Computer MCQs for Junior Clerk Test Online Preparation

In this blog post, you will find a comprehensive list of Computer MCQs for Junior Clerk which will help you to ace the exam and take your career to the next level.

Computer MCQs for Junior Clerk Test

Are you want to improve your computer knowledge for the Junior Clerk Job? Then you have come to the right place! We have curated a list of Computer MCQs specifically designed to help you prepare for the upcoming exams and tests of ETEA, ATS, CTS, PPSC, CTSP, SPSC, KPPSC and FPSC. 

Junior Clerk Online Test Preparation

In this unit of computer MCQs for the Junior Clerk test, you will find the most important and repeated computer MCQs from past papers.

1: In today’s world, most  computers are:

  • a) Mechanical 
  • b) Digital 
  • c) Analogue 
  • d) Hybrid

b) Digital

2: To make a resume, the best choice is to use:

  • a) MS Word
  • b) MS Excel 
  • c) MS Access 
  • d) PowerPoint

a) MS Word

3: _________ is responsible for calculation.

  • a) CU
  • b) Registers 
  • c) ALU
  • d) Memory

c) ALU

4: A high-quality CAD system uses _______for printing drawing and graphics.

  • a) Laser Printer
  • b) Color Printer
  • c) Digital Plotter
  • d) None of these

c) Digital Plotter

5: Which one is a valid format of MS Word document?

  • a) .docs
  • b) .access
  • c) .cpp
  • d) xlx

a) .docs

6: Which of the following is not a term pertaining to spreadsheets?

  • a) Cell
  • b) Ribbon 
  • c) Formula 
  • d) Browser

d) Browser

7: Physical structure of a computer is known as:

  • a) Software 
  • b) Hardware 
  • c) Programs 
  • d) Instructions

b) Hardware

8: The permanent memory of computer  is:

  • a) ROM
  • b) RAM 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None of them

a) ROM

9: To show the font dialog box in MS Word press:

  • a) Ctrl+P
  • b) Ctrl+A
  • c) Ctrl+D
  • d) Ctrl+F

c) Ctrl+D

10: The smallest width of a column in Microsoft word is:

  • a) 0.1
  • b) 0.2
  • c) 0.4
  • d) 0.5

d) 0.5

Important MCQs of Compute for Junior Clerk Test

11: The _____ tells the computer how to use its components.

  • a) Hardware 
  • b) Operating System
  • c) Utilities 
  • d) Application Program

b) Operating System

12: The default numbers of worksheets in MS Excel are:

  • a) 2
  • b) 3
  • c) 4
  • d) 7

b) 3

13: Which of the following software is mainly used to send and receive E-mails?

  • a) Outlook
  • b) Excel 
  • c) Word 
  • d) PowerPoint

a) Outlook

14: Computer software is also known as:

  • a) Bugs 
  • b) Troubleshoot
  • c) Set of instructions
  • d) None of these 

c) Set of instructions

15: Examples of programming software are:

  • a) Assemblers 
  • b) Compilers 
  • c) Debuggers 
  • d) All of these

d) All of these

16: The process of finding errors in software code is called____________.

  • a) Running 
  • b) Testing 
  • c) Debugging
  • d) Compiling

c) Debugging

17: Which is not a valid edition of MS PowerPoint?

  • a) 2010
  • b) 1290
  • c) 2007
  • c) 2019

b) 1290

18: The suitability of the software i.e. operating system, device and environment is called________.

  • a) Compatibility 
  • b) Accessibility 
  • c) Localization 
  • d) Reliability 

a) Compatibility

19: Which of the following feature of software tells us how fast a software perform under a specific load?

  • a) Security 
  • b) Performance 
  • c) Testability 
  • d) Portability 

b) Performance

20: The vast majority of ATMs machines use ___________ operating system.

  • a) Microsoft Windows
  • b) Linux Operating System 
  • c) Android Operating System
  • d) Apple iOS

a) Microsoft Windows

Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for Junior Clerk Test Preparation

21: In Microsoft  Access ___________enables the user to automatically insert numbers in a sequential or random number.

  • a) Auto numbers 
  • b) Hyperlinks 
  • c) Query 
  • d) Look Up

a) Auto numbers

22: A ___________ is an action or a set of actions that you can run as many times as you want in Excel.

  • a) Table
  • b) Pivot Tables 
  • c) Macros 
  • d) Search

c) Macros

23: Which of the following are more portable computers:

  • a) Servers
  • b) Super Computers
  • c) Desktop Computers
  • d) Laptop Computers

d) Laptop Computers

24: A smartwatch is an example of:

  • a) Wearables 
  • b) Game Consoles 
  • c) Smartphones 
  • d) TVs

a) Wearables

25: Mac computers were introduced in __________.

  • a) 1970
  • b) 1975
  • c) 1984
  • d) 1990

c) 1984

26: Keyboard shortcut keys to italicize text in MS Word are:

  • a) Ctrl+I
  • b) Alt+I
  • c) Shift+I
  • d) Alt+Ctrl+I

a) Ctrl+I

27: Shortcut keys to start a new chat in Microsoft Team are:

  • a) Alt+N
  • b) Ctrl+N
  • c) N
  • d) Shift+N

b) Ctrl+N

28: Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used for Quick access to the search bar at the top of Teams in MS Team software?

  • a) Alt+E
  • b) Shift+E
  • c) Ctrl+E
  • d) Alt+F4

c) Ctrl+E

29: F7  key in Microsoft Apps is widely used for:

  • a) To minimize the app
  • b) To restore the app
  • c) To check grammar 
  • d) To close the app

c) To check grammar

30: What is the function of Alt+F4 keys?

  • a) Restart computer 
  • b) Shutdown computer 
  • c) Change Screen Resolution 
  • d) Decrease the volume

b) Shutdown computer


These were some basics computer MCQs for your Junior Clerk test. If you need more Computer MCQs for Junior Clerk online preparation. You can find them below. 

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