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Essential English MCQs for Junior Clerk Test online preparation. If you have applied for the Junior Clerk post, and need the most important and repeated MCQs of English for Junior Clerk Test

English MCQs for Junior Clerk Test

You can find English Tenses MCQs, Preposition MCQs, Active Voice and Passive MCQs, Direct and Indirect Speech MCQs, Synonym MCQs, Antonyms MCQs and Sentence completion MCQs for Junior Clerk Test.

All these English MCQs are helpful for the following Junior Clerk Tests Preparation: 

  • English MCQs for ETEA Junior Clerk Test 
  • English MCQs for NTS Junior Clerk Test 
  • English MCQs for PTS Junior Clerk Test 
  • English MCQs for CTS Junior Clerk Test 
  • English MCQs for PPSC Junior Clerk Test

Junior Clerk Online Test Preparation

English MCQs Practice

Solve and Prictice  the given English MCQs for Junior Clerk Test Online Preparation. 

1: Identify concrete noun in the following:

  • a) Courage
  • b) Power 
  • c) House
  • d) Peace

c) House

2: Tania had  ________ food for two years.

[choose the correct verb]

  • a) been cooking
  • b) being cooking 
  • c) been cooked 
  • d) being cooked

a) been cooking

3: She was a truly ______ woman.

  • a) renowned 
  • b) remarkable 
  • c) familiar 
  • d) None of these 

b) remarkable

4: I had been ________ Spanish for three years. 

  • a) learnt
  • b) learn 
  • c) learning 
  • d) learns

c) learning

5: She will be here soon. The underlined is an:

  • a) Adverb of frequency 
  • b) Adverb of manner 
  • c) Adverb of degree 
  • d) Adverb of time

d) Adverb of time

6: Apparently, it’s going to rain today. In this sentence which word shows the adverb of affirmation?

  • a) apparently
  • b) going 
  • c) rain
  • d) today

a) apparently

7: Choose the correct simple past for the given sentence.

[She eats dinner]

  • a) She is eating dinner.
  • b) She ate dinner.
  • c) She has eaten dinner.
  • d) None of the above.

b) She ate dinner

8: He has lost his bag. 

[Identify tense] 

  • a) Present perfect 
  • b) Past perfect 
  • c) Future perfect 
  • d) Simple present

a) Present perfect

9: I am buying a pen. 

[Change into Passive Voice]

  • a) A pen is bought by me.
  • b) A pen is being bought by me.
  • c) A pen was bought by me.
  • d) A pen is bought by me.

b) A pen …..

10: She can speak Turkish. 

[Change into Passive Voice ]

  • a) Turkish can be spoken by her.
  • b) Turkish can be spoke by her.
  • c) Turkish can be spoken by her.
  • d) Both a and c

a) Turkish can be spoken by her.

ETEA Junior Clerk Test Solved MCQs

11: I just finished reading that book. 

[Identify the type of sentence]

  • a)Imperative 
  • b) Exclamatory 
  • c) Interrogative 
  • d) Declarative 

d) Declarative

12: Choose the appropriate prefix for the “compatible” to change its meaning.

  • a) un
  • b) in 
  • c) on 
  • d) non

b) in

13: Find the word with the correct spelling in the following:

  • a) Embrass
  • b) Embaras 
  • c) Embarass
  • d) Embarrass

d) Embarrass

14: Choose the correct sentence in the following.

  • a) Does she plays basketball?
  • b) Does she play basketball?
  • c) Does she played basketball?
  • d) Did she plays basketball?

b) Does she play basketball?

15: Identify the nearest possible meaning to the word ” discrimination”.

  • a) impartiality
  • b) tolerance
  • c) fairness
  • d) inequity

d) inequity

16: Identify the indefinite article in the following.

  • a) a
  • b) an
  • c) the 
  • d) both a and an 

d) both a and an

17: The masculine of the noun ” Duck” is:

  • a) Buck 
  • b) Hart 
  • c) Drake 
  • d) Drone

c) Drake

18: On a shard of broken glass, I cut ____.

[choose the appropriate reflexive prnoun]

  • a) me
  • b) ourselves
  • c) myself 
  • d) ourself 

c) myself

19: The feminine of the noun “Hart” is:

  • a) Roe 
  • b) Mare  
  • c) Czar 
  • d) Hero 

a) Roe

20: He bought ____________ a new computer.

  • a) herself 
  • b) himself 
  • c) itself 
  • d) yourself

b) himself

Junior Clerk Important Questions with Answer

21. The book belongs _________ Ayesha.

  • a) with 
  • b) to 
  • c) onto 
  • d) into

b) to

22: Where is Jam _______ to?

[Use the correct form of verb]

  • a) derives 
  • b) derived 
  • c) deriving 
  • d) been deriving

c) deriving

23: _______ he reading the newspaper?

  • a) Are 
  • b) Were 
  • c) Is 
  • d) Does

c) Is

24: If he had money he _______ buy a new car. 

  • a) can 
  • b) should 
  • c) could 
  • d) would 

d) would

25: Zeenab is very good _______ writing emails. 

[Use correct preposition] 

  • a) in 
  • b) for 
  • c) at 
  • d) with

c) at

26: She came _____ the party ____ her sister.

  • a) in, by 
  • b) to, in 
  • c) with, to 
  • d) to, with

d) to, with

27: Hamid was born ______ 1990.

  • a) on 
  • b) in 
  • c) at 
  • d) none of these

b) in

28: He said, ” I am not a doctor.” 

[Change from Indirect to Direct Speech] 

  • a) He says he is not a doctor.
  • b) He said he is not a doctor.
  • c) He said he was not a doctor.
  • d) He say he is not a doctor.

c) He said he is …

29: Identify abstract noun :

  • a) Bravery 
  • b) Monday 
  • c) Neighbourhood
  • d) Coffee

a) Bravery

30: He was soon surrounded by a crowd.

The underlined word is:

  • a) Abstract Noun
  • b) Collective Noun
  • c) Concrete Noun
  • d) Countable Noun

b) Collective Noun


I hope all these English MCQs For the Junior Clerk Test will be helpful for your online test preparation. If you need more solved MCQs for Junior Clerk test, you can find them below. 

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