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Best Computer Related MCQs for Online Test Preparation. All these Computer MCQs Solved with answers are helpful for any computer-related exam and test. 

Computer Basic MCQs Questions and Answer for ETEA, NTS, FPSC, PPSC, ATS, PTS, KPPSC Test. Computer Quizzes

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Below are the latest Computer-related MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers for Online Test Preparation. 

Latest Computer Related MCQs with Answers

1: Which of the following is not a storage device? 
a) Tape
b) Hard Disk
c) Floppy Disk
d) Light Pen

d) Light Pen

2: The full form of ASCII is:
a) American Stable Standard Code for International Interchange
b) American Stand Case for Internation Interchange
c) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
d) American Standard Code Institutions Interchange

c) American Standard Code For Information Interchange

3: Data represents raw facts, while _________ is data made meaningful.
a) Reports
b) Information
c) Files
d) Documents

b) Information

4: Who invented the High-level “C” Language?
a) Dennis M. Ritchie
b) Niklaus Wirth
c) Seymour Papert
d) Donald Kunth

a) Dennis M. Ritchie

5: Personal computers use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board called as:
a) Keyboard
b) Power Supply
c) Motherboard
d) None of these

c) Motherboard

6: A dedicated computer is a computer:
a) Which is assigned one and only one task
b)Which uses one kind of Software
c) Which is used by one person only
d) Which is dedicated for Application Software only

Which is assinged one and only task

7: A __________ is an area of the computer that temporarily hold data waiting to be processed.
a) ALU
b) Storage
c) Memory
d) CPU

c) Memory

8: ___________ devices are not connected to CPU.

a) Off-line
b) On-line
c) Land-line
d) None of above

a) Off-line

9: A _________ is a device that is used to carry digital data on an analog line.
a) Multiplexer
b) Modem
c) Modulator
d) Demodulator

b) Modem

10: Which one of the following is not a computer language?
a) MS-Word
b) JAVA Script
c) C++
d) C#

a) MS-Word

11: A DVD is an example of:
a) Output device
b) Hard Disk
c) Optical Disk
d) RAM

c) Optical Disk

12: The ________ of the computer is directly involved in the execution of instructions.
a) Scanner
b) Main Storage
c) Secondary Storage
d) Processer

d) Processor

13: A ________ is the smallest storage in the term of computers.
a) Megabytes
b) Gigabytes
c) Terabytes
d) Kilobytes

d) Kilobytes

14: Which one of the following is high-end printers?
a) Inject Printer
b) Thermal Printer
c) Dot Matrix Printer
d) Laser Printer

d) Laser Printer

15: The set of rules and procedures to control the data transmission on the internet is called__________
a) Domains
b) Protocols
c) IP Adress
d) Gateway

b) Protocols

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