPSC Test, and BPSC Computer Test. 

Basic Computer MCQs

1: A computer consist of _______

a) Hardware
c) Operating System
d)All of above

d)All of above

2: Which of the following is not an inpute device?

a) Monitor
b) Mouse
c) Keyboard
d) Microphone

a) Monitor

3: BIOS stand for _____________.

a) Basic Information On System
b) Basic Input Operating System
c) Basic Input Output System..
d) Basic Integration Output System

c)Basic Input Output System

4: The word computer is derived from the Latian word ‘compute’ which means to _________

a) explain
b) calculate 
c) discuss
d) process


5: Which of the following is/are the silent feature of a computer?

a) Automation
b) Speed
c) Accuracy
d) All of the above 

d)All of the above

6: CPU stand for ______________

a) Central Processing Unit 
b) Central Programming Unit
c) Command Processing Unit
d) Control Processing Unit

a) Central Processing Unit

7: Which of the following is not an input device?

a) scanner
b) Keyboard
c) Scanner
d) Speaker 

d) Speaker

8: A _________ is a computer that performs at the highest possible computing power.

a) Server Computer
b) Super Computer 
c) Personel Computer
d) Microcontroller

b) Super Computer

9: ________ is not the example of operating system.

a) Window
b) Mac
c) Linux
d) Microsoft Office

d) Microsoft Office

Computer Online Test Preparation

10: A Byte is a collection of _________bits.

a) 16
b) 8
c) 32
d) 64

b) 8

11: Which of the following Application software is a word processor software?

  • a) Microsoft Word
  • b) Microsoft Excel 
  • c) Chrome Browser 
  • d) Corel Draw 

a) Microsoft Word

12: To send and receive email messages we use:

  • a) Power-Point Software 
  • b) Outlook Software 
  • c) Graphics Tools 
  • d) None of these 

b) Outlook Software

13: A ________ is an Application Software through which we can interact with World Wide Web.

  • a) Internet 
  • b) Linux 
  • c) Unix 
  • d) Browser 

d) Browser

14: Which of the following is the global network of computers and other electronic devices?

  • a) Local Area Network 
  • b) Metropolitan Area Network
  • c) Internet
  • d) All of these 

c) Internet

15: Internet Explorer is an example of:

  • a) Accounting Software 
  • b) Media Player 
  • c) Browser
  • d) Photo Editing Software 

c) Browser

Computer Basics Shortcut Keys MCQs

16: In most internet browsers ___________ key is used to bookmark the current page.

  • a) Ctrl+P
  • b) Alt+D
  • c) Ctrl+D
  • d) Alt+F4 

c) Ctrl+D

17: In the following __________ is the shortcut key to switch between open programs.

  • a) Shift+Tab
  • b) Alt+Tab
  • c) Ctrl+Tab
  • d) Alt+F4

b) Alt+Tab

18: To close the currently active program we use _________ keys.

  • a) Ctrl+F4
  • b) Ctrl+Delete
  • c) Alt+F4
  • d) Ctrl+Esc

c) Alt+F4

19: To rename a selected file we use __________ key.

  • a) F1
  • b) F2
  • c) F3
  • d) F4 

b) F2

20: Which of the following keyboard short keys are used to print your document?

  • a) Ctrl+P
  • b) Alt+P
  • c) Shift+P
  • d) Tab+P

a) Ctrl+P

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