English Grammar and Composition MCQs With Answers

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English Grammar and Composition MCQs Questions with Answers

These complete English Grammar and Composition MCQs With Answers included English sentence completion MCQs, Article MCQs, Direct and Indirect MCQs, Active Voice and Passive Voice MCQs, Word meaning MCQs, English Grammar MCQs etc. 

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General English Grammar MCQ Questions and Answers

In this chapter of English Grammar and Composition MCQs With Answers, you will find the most important General English Grammar Solved MCQs. 

1: My best friend has been a companion to me for five years. In this sentence, the word “companion” means:

  • a) Mother 
  • b) Friend 
  • c) Brother 
  • d) Father 

b) Friend

2: The word “enormous” means_________.

  • a) Extremely large 
  • b) Extremely small 
  • c) Correct 
  • d) Normal

a) Extremely large

3: Maria has already eaten her lunch, but I’m saving_________ until later.

  • a) my 
  • b) me 
  • c) mine 
  • d) our

c) mine

4: Words like himself, herself, itself are called_________.

  • a) Possessive Pronouns
  • b) Reflex Pronouns 
  • c) Emphatic Pronouns 
  • d) Relative Pronouns 

b) Reflex Pronouns

5: Lubna did the homework ________.

  • a) himself 
  • b) itself 
  • c) themselves 
  • d) herself 

d) herself

6: A noun or a word that a pronoun refer to is called__________.

  • a) Antecedent 
  • b) Emphatic Pronoun
  • c) Metaphore 
  • d) None of these 

a) Antecedent

7: Tania and Samia will prepare a presentation for the class. In the given sentence helping verb is:

  • a) for
  • b) will 
  • c) prepare 
  • d) the 

b) will

8: Warm is to hot as old is to__________

  • a) Oldest 
  • b) Young 
  • c) Year 
  • d) Bold 

b) Young

9: Butcher is to knife as a hairdresser is to_______.

  • a) Scissor 
  • b)Hair 
  • c) Curls 
  • d) Blond

a) Scissor

10: Left is to right as horizontal is to _______.

  • a) Below
  • b) Middle 
  • c) Down 
  • d) Vertical 

d) Vertical


English Grammar And Composition MCQs

11: The infinitive of the verb “wink” is _________.

  • a) winking 
  • b) winked 
  • c) winks 
  • d) to wink 

d) to wink

12: You have grown since I last saw you. The underlined verb ________.

  • a) Transitive 
  • b) Intransitive 
  • c) Simple Present 
  • d) Present Participle


13: Evening is to the morning as dinner is to______.

  • a) breakfast 
  • b) soup
  • c) coffee
  • d) supper 

a) breakfast

14: She ate the donut. Point out predicate?

  • a) she 
  • b) ate 
  • c) the 
  • d) donut 

b) ate

15: Collection of words without a subject or complete thought is known as_________.

  • a) Sentence 
  • b) Clause 
  • c) Phrase 
  • d) None of these 

c) Phrase

16: “You ate fish” is an example of:

  • a) Predicate 
  • b) Sentence 
  • c) Clause 
  • d) Phrase 

b) Sentence

  • 17: I took the dog to the park. In this sentence subject is: 
    a) I
  • b) dog 
  • c) took 
  • d) park 

a) I

18: Look! Sara _________ to meet her aunt.

  • a) go 
  • b) goes
  • c) going 
  • d) gone 

c) going

19: A compound sentence consists of:

  • a) Independent Clause 
  • b) Coordinating Conjunction 
  • c) Conjunction 
  • d) Both a and b 

d) Both a and b

20: I want to be a good writer. The type sentence is:

  • a) Examatry 
  • b) Interrogative 
  • c) Imperative 
  • d) Declarative 

d) Declarative


English Comprehension & Composition MCQs

21: When are you going to Canada? The given sentence is:

  • a) Declarative Sentence 
  • b) Imperative Sentence 
  • c) Interrogative Sentence 
  • d) Exlamtory Sentence 

c) Interrogative Sentence

22: Please sit down. The sentence:

  • a) Make a statement 
  • b) Give commond 
  • c) Express emotion d
  • d) Ask a question 

a) Give a commond

23: She is ________ nice girl and _______ intelligent student.

  • a) a,an
  • b) a,the
  • c) an,the 
  • d) the, the 

a) a,an

24:American, Canadian, Mexican, French are good examples of adjectives of:

  • a) Quantity 
  • b) Quality 
  • c) Origin 
  • d) Size 

c) Origin

25: Many, much, most are known as__________

  • a) Adjective of quality 
  • b) Adjective of quantity 
  • c) Adjective of size 
  • d) Adjective of origin 

b) Adjective of quanitiy

26: This is a beautiful car. The word ‘beautiful’ shows the__________.

  • a) Positive degree 
  • b) Comparative degree 
  • c) Superlative degree
  • d) None of these

a) Positive degree

27: I have lived here ________ I was 15.

  • a) for 
  • b) since 
  • c) at 
  • d) in 

b) since

28: I am going ____ the park after work.

  • a) to
  • b) on 
  • c) through 
  • d) in 

a) to

29: What do you like to do ______ the weekend.

  • a) at
  • b) on 
  • c) in 
  • d) to 

c) in

30: She goes to the gym ________the evening.

  • a) at 
  • b) on 
  • c) in 
  • d) to 

c) in


Most important English Grammar MCQs

31: Her birthday is __________ 6th June.

  • a) on 
  • b) at 
  • c) for 
  • d) in 

a) on

32: Stay ___________ the dog. It bites.

  • a) onto 
  • b) to 
  • c) away from 
  • d) under

c) away from

33: She is waiting __________ the railway station.

  • a) by 
  • b) at 
  • c) in 
  • d) on 

b) at

34: Choose the correct sentence from the following:

  • a) I have been here for ten years.
  • b) I have lived here since ten years.
  • c) I have lived here by ten years.
  • d) I have living here for ten years. 

a) I have been here for ten years.

35: I have been a doctor _______ fifteen years. 

  • a) since 
  • b) for 
  • c) by 
  • d) from 

b) for

36: There are a lot of birds nesting ________ 

  • a) under the leaves 
  • b) over the tree 
  • c) now there 
  • d) in the tree

b) over the tree

37: She said, ” it’s cold”. The indirect speech will be:

  • a) She says it was cold.
  • b) She said it was cold.
  • c) She said it is cold.
  • d) None of these 

b) She said it was cold.

38: She said, ” I’d already been teaching for five minutes”.

Convert to indirect speech:

  • a) She told that she already been teaching for five minutes.
  • b) She said she’d already been teaching for five minutes.
  • c) She said that she has teaching for five minutes. 
  • d) None of the sentence is correct

b) She said she’d already been teaching for five minutes.

39: “Why is she crying?” Change the sentence into indirect.

  • a) He asked why she was crying.
  • b) She said why she is crying.
  • c) She told why she is crying.
  • d) He asked why she is cried. 

a) He asked why she is crying.

40: Who violently sweeps your house empty of its furniture. In this sentence the word “furniture” means:

  • a) Happiness 
  • b) Equipment 
  • c) People 
  • d) Instruments 

b) Equipment


Advance MCQs of English Grammar

41: Which of the following sentence is correct according to the position of an adverb?

  • a) Never I have seen a whale.
  • b) I never have seen a whale.
  • c) I have never seen a whale.
  • d) Both a b are correct 

c) I have never sheen a whale.

42: The superlative degree of the word “terribly” is:

  • a) more terribly 
  • b) terriblest 
  • c) terribler 
  • d) most terribly 

d) most terribly

43: Snow fell __________ earlier than usual.

  • a) more 
  • b) much 
  • c) before 
  • d) at 

b) much

44: Jabbar run _______ than Ahmad. 

  • a) fast
  • b) faster 
  • c) fastest 
  • d) None of these 

b) faster

45: The comparative degree of the word ‘near’ is:

  • a) near 
  • b) nearer 
  • c) nearest 
  • d) most near 

c) nearest

46: Take a glass can, and _______ and to the recycling center. 

  • a) reduce 
  • b) away 
  • c) trash
  • d) pick 

c) trash

47: My father built this house. Change into passive.

  • a) This house has build by my father.
  • b) This house built by my father.
  • c) This house was built by my father.
  • d) My father had built this house.

c) This house was built by my father.

48: If it rains, I _____________ go to park.

  • a) wasn’t
  • b) hadn’t
  • c)haven’t
  • d)won’t

d) won’t

49: The word ‘hedge’ means:

  • a) to touch 
  • b) a row of bushes
  • c) to see somebody
  • d) strong and thick


b) a row of bushes

50: Evident means:

  • a) Clear
  • b) Recipt 
  • c) Proof 
  • d) Related 

a) Clear

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