DLD MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation

DLD MCQs with Answers for Online Test Prepation

In this section of Computer Science MCQs, we will cover DLD MCQs with answers. As we know that Digital and Logical Design is one of the most important branches of computer science. All these Computer MCQs cover basic concepts in DLD like Logic Gates (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, etc) Truth Tables, Addition, and other concepts related to DLD. 

All these DLD MCQs with answers are helpful for online test preparation like NTS Test, CSS, PMS Test, ETEA Test, Computer Science Lecturer Test, FPSC Test, SS Computer Science Test, PPSC Test, and computer job-related test preparation. 

DLD MCQs with Answers

Digital and Logical Design (DLD) MCQs Solved with Answers

1: An electronic circuit that operates on one or more input signals and generates output is called_________.

  • a) Circuit
  • b) Gate
  • c) Witch 
  • d) Operand 

b) Gate

2: ___________gate is the physical realization of the logical multiplication (AND) operation.

  • a) AND
  • b) NAND
  • c) NOT
  • d) OR 

a) AND

3: A NOT gate is also called a/an_________.

  • a) Equivalence 
  • b) Maxterm
  • c) Product 
  • d) Inverter 

d) Inverter

4: A ____________ is a single variable or the sum of several variables. The variable may or may not be complemented.

  • a) Sum Term
  • b) Product Term
  • c) Truth Table
  • d) None of these 

a) Sum Term

5: A _______gate is a complemented AND gate.

  • a) NOT
  • b) NOR
  • c) NAND
  • d) OR 


DLD Online Test Preparation

6: The switching network of a computer and logic of a program can be analyzed with the help of _________.

  • a) De Morgan’s Theorem
  • b) Karnaugh Map
  • c) Boolean Algebra 
  • d) None of these 


c) Boolean Algebra

7: __________is the product term or several products terms multiplied by AND operator.

  • a) Product Term
  • b) Sum Term
  • c) Minterm
  • d) Maxterm 

d) Maxterm

8: In OR gate if there are three input signals i.e X=1, Y=1, Z=1 then the output signal will be equal to_____________.

  • a) 0
  • b) 1
  • c) 01
  • d) 10 

b) 1

9: Complement is symbolically denoted by a __________.

  • a) Bar
  • b) Dot
  • c) Theta 
  • d) Power 

a) Bar

10: If there are three inputs signals X,Y,Z  for AND Gate and if X=1, Y=1 and Z=0 the output signal X.Y.Z=___________.

  • a) 1
  • b) 0
  • c) 11
  • d) 10 

b) 0

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