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Computer Operator MCQs

Below are the most important and repeated MCQs of Computer Operator for ETEA, NTS, CTS, FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC, and ATS Test Preparation. We have covered Software MCQs, Hardware MCQs, MS Office MCQs, Computer Networking MCQs, and Basic Web Designing and Development Solved MCQs for Computer Operator Test. 

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Important and Repeated Computer Operator Test MCQs

Chapter 1

Basic Computer MCQs

1: Set of instruction is also called_________.

  • a) Hardware 
  • b) Software 
  • c) Accessories 
  • d) Input Output 

b) Software

2: Tablet computers use a _____ for typing and navigation.

  • a) Mouse 
  • b) Keyboard 
  • c) Touch-sensitive screen
  • d) None of these 

c) Touch-sensitive Screen

3: A special type of computer that serves up information to another computer on a network is known as:

  • a) Supercomputer 
  • b) Server 
  • c) Personnel computer 
  • d) Wearables 

b) Server

4: Macintosh computer was introduced in_________.

  • a) 1945
  • b) 1970
  • c) 1975
  • d) 1984

d) 1984

5: LCD stands for:

  • a) Liquid Crystal Display
  • b) Light Control Display
  • c) Light Crystal Diode
  • d) Liquid Crystal Diode 

a) Liquid Crystal Display

6: Starting a computer is called:

  • a) Loading 
  • b) Switching 
  • c) Booting 
  • d) Retreiving 

c) Booting

7: The type of system that is responsible for the functioning of all Hardware is:

  • a) Operating System 
  • b) Language Processor 
  • c) Compiler 
  • d) Interpretor 

a) Operating System

8: Presentation software i-e Power-Point is an example of:

  • a) Utility Software 
  • b) System Software 
  • c) Application Software 
  • d) Device Drivers 

c) Application Software

9: A system software that converts assembly programs to machine code is:

  • a) Assembler 
  • b) Interpreter
  • c) Compiler 
  • d) Debugger 

a) Assember

10: The most common alternative of Mouse is:

  • a) Trackball
  • b) Touchpad 
  • c) Trackpad 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

Chapter 2

Computer Hardware MCQs

11: A ________ is a small circuit inside cars, appliances, and other devices to operate a specific task.

  • a) Processor 
  • b) Microcontroller 
  • c) RAM
  • d) Power Supply 

b) Microcontroller

12: The key which allows us to stop a function is:

  • a) Delete
  • b) Tab
  • c) Ctrl
  • d) Esc

d) Esc

13: A CPU of 4.0 GHz can process _______ billion instructions in a second.

  • a) 4
  • b) 40
  • c) 400
  • d) 4000

a) 4

14: A_______ CPU has two dual-core processors in one integrated circuit.

  • a) Single-core 
  • b) Dual-core 
  • c)Quad-core 
  • d) None of these 

c) Quad-core

Chapter 3

Internet MCQs

15: The global network of computers and other electronic devices is called______.

  • a) WAN 
  • b) LAN
  • c) MAN
  • d) Internet 

d) Internet

16: You can access and view websites using:

  • a) Web Browser
  • b) Outlook
  • c) Freeware  
  • d) Firmware 

a) Web Browswer

17: Which of the following is not a web browser?

  • a) Brave 
  • b) Microsoft Edge 
  • c) Opera 
  • d) Pinterest 

d) Pinterest

18: To refresh your inbox in Gmail which keyboard shortcut is used:

  • a) Ctrl+Enter
  • b) Ctrl+U
  • c) Ctrl+m
  • d) Alt+U

b) Ctrl+U

19: To send an Email we use the _______ shortcut key.

  • a) Ctrl+s
  • b) Ctrl+d
  • c) Ctrl+n
  • d) Ctrl+Enter 

d) Ctrl+Enter

20: The world-famous and most used  search engine is:

  • a) Ask
  • b) Yahoo
  • c) Google 
  • d) Bing 

c) Google

Chapter 4

Computer Network MCQs

21: A _________ is widely used for a single business office.

  • a) LAN
  • b) WAN
  • c) MAN 
  • d) None of these 

a) LAN

22: A________ modulates and demodulates the signals among the computer and a telephone line.

  • a) Switch 
  • b) Hub
  • c) Modem 
  • d) Router 

c) Modem

23: A________ is used for routing traffic from one network to another.

  • a) Network Hub 
  • b) Network Switch 
  • c) Network Router 
  • d) Bridge 

c) Network Router

24: MAC stands for:

  • a) Modulation Access Control 
  • b) Media Access Control 
  • c) Media Adress Calculator 
  • d) Media Access Calculator 

b) Media Access Control

25: With the help of a computer network it is possible to share:

  • a) Data 
  • b) Software 
  • c) Hardware 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

26: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is widely used by:

  • a) Shools Admins 
  • b) Corporate Environment 
  • c) Web Designers 
  • d) Database Administrators 

b) Corporate Environment

27: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) is an example of:

  • a) Bus Topology 
  • b) Star Topology 
  • c) Mesh Topology 
  • d) Ring Topology 

d) Ring Topology

28: Which of the following is the best example of hybrid topology?

  • a) MAN 
  • b) LAN
  • c) SONET
  • d) Internet

d) Internet

29: When a network is made by combining two or more topologies. The topology is called _______ topology.

  • a) Hybrid 
  • b) Tree 
  • c) Mesh 
  • d) Star 

30:The physical adress is also known as:

  • a) Link Adress 
  • b) Logical Adress 
  • c) Port Adress 
  • d) Application0-specific Adress 

a) Link Adress

Chapter 5

MS Office MCQs

31: Microsoft Access falls under the category of:

  • a) Database Management System
  • b) Graphic Designing Software 
  • c) Messenger Software 
  • d) Video Streaming Software 

a) Database Management System

32: To cancel a command in Microsoft Word we use _______ key.

  • a) Enter 
  • b) F1
  • c) Esc 
  • d) F2 

c) Esc

33: Keyboard shortcut keys to apply double space to the paragraph is:

  • a) Ctrl+1
  • b) Ctrl+2
  • c) Ctrl+3
  • d) Ctrl+4

b) Ctrl+2

34: Ctrl+Shift+H is the MS word shortcut key which is used to:

  • a) Hide the selected text.
  • b) Apply bold formating 
  • c) Decrease the font size 
  • d) Increase the font size

a) Hide the selected text

35: Applying italic formatting to the selected text in Microsoft Word we use _________ keys.

  • a) Ctrl+A
  • b) Ctrl+B
  • c) Ctrl+I
  • d) Ctrl+U

c) Ctrl+i

36: In Microsoft Excel to close a workbook we use _______ shortcut keys.

  • a) Ctrl+O
  • b) Alt+H
  • c) Ctrl+W
  • d) Ctrl+X

c) Ctrl+W

37: MS Excel shortcut to open the paste special dialog box is:

  • a) Shift+Alt+V
  • b) Shift+C
  • c) Ctrl+Alt+V
  • d) Shift+Alt+V 

c) Ctrl+Alt+V

38: In MS Excel Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut key is used to:

  • a) Select the entire worksheet
  • b) Start a new line in the cell 
  • c) Copy the entire worksheet 
  • d) Delete the current worksheet

a) Select the entire worksheet

39: Shortcut key in MS Access to move to next or previous field in the Datasheet is:

  • a) Shift+A
  • b) Shift+Tab
  • c) Shift+F1
  • d) Shift+F4

b) Shift+Tab

40: To analyze numerical data we use: 

  • a) Microsoft Excel 
  • b) Microsoft Word 
  • c) Microsoft Access 
  • d) Microsoft Outlook 

a) Microsoft Excel

Chapter 6

Web Desining MCQs

41: HTML is used to:

  • a) Connect with Internet 
  • b) Create Databases 
  • c) Design a Website 
  • d) To Design an Image 

c) Design a Website

42: The visible part of the HTML document is between:

  • a) Head 
  • b) Title
  • c) Body 
  • d) None of these 

c) Body

43: SVG is used to define _________ for the web.

  • a) Audioes 
  • b) Videos 
  • c) Graphics 
  • d) Text 

c) Graphics

44: JavaScript is a ________ programming language.

  • a) Server-Side 
  • b) Client-Side 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of them 

b) Client-Side

45: JavaScript was invented by _________ in 1995.

  • a) Brendan Eich 
  • b) Bjarne Stroustrup
  • c) Dennis Ritche 
  • d) John Backus 

a) Brendan Eich

46: With the help of _________ we can easily update a web page without reloading the page.

  • a) HTML
  • b) CSS
  • c) AJAX
  • d) PHP 


47: Which of the following is an example of a content management system?

  • a) WordPress 
  • b) Blogger 
  • c) Joomla 
  • d) All of these 

48: CSS stands for:

  • a) Coading Style Sheet
  • b) Copying Style Sheet 
  • c) Cascading Style Sheet 
  • d) Creative Style Sheet 

c) Cascading Style Sheet

49: To improve the design of a web page we use:

  • a) CSS 
  • b) PHP
  • c) ASP
  • d) JavaScript

a) CSS

50: Which of the following is a server-side scripting language?

  • a) PHP 
  • b) CSS
  • c) HTML
  • d) JavaScript 

a) PHP


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