Data Communication Solved MCQs Online Test Preparation

In this section of Computer Science MCQs, we will cover Data Communication solved MCQs for Online Test Preparation. All these Data Communication MCQs cover basics and advanced concepts in Data Communication and networks. 

Data Communication Solved MCQs

Through these data communication solved MCQs you can learn about the basics of computer networks, data communication, transmission medium, transmission modes, network topologies, and protocols. 

All these Data communications and network MCQs are helpful in online test preparation for most competitive exams like NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, ETEA, PPSC Tests.

Data Communication and Network MCQs

1: The type of communication in which all data is transmitted in a single line in a certain order is calle_____________.

  • a) Serial Communication 
  • b) Parallel Communication 
  • c) Full-Duplex 
  • d) None of these 

a) Serial Communication

2: A telephone is a good example of _________.

  • a) Full-Duplex Mode 
  • b) Duplex Mode
  • c) Half-Duplex Mode
  • d) Simplex Mode 

a) Full-Duplex Mode

3:___________transmit data at a very high baud rate.

  • a) Narrow Band
  • b) Voice Band
  • c) Brad Band
  • d) None of these 

c) Brad Band

4: Which of the following transmission medium carries pulses of light instead of bursts of electricity?

  • a) Microvawe
  • b) Coaxial Cables
  • c) Satellite
  • d) Fiber-Optic 

d) Fiber-Optic

5: The integration of computer system via data communication is referred to as __________.

  • a) Computer Network
  • b) Internet
  • c) Website
  • d) Warehouse 

a) Computer Network

Data Communication Online Test Preparation

6: Which of the following is/are the elements of a network.

  • a) Terminal 
  • b) Interconnecting Devices
  • c) Communication lines
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

7: In __________many different terminals or locations are connected to a central computer.

  • a) Ring Network
  • b) Star Network
  • c) Mesh Network
  • d) None of these 


b) Star Network

9: In data communication protocols are ______________.

  • a) Set of Software
  • b) Transmission Mediums 
  • c) Communication Processors
  • d) Servers 

a) Set of Software

10: Normally, a coaxial cable is capable to transmit data up to ____________per second.

  • a) 10 megabits 
  • b) 10 gigabits
  • c) 100 megabits
  • d) 1000 megabits 

a) 10 megabits

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