English MCQs For ETEA | Most Repeated, Important, and Solved Questions

If you are looking to find English MCQs For ETEA Test Preparation. Here you will find all English ETEA MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation. 

These are the most repeated MCQs in ETEA Test. We have tried our best to cover all the important topics in these English Solved MCQs.

English MCQs for ETEA Test Online Preparation

If you are searching to find ETEA English Test Online MCQs, ETEA Sample Paper, ETEA Past Paper MCQs, and MCQs of English for entry test with answers. All your queries will be easily solved here.

All these English Multiple Choice Questions cover English Grammar, Sentence Completion, Synanons, Antonyms, English Fill in the Blanks, English Composition, and Communication Skills. 

ETEA English Test Online MCQs

1: Select abstract noun from the following:

  • a) Mouse 
  • b) Book
  • c) Loyalty 
  • d) Laptop

c) Loyalty

2: A ________ of locusts attacked the crops.

  • a) Swarm
  • b) Bouquet
  • c) Gang 
  • d) Herd 

a) Swarm

3: Verbs that give detail of an idea is called________.

  • a) Specific Word 
  • b) Vivid Verbs 
  • c) Modifier 
  • d) None of these

b) Vivid Verbs

4: Choose the uncountable word from the following:

  • a) Boy 
  • b) Table 
  • c) Car 
  • d) Honey 

d) Honey

5: The plural of the word “spectacle” is:

  • a) Spectacle 
  • b) Spectacles 
  • c) Spectacls
  • d) Spectalies 

b) Spectacles

6: Kalam is a green and pleasant valley. Noun phrase in this sentence is:

  • a) green 
  • b) pleasant 
  • c) green and pleasant 
  • d) green and pleasant valley.

d) green and pleasant valley

7: The ____ of thieves has been arrested by the Police.

  • a) herd 
  • b) group
  • c) gang
  • d) swarm 

c) gang

8: The word “intelligence” is a____________ noun.

  • a) Concrete 
  • b) Abstract 
  • c) Countable 
  • d) Uncountable 

b) Abstract

9: Students welcomed their new teacher with a________ of flowers.

  • a) bouquet
  • b) bundle 
  • c) flock 
  • d) group 

a) Bouquet

10: He is the epitome of tolerance. The word ‘epitome’ in this sentence means:

  • a) Essence 
  • b) Embodiment
  • c) Contrary 
  • d) Example 

d) Example

ETEA English Test Online MCQs

11: We decided to do all the cooking ___________ instead of hiring a cook.

  • a) our 
  • b) by ourselves
  • c) oneself 
  • d) of our own

b) by ourselves

12: Do you remember the village _______ you were born in?

  • a) which 
  • b) that 
  • c) where 
  • d) whose 

c) where

13: I won’t be able to be there ___________.

  • a) myself
  • b) mine
  • c) oneself 
  • d) yourself 

a) myself

14: The hungry fox saw a bunch of grapes, the word “bunch” is a/an________.

  • a) Common Noun
  • b) Uncountable Noun 
  • c) Collective Noun 
  • d) Proper Noun 

c) Collective Noun

15: Don’t cry over spilt milk. Milk is an example of:

  • a) Collective Noun 
  • b) Common Noun 
  • c) Contable Noun 
  • d) Uncountable Noun 

d) Uncountable Noun

16: You look very confused by homework, Amjad ________ I help you.

  • a) may 
  • b) have 
  • c) should 
  • d) can 

d) can

17: The welcomed the chief guest with a ________ of flowers.

  • a) bunch 
  • b) bouquet
  • c) flock
  • d) swarms

b) bouquet

18: Intransitive verbs do not require a/an:

  • a) Subject 
  • b) Object 
  • c) Verb 
  • d) None of these 

b) Object

19: Allama Muhammad Iqbal is an example of ____________ noun.

  • a) Proper 
  • b) Common 
  • c) Countable 
  • d) Abstract 

a) Proper

20: Which one is the example of a countable noun?

  • a) Oil 
  • b) Book 
  • c) Sugar 
  • d) Juice 

b) Book

English Most Repeated MCQs in ETEA

21: Pick collective noun from the following:

  • a) Marched 
  • b) Army 
  • c) Knife 
  • d) Hill 

b) Army

22: __________ indicate more than one person, place or thing.

  • a) Singular Noun 
  • b) Possessive Noun 
  • c) Plural Noun 
  • d) None of these

c) Plural Noun

23: Inanimate nouns refer to things that are:

  • a) Alive 
  • b) Feminine 
  • c) Masculine 
  • d) Not alive 

d) Not alive

24: She is instructing _________ to cook.

  • a) himself 
  • b) itself 
  • c) his self 
  • d) herself 

d) herself

25: Esha is a very good teacher. ___________ likes and admire her. 

  • a) None one
  • b) Nobody
  • c) Everyone 
  • d) Someone 

c) Everyone

26: He lived ___________ in a new city.

  • a) himself 
  • b) by himself
  • c) his self 
  • d) by itself 

b) by himself

27: He was a good banker. The underlined word is:

  • a) Linking verb 
  • b) Pronoun 
  • c) Subject
  • d) Adjective

a) Linking verb

28: Could you pass me the ketchup, the word ‘could’ is an example of:

  • a) Helping verb 
  • b) Main verb 
  • c) Modal verb
  • d) Linking verb 

c) Modal verb

29: Amjad has just checked the library, however, he couldn’t find the book_________.

  • a) nothing
  • b) anyone 
  • c) anywhere 
  • d) anything

c) anywhere

30:  Where’s _________ USB drive I lent you last week.

  • a) a 
  • b) an
  • c) the 
  • d) None of above 

c) the

ETEA English Grammar MCQs

31: I admire your courage. The underlined word is _____ verb.

  • a) Irregular 
  • b) Transitive 
  • c) Intransitive 
  • d) None of these 

b) Tansitive

32: If a verb is following the normal pattern of inflection is called_______.

  • a) Regular Verb 
  • b) Irregular Verb 
  • c) Transitive Verb
  • d) Intransitive Verb

a) Regular Verb

33:Sania has been teaching in this school ____ three years.

  • a) since 
  • b) for 
  • c) in 
  • d) from 

b) for

34: She had been _______ in that university since 2019.

  • a) study 
  • b) studied 
  • c) studies 
  • d) studying 

d) studying

35: The staff quickly responded to the alarm. In the given sentence which one is said to be a collective noun?

  • a) Alarm 
  • b) Quickly 
  • c) Staff 
  • d) Respond

c) Staff

36: Choose uncountable nouns from these words:

  • a) Mango 
  • b) Candy 
  • c) Bread 
  • d) Water 

d) Water

37: He is ________ teacher who taught us English.

  • a) the
  • b) a
  • c) an 
  • d) None of these 

a) the

38: She is wearing a black suit. The word ‘black’ is:

  • a) Adjective of quality 
  • b) Adjective of quantity 
  • c) Adjective of shape 
  • d) Adjective of colour

d) Adjective of Colour

39: The team has had enough practice. The word ‘enough’ in this sentence is used as:

  • a)Verb
  • b) Adjective 
  • c) Proverb
  • d) Conjunction

b) Adjective

40: Synonym of the word ‘Gay’ is:

  • a) Light-hearted 
  • b) Full of energy 
  • c) Happy and cheerful 
  • d) None of these 

c) Happy and cheerful

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