English Grammar MCQs For FPSC Test Online Preparation

If you want the latest English Grammar MCQs For FPSC Test Online Preparation. Here you will find all the solved English grammar multiple-choice questions with answers for the FPSC test. 

English Grammar MCQs for FPSC Test Online Preparation

All these solved MCQs of English grammar are important for FPSC English lecturer test, English Subject Specialist test and other English preparation tests

Solved English Grammar Questions and Answers for FPSC Test

1: A ___________ is a person, place, thing or idea that perform action in a sentence.

  • a) Noun
  • b) Adjective
  • c) Subject
  • d) Object

c) Subject

2: Diction is the proper use of ______________

  • a) Writing
  • b) Speaking
  • c) Words
  • d) None of these

c) Words

3: A _______________ is the verb supplement with clause, introductory phrase, prepositional phrase or another sentence part.

  • a) predicate
  • b) gerund 
  • c) object 
  • d) verb 

a) predicate

4: The _______________ determines how sentences are organized and punctuated.

  • a) Active Voice
  • b) Passive Voice
  • c)Parts of speech
  • d)None of these

c) Parts of speech

5: Prescriptive grammar follows the classical grammar of __________ and _________.

  • a) Greek , Latin
  • b) British, English
  • c) Aramaic, Hebrew 
  • d) None of these 

a) Greek , Latin

6: There are ____________ main type of sentences.

  • a) Two
  • b) Three
  • c) Four
  • d) Eight

c) Four

7: Lexical ambiguity is a __________ that occurs when a sentence contain a word has more than one meaning.

  • a) Spoken error
  • b) Written error 
  • c) Logical error 
  • d) Grammatical error

b) Written error

8: Language acquisition is the process by which acquire the ability to produce words and sentences to ________.

  • a) Communicate 
  • b) Write
  • c) Pronounce 
  • d) None of these 

a) Communicate

9: _________ is a piece of music written to be played on orchestra. 

  • a) Homophony 
  • b) Polysemy 
  • c) Lyric 
  • d) Symphony 

d) Symphony

10: ________ is a word that means exactly or nearly meaning.

  • a) Antonym
  • b) Synonym
  • c) Opposite 
  • d) Rhyming 

b) Synonym

FPSC Test Important MCQs of English Grammar

11: Homophony is a set of words pronounced identically but have _______.

  • a) different meaning 
  • b) same meaning 
  • c) opposite meaning 
  • d) None of these 

a) different meaning

12: Collection of verses suitable for singing is known as_______.

  • a) Poem 
  • b) Lyric 
  • c) Poetry 
  • d) Novel 

b) Lyric

13: Rhyme is a literary device in ________ in which similar concluding syllables in different words are repeated.

  • a) Grammar
  • b) Literature 
  • c) Poetry 
  • d) All of them 

c) Poetry

14: Stress is the way in which a certain part of a ________ is emphasized more than other when speaking.

  • a) sentence
  • b) word 
  • c) sound
  • d) voice 

b) word

15: Aural text is the text relating to the sense of _______.

  • a) organs
  • b) touch 
  • c) hearing 
  • d) taste

c) hearing

16:Conversation with friend is a good example of:

  • a) Formal speech
  • b) Informal speech 
  • c) Both of them 
  • d) None of them 

b) Informal speech

17: Words which does not match with the other words of the group are called_____.

  • a) Odd words 
  • b) Singular words 
  • c) Synonym words
  • d) Antonyms words 

a) Odd words

18: The ________ is learning by doing exercises of translation to and from the targeted language.

  • a) Teaching method
  • b) Direct method 
  • c) Grammar translation method
  • d) None of them 

c) Grammar translation method

19: Which of the following modified verb, adjective or adverbs?

  • a) Pronouns
  • b) Verbs 
  • c) Adverbs 
  • d) Conjunction 

c) Adverbs

20: _________ is intended to demonstrate respect between the speakers would not include slangs and contraction. 

  • a) Informal speech 
  • b) Formal speech
  • c) Elipsis 
  • d) Aural text 

b) Formal speech

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