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In this section, you will find ETEA Computer MCQs for ETEA Online Test Preparation. All these ETEA Solved Computer MCQs are helpful for the Junior Clerk test, ETEA Computer Operator Test, Office Assistant Test, Accountant Test Preparation, Rescue-1122 Test, WAPDA Test, Store Keeper, Assistant Account Officer, Police Constable Test. 

ETEA Computer MCQs for Online Test Preparation

All these ETEA Computer MCQs covers basic hardware, software, operating system, basic internet, computer networking, computer programming and other important topics related with ETEA Test Online Preparation. You can also find MCQs on Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel, Word, Gmail, Outlook and other useful software.

Below are the most important and repeated computer and IT MCQs Solved with Answers for ETEA Test Online Preparation.  

ETEA Computer Test Preparation MCQs Online

1: Which one from the following is not example of computer Hardware?

  • a) Microprocessor
  • b) Optical Disc Drive
  • c) Hard Disk Drive
  • d) Picasa

d) Picasa

2: Chrome OS is an example of:

  • a) Application Software
  • b) System Software
  • c) Browser 
  • d) Security Software 

b) System Software

3: To make a multi-media presentation we use:

  • a) Microsoft Word
  • b) Microsoft Excel
  • c) Microsoft PowerPoint
  • d) None of these 

c) Microsoft PowerPoint

4: Gmail Keyboard Shortcut to compose a new message is:

  • a) Ctrl+N
  • b) C
  • c) N
  • d) Alt+N

b) C

5: A word processor program is used to:

  • a) create and write documents
  • b)  browse web pages
  • c) compose E-mails
  • d) delete unnecessary data 

a) create and write documents

6: Adobe After Effect is a:

  • a) PDF Viewer
  • b) Internet Browser
  • c) Audio Software
  • d) Video Editor 

d) Video Editor

7:  Which one is an e-mail program  that enables users to send and receive e-mail on their computer?

  • a) Skype 
  • b) Outlook 
  • c) Audacity 
  • d) FileZilla 

b) Outlook

8: Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcut to create new appointments is:

  • a) Ctrl+1
  • b) Ctrl+Shift+N
  • c) Ctrl+Shift+A
  • d) Alt+Enter 

c) Ctrl+Shift+A

9: Fastest computer storage drives are:

  • a) Solid State Drives
  • b) Hard Disk Drives
  • c) Floppy Disks 
  • d) USB Drives 

a) Solid State Drives

10: Google Chrome is an example of _______ software.

  • a) Anti Virus
  • b) Browser 
  • c) Web Page Editor 
  • d) Internet Speed Improver 

b) Browser

Basic IT and Computer MCQs

11: A Minicomputer is capable to support _______ user simultaneously.

  • a) 10 
  • b) 100
  • c) 250 
  • d) 1000

c) 250

12: In Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut key to move to the next sheet is:

  • a) Ctrl + PageUp
  • b) Ctrl + PageDown
  • c) Alt+ PageUp
  • d) Alt +PageDown

b) Ctrl+ PageDown

13: To go the Formula tab in MS Excel which of the following shortcut can be used?

  • a) Alt + M
  • b) Shift+ B
  • c) Alt+ A
  • d) Ctrl + N

a) Alt + M

14: Which one is not a part of Central Processing Unit?

  • a) Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • b) Memory Unit
  • c) Control Unit
  • d) Output Unit

d) Output Unit

15: The component of a computer system which is used to interprets information from the CPU and displays it on our monitor or TV screen is:

  • a) Power Supply Unit
  • b) Graphic Card
  • c) Printer
  • d) Scanner 

b) Graphic Card

16: Which part is called “brain” of computer?

  • a) CPU
  • b) ALU
  • c) Control Unit
  • d) Main Memory 

a) CPU

17: A group of 8 bits is known as:

  • a) Nibble 
  • b) Byte 
  • c) Mega Byte 
  • d) None of these 

b) Byte

18: The smallest unit of computer memory is :

  • a) Gigabyte 
  • b) Megabyte 
  • c) Kilobyte 
  • d) Byte 

d) Byte

19: The most widely used input device is:

  • a) Mouse 
  • b) Scanner 
  • c) Keyboard
  • d) Microphone

c) Keyboard

20: Keyboard keys from F1 to F12 are called___________.

  • a) Control keys
  • b) Function Keys 
  • c) Navigation keys
  • d) Numeric keys 

b) Function keys

ETEA Important and Repeated Computer MCQs

21: Shift, Alt, Ctrl and Esc keys are called_________ keys.

  • a)Numeric
  • b)Navigation 
  • c) Control 
  • d)Function 

c) Control

22: The combination of computer hardware and software designed for a specific function is known is:

  • a) Software System 
  • b) Hardware System 
  • c) Embedded System 
  • d) Database Management System 

c) Embedded System

23: Android is an example of:

  • a) Application Program
  • b) Operating System
  • c) Designing Tool
  • d) CAD 

b) Operating System

24: How many Megabytes make a Gigabyte?

  • a) 32 MB
  • b) 64 MB
  • c) 100 MB
  • d) 1000 MB

d) 1000 MB

25: A Joystick is __________ device.

  • a) Input 
  • b) Output 
  • c) Both input and output
  • d) None of above 

a) Input

26: IP stands for:

  • a) Internal Processor 
  • b) International Protocol
  • c) Internet Protocol
  • d) Internal Protocol 

c) Internet Protocol

27: In Microsoft Word which of the following keyboard shortcut is used for Redo?

  • a) Ctrl+O
  • b) Ctrl+J
  • c) Ctrl+R
  • d) Ctrl+Y

d) Ctrl+Y

28: Which of the following software is not a Browser?

  • a) Mozilla Firefox
  • b) Safari
  • c) Google Chrome
  • d) CentOS

d) CentOS

29: In MS Excel worksheet the horizontal line are called_________.

  • a) Rows 
  • b) Columns 
  • c) Tables 
  • d) Reports  

a) Rows

30: To insert hyperlink in MS Word we use ______ shortcut keys.

  • a) Alt+K
  • b) Ctrl+K
  • c) Shift+K
  • d) Ctrl+Alt+K

b) Ctrl+K


I hope all these solved ETEA Computer MCQs with Answers will be helpful for your ETEA Computer Test Preparation. All these are the most important and repeated ETEA Test MCQs. If you need more ETEA MCQs of Computer  you can find them below. If you want to give us any suggestion or feedback , feel free to contact in the comment section below. 

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