Computer MCQs For Data Entry Operator

Are you looking to find the latest computer MCQs for Data Entry Operator test online preparation? These are the most recent and solved computer MCQs for the Data Entry Operator test. We have covered basic computer, information technology, computer software and hardware topics.

Computer MCQs For Data Entry Operator

1: The document is temporarily stored on ______ in the computer.

  • a) RAM
  • b) ROM
  • c) Hard Drive 
  • d) USB Flash

a) RAM

2: Which of the following is a PC manufacturing company?

  • a) Intell
  • b) Dell
  • c) Toshiba
  • d) All of these

d) All of these

3: The primary purpose of the internet is:

  • a) Usability 
  • b) Security 
  • c) Connectivity 
  • d) Designing

c) Connectivity

4: An example of an open-source operating system is:

  • a) Window
  • b) Linux 
  • c) Mac
  • d) Macontosh

b) Linux

5: The benefit of keeping the computer in sleep mode is:

  • a) Backup 
  • b) To improve download speed
  • c) Reduce power consumption
  • d) To improve processor speed

c) Reduce power consumption

6: FTP stands for:

  • a) File transfer program
  • b) File thread program
  • c) File thread protocol
  • d) File transfer protocol

d) File transfer protocol

7: Microsoft Office is:

  • a) An application suite
  • b) AI tool
  • c) System software 
  • d) Device driver

a) An application suite

8: Which of the following option in Microsoft Word is used to correct spelling, capitalization and grammar errors?

  • a) Quick Access Tool Bar
  • b) AutoCorrect
  • c) Text Selection 
  • d) None of these

b) AutoCorrect

9: Multitasking is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of _______ at the same time.

  • a) single 
  • b) multiple
  • c) both 
  • d) none 

b) multiple

10: One byte consist of ________ bits.

  • a) two
  • b) four
  • c) eight
  • d) thirty two

Data Entry Operators MCQs

11: The brain of computer system is:

  • a) CPU
  • b) ALU
  • c) RAM
  • d) Hard Disk

a) CPU

12: Properly arranged data is known as:

  • a) Data
  • b) Information 
  • c) Database
  • d) Program

b) Information

13: Which of the following represents approximately one billion memory locations?

  • a) Terabytes 
  • b) Kilobytes
  • c) Gigabytes
  • d) Bytes 

a) Terabytes

14: Which of the following is/are examples of an operating system?

  • a) DOS
  • b) Linux
  • c) Oracle 
  • d) Both a and b

d) Both a and b

15: The main function of recycle bin is:

  • a) to store temporary files
  • b) to store corrupted files 
  • c) to store important files
  • d) to store deleted files

d) to store deleted files

16: MS Word is _______ software.

  • a) Word Processor 
  • b) Anit Virus 
  • c) Graphic Designer 
  • d) None of these

a) Word Processor

17: In MS Excel software which of the following term is used to join the selected cells into one cell?

  • a) Cut
  • b) Zoom
  • c) Select All
  • d) Merge

d) Merge

18: To insert the worksheet in Microsoft Excel we use the __________ command.

  • a) Alt+Shift+F1
  • b) Ctrl+Shift+F1
  • c) Ctrl+Alt+F1
  • d) Shift+Alt+F1

a) Alt+Shift+F1

19: To close a message window in Excel we use the ________ key.

  • a) Alt
  • b) Esc
  • c) F4
  • d) Enter

b) Esc

20: The print dialog box is displayed with the help of:

  • a) Alt+P
  • b) Ctlr+P
  • c) Shift+P
  • d) Ctrl+F

b) Ctrl+P

Data Entry Operator Online Test Prepration

21: To cut the selected cells in MS Excel we use:

  • a) Shift+X
  • b) Alt+X
  • c) Ctrl+X
  • d) Ctrl+S

c) Ctrl+X

22: In PowerPoint software, for text decoration, we use the term:

  • a) WordCount
  • b) WordDecore
  • c) WordArt
  • d) WordOption

c) WordArt

23: Ctrl+B is the keyboard shortcut key in PowerPoint that is used to:

  • a) make the text italic
  • b) make text bold
  • c) make a text underline
  • d) none of these

b) make text bold

24: Press _________ to delete one character to the right.

  • a) Down arrow
  • b) Up arrow
  • c) Delete 
  • d) Enter

c) Delete

25: Which of the following will not advance the in a slide show view?

  • a) Enter key
  • b) F4 key
  • c) Esc key
  • d) F1 key

c) Esc key

26: In MS Word Ctrl+A is used to:

  • a) Select All Text
  • b) Cut All Text
  • c) Replace All Text
  • d) Align All Text


a) Select All Text

27: To print a Word document press:

  • a) Shift+P
  • b) Ctrl+P
  • c) Alt+P
  • d) Ctrl+F

b) Ctrl+P

28: In Microsoft Word software the zoom-in and zoom-out button is available in:

  • a) Ribbon
  • b) Quick Access Toolbar
  • c) View Option Toolbar
  • c) None of these


c) View Option Toolbar

29: Shift+F3 is the keyboard shortcut in MS Word used to:

  • a) Change the case of letters
  • b) Increase the size of the text
  • c) Decrease the size of text
  • d) Delete the text

a) Change …

30: For paste special, the keyboard shortcut key is:

  • a) Ctrl+V
  • b) Ctrl+Alt+V
  • c) Alt+V
  • d) Shift+V

b) Ctrl+Alt+V


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