CTS Computer MCQs | Important and Repeated| CTS MCQs Online Test

Below are the most important and repeated CTS Computer MCQs for Computer Operators, Junior Clerks, Stenographers, Assistant Librarians, Junior Computer Operators,
Telephone Operator, Junior Auditor Test Online Preparation.

CTS Computer MCQs Important and Repeated CTS MCQs Online Test

 All these CTSP Test Computer MCQs will help you for preparing Screening Tests for Various Posts Advertised by CTS. If you are looking to find CTS Computer MCQs for  Senior Civil Judge Test, District & Session Judge Test, District & Sessions Court Test, Punjab Police Test and WAPDA Test. 

CTS Computer Online Test Preparation

Below are the most important and repeated Solved CTS Computer MCQs from Past Papers , Authentic Books and other useful resources for CTS Test Preparation. 

1: A computer system is a combination of ________.

  • a) Hardware 
  • b) Software 
  • c) Programs
  • d) Both a and b 

d) Both a and b

2: To save a file for the first time we need to give a _________ to identify it. 

  • a) address
  • b) name
  • c) number 
  • d) print

b) name

3: Data in ___________ is non-volatile. It remain there even without electrical power.

  • a) RAM
  • b) ROM 
  • c) Cache
  • d) None of above 

b) ROM

4: Which one is not a component of a computer system?

  • a) CPU
  • b) Memory
  • c) Input and Output
  • d) DSL

d) DSL

5: The device driver is is a type of:

  • a) Utility Software 
  • b) Application Software 
  • c) System Software 
  • d) Package Software 

c) System Software

6: Example of numeric data is :

  • a) Employee Name
  • b) ID Number 
  • c) Salary 
  • d) Both b and c 

d) Both b and c

7: How much data can be stored in a normal CD-ROM?

  • a) 1 GB
  • b) 500 GB
  • c) 680 MB
  • d) 680 KB

c) 680 MB

8: MIS stands for:

  • a) Management Information Software 
  • b) Management Information System 
  • c) Memory Information System 
  • d) Managed Internet System

b) Management Information System

9: Which of the following is not a storage device?

  • a) Hard Disk 
  • b) USB Flash
  • c) Tape 
  • d) Plotter 

d) Plotter

10: OSX is an example of __________ .

  • a) Application Software 
  • b) Hardware 
  • c) Operating System 
  • d) Internet Device 

c) Operating System

Important and Repeated MS Office MCQs

11: In Microsoft Word the footer text appears on:

  • a) Only first page of document 
  • b) Last Page page of document
  • c) Every page of document
  • d)  Header Section Only

c) Every Page of Document

12: Which of the following MS Office Software is used to work with Databases?

  • a) Outlook 
  • b) OneNote
  • c) OneDrive
  • d) Access

d) Accesss

13: MS Excel is a powerful ________ package. 

  • a) Spreadsheet 
  • b) Email 
  • c) Chat 
  • d) Word Processor 

a) Spreadsheet

14: In Microsoft Word, to search for text in your document. Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used:

  • a) Ctrl+F
  • b) Ctrl+Y
  • c) Ctrl+J
  • d) Ctrl+r 

a) Ctrl+F

15: In MS Excel the _______  counts all cells in a given range that contain only numeric values.

  • a) COUNT Function 
  • b) Average Function 
  • c) TRIM Function 
  • d) SUM Function 

a) COUNT Function

16: Ctrl+Alt+I is MS word shortcut for___________.

  • a) Printing 
  • b) Print Preview
  • c) Line Break 
  • d) Break a column 

b) Print Preview

17: Select the function from the following to edit a cell in Microsoft Excel.

  • a) F1
  • b) F2
  • c) F4
  • d) F10

b) F2

18: To highlight a continuous range in Excel Sheet we the command:

  • a) Alt+Ctrl+W
  • b) Ctrl+Shift+Enter
  • c) Ctrl+Shift+Arrow
  • d) Ctrl+PgUp

c) Ctrl+Shift+Arrow

19: To send a message in Outlook we use __________ keyboard shortcut.

  • a) Alt+S
  • b) Ctrl+S
  • c) Shift+s
  • d) Shift+Right Arrow 

a) Alt+S

20: In Outlook to Open a received message, which of the following commons is used:

  • a) Ctrl+P
  • b) Ctrl+O
  • c) Alt+C
  • d) Ctrl+Z

b) Ctrl+O

MCQs for Central Testing Service

21: Many products are designed by using:

  • a) CAM
  • b) ATM
  • c) ROBOTS
  • d) CAD

d) CAD

22: A _________ is a platform which is used for making a specific application.

  • a) Software House 
  • b) Ware House 
  • c) Framework
  • d) Database 

c) Framework

23: A fault in computer program which prevent it from working correctly is called___________.

  • a) Boot
  • b) Biff
  • c) Strap
  • d) Bug 

d) Bug

24: The study of techniques that hide the real meaning of information is known as:

  • a) Cryptography
  • b) Machine Learning 
  • c) Cyber Security 
  • d) Artificial Intelligence 

a) Cryptography

25: To run a selected command which is used?

  • a) ESc
  • b) F10
  • c) Enter 
  • d) Tab

c) Enter


I hope all these CTS Computer MCQs with answers will be helpful for your CTS test online preparation. These are also important for ETEA,NTS, ATS, PTS, KPPSC tests. If you need more solved computer MCQs you can find them below. 

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