Computer Software MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Below are important Computer Software MCQs ( Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers. All these Computer MCQs cover basics to advanced topics in computer software like Applications Software, System Software, Compilers, Programming langugaues etc. 

Computer Software MCQs

All these Software MCQs are helpful in online preparation of NTS, ETEA, KPPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS, ATS, Computer Lectrurer Test, SST-IT Test, Computer Operator Test or any other computer job related test. 

Computer Software MCQs: Online Test Preparation

1: A___________ is a program used for converting high level language instructions line by line.

  • a) Algorithm
  • b) Interpreter
  • c) Source Program 
  • d) Compiler 

b) Interpreter

2: Which of the following software is used to create, maintain and utilize the Database and file organization?

  • a) Encoder
  • b) Debugger
  • c) Microsoft Office
  • d) Database Management System 

d) Database Management System

3: Which of the following programming language is a good choice for business data processing?

  • a) BASIC
  • b) ALGOL
  • c) FORTRAN
  • d) RPG 

d) RPG

4: System software are also called__________.

  • a) Applications
  • b) Firmwares
  • c) Debbugers 
  • d) None of these 

b) Firmwares

5: Word star, Word Perfect, MS-Word, MS-Work, etc are good examples of __________.

  • a) Graphic Designing Software
  • b) Games
  • c) Content Management System 
  • d) Word Processors 

d) Word Processors

6: The diagrammatic representation of the logic or sequence of steps that solve a problem is called_________.

  • a) Flow Chart
  • b) Algorithm ‘
  • c) Coding
  • d) Execution 

a) Flow Chart

7: Which of the following is not the main function of an Operating System?

  • a) Job Control 
  • b) Memory Management 
  • c) Produce Error Message 
  • d) Designing a Graphic 

d) Desinging a Graphic

8: Which of the following software is widely used as a contents management system?

  • a) Corel Draw
  • b) Adobe Photoshop
  • c) WordPress
  • d) Microsoft Acess 

c) WordPress

9: A computer language understands directly is ______________.

  • a) High-Level Language 
  • b) JAVA Programming Language
  • c) Fourth Generation Languages 
  • d) Machine Language 

d) Machine Language

10: Which of the following is an example of system software?

  • a) Windows
  • b) NotePad
  • c) Microsoft Office 
  • d) Anti Virus 

a) Windows

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