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Below are the most important English MCQs for PST NTS Test. In most NTS Test English is a major portion to solve your English NTS Papers. In this section, we will cover the basics of English Grammar. You can learn all these English MCQs for your NTS test. 

English MCQs for PST Test

These MCQs include Basic Sentence Structure, Basics Grammar, Parts of Speech, Words Opposites, Types of sentences, etc. All these English MCQs are questions with answers. At the end of each question, the show answer button is given if you don’t know the answer to a specific question.

English MCQs with Answers for NTS and ETEA PST Test

1: Bravery, hatred, laughter and music all these words are ___________.

  • a) Abstract Nouns
  • b) Collective Nouns
  • c) Proper Nouns
  • d) Uncountable Nounds

a) Abstract Nouns

2: A__________of cattle is passing near the hotel.

  • a) crowed
  • b) jury
  • c) herd
  • d) None of these 

c) herd

3: A declarative or Assertive sentence is a sentence which ________.

  • a) Makes a statement
  • b) Ask a question
  • c) Express strong feelings
  • d) None of these 

a) makes a statement

4: Where is my phone? The given sentence is:

  • a) Declarative 
  • b) Exclamatory 
  • c) Interrogative
  • d) Imperative 

c) Interrogative

5: A Noun that denotes either a male or female is called________.

  • a) Feminine Gender 
  • b) Masculine Gender 
  • c) Common Gender 
  • d) Neutor Gender 

c) Common Gender

6: Which of the following noun is Neutor Gender?

  • a) Tree
  • b) Monarch 
  • c) Cousin
  • d) Neighbour 

a) Tree

7: The plural of the word “memento” is ________.

  • a) memento
  • b) mementos
  • c) mementies
  • d) mementy 

b) mementos

8: The Plural of the word ” coat-of-mail is:

  • a) Coat-of-mails
  • b) coats-of-mails
  • c) coats-of-mail
  • d) coates-of-mail


9: "Mr. John kicked the ball". In this sentence Mr. John is ______________.

  • a) Predicate 
  • b) Object 
  • c) Subject
  • d) Verb 

c) Subject

10: Which of the following sentence is correct?

  • a) Zain our captain, made seventy runs.
  • b) Zain, our captain made seventy, runs.
  • c) Zain, our, captain made, seventy, runs.
  • d) Zain, our captain, made seventy runs. 

d) Zain, our captain, made seventy runds.

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11: Zaid has lost all his wealth in gambling.

In the above sentence the underlined word is:

  • a) Adjective of Quantity
  • b) Adjective of Quality 
  • c) Demonstrative Adjective
  • d) Numerial  Adjective 

a) Adjective of Quantity

12: He showed __________mercy to the vanquished. 

  • a) some
  • b) little
  • c) few
  • d) many 

b) little

13: Prevention is _______than cure.

  • a) good
  • b) better
  • c) best
  • d) None of these 

b) better

14: _________of an adjective denotes the heighest degree of the quality.

  • a) Positive
  • b) Comparative
  • c) Superlative 
  • d) None of these 

c) Superlative

15: Wow, I really love you!

The above sentence is :

  • a) Exclamatory 
  • b) Assertive
  • c) Interrogative
  • d) Imperative 

a) Exclamatory

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