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If you are preparing your English Quiz and searching to find conjunction MCQs with Answers. In this section of Parts of speech MCQs, you will find all the solved Multiple choice questions of conjunction. 

Conjunction MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation

In this part, we have included Conjunctions exercises MCQ questions for competitive exams, English Quiz, English Test Online Preparation.

Below are the most important and repeated Conjunction MCQs With Answers for English Test Preparation. 

Conjunction MCQs (Solved)

1: Our hoard is little, but our hearts are great. 

Point out conjunction in the above sentence.

  • a) our
  • b) are 
  • c) but 
  • d) little 

c) but

2: A conjunction is a word which:

  • a) join sentences together 
  • b) join words together 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

c) Both a and b

3: He not only visited Lahore, __________ also Karachi.

  • a) not 
  • b) and 
  • c) but 
  • d) or 

c) but

4: Samina as well as Tania was present there. The underlined conjunction is?

  • a) Correlative conjunction 
  • b) Compound conjunction 
  • c) Co-ordinating conjunction 
  • d) None of these 

b) Compound conjunction

5: Zahid work hard, _________ he passed his final term examination.

  • a) so
  • b) but
  • c) although
  • d) because 

a) so

6: I read the paper ________ it interests me.

  • a) whether 
  • b) because
  • c) also 
  • d) but 

b) because

7: The girl walked home by herself, ____ she knew that it was dangerous.

  • a) despite
  • b) and 
  • c) although 
  • d) because of 

c) although

8: Answer the first question _________ you proceed further.

  • a) until
  • b) still
  • c) unless
  • d) before 

d) before

9: Mr Kanwal grew up in a small town, _____ he feels very comfortable in a big city.

  • a) so 
  • b) nor 
  • c) yet
  • d) for 

b) nor

10: He was so tired _________ he could scarcely stand.

  • a) if 
  • b) that 
  • c) neither 
  • d) either 

b) that

Conjunctions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

11: I am bringing cold drinks to the party ___________ Waheed is bringing dry fruits.

  • a) when 
  • b) yet 
  • c) since 
  • d) and 

d) and

12: Many things have happened ________ I saw you.

  • a) for 
  • b) since 
  • c) so 
  • d) after 

b) since

13: You may take this book ________ that one.

  • a) or 
  • b) are 
  • c) and
  • d) as 

a) or

14: John likes chocolate ice cream, _______ his brother Jimmy hates it.

  • a) but 
  • b) yet 
  • c) and 
  • d) while 

a) but

15: Zain will not pay _______ he is compelled.

  • a) until
  • b) while 
  • c) wheither 
  • d) unless 

d) unless

16: I went to the club last Sunday, ______ the heavy rain.

  • a) because of
  • b) because 
  • c) in spite of
  • d) though 

c) in spite of

17: Waqas took off his coat, __________ he entered the house.

  • a) as well as 
  • b) as soon as
  • c) even 
  • d) but also 

b) as soon as

18: The man is poor, ____________ he is honest.

  • a) but 
  • b) and 
  • c) while 
  • d) even

a) but

19: I can’t attend the meeting _________ I am suffering from fever.

  • a) since 
  • b) because 
  • c) still 
  • d) untill

b) because

20: Ahmad is failing two of his courses_________ people still consider him one of the most gifted student in the school.

  • a) because of this
  • b) in spite of this 
  • c) to summerize 
  • d) to conclude 

b) in spite of this


I hope all these Conjunction MCQs With Answers will be helpful for your English quiz and online test preparation. Now you will be able to use conjunction properly. If you have still any queries about how to use conjunction in a sentence. You can ask in the comment section below.

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