Current Electricity MCQs Class 10th Physics Online Preparation

Below are the most important Current Electricity MCQs Class 10th Physics. All these Physics MCQs are taken from the Current Electricity Chapter. Students can learn the current electricity MCQs for any Exams like MDCAT Test, CAT Test, Engineering Test or any other College or University Entrance Test. 

Current Electricity MCQs

Current Electricity MCQs are also important for NTS tests, SST tests, ETEA tests, and Entry Tests. For any competitive exam like KPPS, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, and FPSC Lecturer Job, Subject Specialist Job, and SST Maths Physics Teaching Job. 

Chapter:6 Current Electricity MCQs Class 10th Physics

1: Time rate of flow of charge is called________.

  • a) Electric Current 
  • b) Electric Charge
  • c) Electric Circut 
  • d) Electric Potential 

a) Electric Current

2: The given equation I=ΔQ/Δt represents _______.

  • a) Force 
  • b) Charge 
  • c) Current 
  • d) Magnetism 

c) Current

3: Which of the follwoing is a good conductor?

  • a) Glass
  • b) Plastic
  • c) Copper 
  • d) Rubber 

c) Copper

4: Factors on which resistance depends is/are:

  • a) Lenght 
  • b) Cross sectional area
  • c) Temprature 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

5: The S.I unit for Electrical power is ______.

  • a) Volt 
  • b) Power
  • c) Farad 
  • d) Joule 

b) Power

Class 10th Physics MCQs for Online Preparation

6: ________is a safety device that melts if the current through it exceeds a specified value.

  • a) Capacitor
  • b) Resistor
  • c) Switch
  • d) Fuse 

d) Fuse

7: Which of the following device is used to detect the presence of current?

  • a) Ammeter
  • b) Galvanometer
  • c) Volt meter
  • d) Multimeter 

a) Ammeter

8: To reduce the loss, power companies use _____that step up the current.

  • a) Electric Polls
  • b) Generators
  • c) Turbines 
  • d) Transformers

d) Transformers

9: When magnetic field through a wire is changed current is found to flow in the loop, this phenomenon is called_________.

  • a) Induced Current
  • b) Electromagnetic Induction 
  • c) Mutual Induction 
  • d) None of these 

b) Electromagnetic Induction

10: A transformer steps down the main supply of 220V AC to operate a 12V AC lamp. What will be the turns ratio of the windings?

  • a) 0.08
  • b) 0.12
  • c) 0.06
  • d) 0.18 

c) 0.06

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