Computer Hardware MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Below are the most important Computer Hardware MCQs for online test preparation. All these Computer Science MCQs cover some basic concepts in Computer Hardware. Including Central Processing Unit (CPU), ALU, Control Unit, Input and Output Devices, Main memory, Secondary Memory, Storage Devices, Printers, etc. 

Computer Hardware MCQs

All these computer hardware MCQs are important for any computer science-related competitive exam and tests like CSS, PMS, NTS, ETEA, FPSC Test, KPPSC Test, Computer Operator Test, and other Computer Job-related tests. 

Computer Hardware MCQs Questions with Answers

1: The high-speed memory between the main memory and CPU used to increase the processing speed is called_________.

  • a) Cache Memory 
  • b) Read-Only Memory 
  • c) Random Access Memory 
  • d) Programmable Read-Only Memory 

a) Cache Memory

2: The two widely used input devices are:

  • a) Keyboard and Microphone
  • b) Keyboard and Mouse 
  • c) Microphone and Mouse 
  • d) Monitor and Keyboard 

b) Keyboard and Mouse

3: Which of the following storage device has a great speed and high data density?

  • a) Magnetic Tape 
  • b) Compact Disk
  • c) Hard Disk
  • d) Punch Card

c) Hard Disk

4: Which of the following device is capable of recognizing characters, objects, and pictures, used to enter data directly into the computer without retyping? 

  • a) OMR Machine
  • b) OCR Machine
  • c) BCR Machine 
  • d) Scanner 

d) Scanner

5: Which of the following is the main function of primary memory?

  • a) Program storage
  • b) Data Storage
  • c) Processing 
  • d) Both a and b 

d) Both a and b

Computer Science Online Test Preparation

6: All Arithmetical and logical avtivites are performed by___________.

  • a) Main memory 
  • b) Hard Disk
  • c) ALU 
  • d) CPU 

c) ALU

7: Which of the following unit of the computer manages the function performed by different parts of the computer?

  • a) Control Unit
  • b) Random Access Memory 
  • c) Central Processing Unit 
  • d) Arithmetic Logic Unit 

a) Control Unit

8: Hard Disk is a common example of:

  • a) Main Memory 
  • b) Auxiliary Memory 
  • c) Random Access Memory 
  • d) None of these 

b) Auxiliary Memory

9: Which of the following is the disadvantage of Magnetic Tape?

  • a) High data density
  • b) Easy handling of data
  • c) Direct Access is not possible 
  • d) Expensive 

c) Direct Access is not possible

10: Which of the following output device is used to print on sheets and big charts?

  • a) Laser Printers
  • b) Dot Matrix Printer
  • c) Chain Printer 
  • d) Plotters 


d) Plotters

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