English MCQs For ATS Test Online Preparation

Most ATS tests include a part of English MCQs. If you are looking to find the most important and repeated English MCQs for ATS Test. Here you will find the latest English MCQs questions with answers for ATS Test Online Preparation. 

English MCQs for ATS Test Online Preparation

All these ATS Test MCQs will cover the English part of your ATS Test. You will find English Grammar MCQs, Tenses MCQs, Parts of Speech MCQs, correct use of articles and English sentence completion MCQs. 

You can also check General Knowledge MCQs, Islamic Studies MCQs, and Maths MCQs for ATS test preparation. 

These solved English MCQs will help you for ATS Test Online Preparation. You can easily practice these MCQs and prepare for your English test. 

English Grammar MCQs for ATS Test

In this section, you will find the latest English MCQs for ATS Test Online Preparation. For every question there are four options, select the correct option. Click the “Show Answer” button if you don’t know the answer to a given question. 

1: I am __________  English language right now.

  • a) learn
  • b) learning
  • c) learnt
  • d) been learning

b) learning

2: My cousins are ________ badminton with each other.

  • a) playing 
  • b) played 
  • c) plays
  • d) has playing

a) playing

3: ____________ are the smallest living things. They consist of only one cell.

  • a) Bacterium
  • b) Bacterias
  • c) Bacteria
  • d) None of these 

c) Bacteria

4: Zeenab opened the door quietly. The word “quietly” is:

  • a) Verb
  • b) Conjuntion 
  • c) Interjection
  • d) Adverb

d) Adverb

5: Sana ___________ washing cloths right now.

  • a) are 
  • b) is 
  • c) were 
  • d) been

b) is

6: The hungry monkey ate a banana. The underlined word is:

  • a) Adverb
  • b) Adjective 
  • c) Pronoun
  • d) Noun

b) Adjective

7: I __________ recording a video for my conference at two o’clock.

  • a) will
  • b) will be
  • c) be 
  • d) being

b) will be

8: Everyday I ____________ up early in the morning.

  • a) got
  • b) get 
  • c) gets 
  • d) getting

b) get

9: Kiran borrowed ________ money from her uncle Javid.

  • a) a 
  • b) many
  • c) some 
  • d) much

c) some

10: Zain has already _________ his homework.

  • a) complete 
  • b) completed 
  • c) completing 
  • d) had completed

b) completed

Most Important and Repeated ATS Test English MCQs:

11: Jam has been ________ for four hours.

  • a) walked 
  • b) walk
  • c) walking 
  • d) be walking

c) walking

12: The teacher made ________ announcement.

  • a) a
  • b) an
  • c) the
  • d) none of these 

b) an

13: I _________ agree with you opinion.

  • a) does not 
  • b) am not
  • c) do not
  • d) None of above

c) do not

14: My friend usually __________ television, listen to music, or goes out in the evening.

  • a) watching
  • b) watch
  • c) watches
  • d) watched

c) watches

15: I don’t have a shirt, but if __________, I would lend it to you.

  • a) do
  • b) done
  • c) did
  • d) does

c) did

16: She always _______ a plate of Biryani for lunch.

  • a) eating 
  • b) eat
  • c) eates 
  • d) eats

d) eats

17: I have a wonderful family. I love ________ very much.

  • a) them
  • b) they
  • c) their
  • d) themselves 

a) them

18: This bag is too heavy for me to lift. It ________ too much.

  • a) weighing 
  • b) weigh
  • c) weighted 
  • d) weighs

d) weighs

19: Did you ________ some coffee before class?

  • a) drinking
  • b) dranks
  • c) drank
  • d) drunk

c) drank

20: I saw _______ in the mirror.

  • a) me
  • b) ourselves 
  • c) myself
  • d) itself

c) myself

ATS Online Test Preparation

21: San Francisco __________ to the north of Los Angeles.

  • a) lies
  • b) lay
  • c) laying 
  • d) laid

a) lies

22: Parveen lived in Lahore for ten years, but now she________ in Peshawar.

  • a) live
  • b) lives
  • c) living
  • d) lived

b) lives

23: My boss always leaves for the office at 9:00. The underlined word is:

  • a) Noun
  • b) Pronoun
  • c) Adjective 
  • d) Adverb

a) Noun

24: I slipped on the ice while I _______ the street in front of the dorm.

  • a) crossed
  • b) crossing
  • c) was crossing
  • d) cross

c) was crossing

25: Ali is poor, but Zain is rich. The word ‘but’ is:

  • a) Adverb
  • b) Conjunction
  • c) Interjection
  • d) Verb

b) Conjunction

26: The weather in the southern states ________ very hot during the summer.

  • a) gets
  • b) get
  • c) getting
  • d) got

b) get

27: Every man, woman and child needs love. All these underlined words are called__________.

  • a) Proper nouns
  • b) Common nouns
  • c) Abstract nouns
  • d) Uncountable nouns

b) Common nouns

28: Mathematics ________ easy for him, Physics is easy for him too.

  • a) is
  • b) are 
  • c) both a and b
  • d) none of these 

a) is

29: __________ I borrow your bag.

  • a) Is
  • b) May
  • c) Can
  • d) Will

c) Can

30: The plural ‘calf’ is:

  • a) calfs
  • b) calfes
  • c) calves
  • d) None of these

c) calves


I hope the above-mentioned English MCQs for the ATS test will be helpful for your ATS English test preparation. If you need more ATS Test MCQs you can find them below. 

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