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If you are looking to find the Latest ETEA MCQs of Physics for the SST-Maths Physics Test, Entry Test, Physics Lecturer Test, MDCAT Test, CAT Test, or any other Physics Test. Here are the most important Physics MCQs with answers for Online Test Preparation. 

ETEA MCQs of Physics

Complete ETEA Test Physics MCQs with Answers

The mass of an object is 8 kg moving with a velocity of 3 m/s. What will be the momentum of the object?

  • a) 24 kg m/s
  • b) 2.6 kg m/s
  • c) 8 kg m/s
  • d) 32 kg m/s 

a) 24 kg m/s

The product of mass and velocity is called_________.

  • a) Force 
  • b) Energy 
  • c) Momentum 
  • d) Torque 

c) Momentum

Which of the following is called the root of every field of science?

  • a) Biology 
  • b) Mathematics 
  • c) Physics 
  • d) Chemistry 

c) Physics

Who is the inventor o the Pin-Hole Camera?

  • a) Al Beruni 
  • b) Dr. Abdul Salam 
  • c) Ibni Seena 
  • d) Ibni al Haitam

d) Ibni al Haitam

Laws of motions was presented by:

  • a) Galileo 
  • b) Einstien 
  • c) Archids 
  • d) Newton 

d) Newton

Which one is derived quantity?

  • a) Lenght 
  • b) Area 
  • c) Electric Current 
  • d) Temprature 

b) Area

Which one is the unit of Pressure?

  • a) Square meter 
  • b) Newton 
  • c) Pascal 
  • d) Joule 

c) Pascal

Mass of Moon is: 

  • a) 7×1022 kg
  • b) 6×1024 kg
  • c) 1×10-5 kg
  • d) 22×106 kg

a) 7×1022 kg

Prefix for 10-18 is ______________.
  • a) Exa
  • b) Femto
  • c) Deca
  • d) Atto

d) Atto

Which of the following number show 4 significant figures?

  • a) 0.0002
  • b) 9000
  • c) 5174.02
  • d) 4000

a) 0.0002

ETEA Test Physics MCQs (Solved )

Least count for Vernier caliper is:

  • a) 0.1 mm 
  • b) 0.01 mm 
  • c) 1.0 mm 
  • d) 0.9 mm 

a) 0.1 mm

The slope of the graph will give a magnitude of:

  • a) Speed 
  • b) Velocity 
  • c) Displacement 
  • d) Acceleration 


d) Acceleration

The distance covered by a body in unit time is called__________.

  • a) Acceleration 
  • b) Velocity 
  • c) Speed 
  • d) Displacement 

c) Speed

The study of motion of the bodies is called_________.

  • a) Thermodynamics 
  • b) Heat 
  • c) Mechanics 
  • d) Nuclear Physics 

c) Mechanics

If a body changes its position with respect to some observer then the body is in a state of:

  • a) Motion 
  • b) Rest 
  • c) Uniform motion 
  • d) Relative Motion

a) Motion

The spinning motion of the earth about its axis is called_______.

  • a) Translatory Motion 
  • b) Rotatory Motion 
  • c) Vibratory Motion 
  • d) None of these 

c) Vibratory Motion

If a body is falling under gravity then its gravitational acceleration will be:

  • a) Zero 
  • b) Negative 
  • c) Positive 
  • d) None of these


b) Negative

10-21 is Prefix used for ________ 

  • a) Zepto
  • b) Yocto
  • c) Femto
  • d) Pico

a) Zepto

The value of “g” at the moon is:

  • a) 9.8 m/s2
  • b) 6.7 m/s²
  • c) 1.63 m/s²
  • d) 8.9 m/s²

c) 1.63 m/s2

Unit of weight is:

  • a) N
  • b) kg m/s²
  • c) kg m²/s²
  • d) Both a and b 

d) Both a and b

A body has a constant velocity of 8 m/s for 5 seconds Its change in acceleration is: 

  • a) 8 m/s²
  • b) 1.6 m/s²
  • c) 5.6 m/s²
  • d) 40 m/s²

b) 1.6 m/s2

Online MCQs of Phyiscs for SST, Lecturer, MDCAT and CAT Test

The mass of a cat is 5 kg. How much will be the mass of the said cat on the moon?

  • a) 30 N
  • b) 5 N
  • c) 8 N
  • d) 6 N 

c) 8 N

What will be the mass of a body when a force of 24 N produces an acceleration of 12 m/s²?

  • a) 0.8 kg 
  • b) 0.2 kg 
  • c) 2 kg 
  • d) 12 kg 

2 kg

The stream of charged particles is known as________.

  • a) Heat 
  • b) Sound 
  • c) Current 
  • d) Temperature 

c) Current

Ammeter is the device used to measure _________.

  • a) Electric Current 
  • b) Power 
  • c) Heat 
  • d) Wavelength 

a) Electric Current

Which of the following physical quantity express the hotness and coldness of a body?

  • a) Heat 
  • b) Temprature 
  • c) Fraction 
  • d) None of these 

b) Temprature

In the SI System the base unit for length is:

  • a) Centimeter 
  • b) Kilometer 
  • c) Meter 
  • d) Decimeter 

c) Meter

Joule heating is also known as:

  • a) Ohmic Heating 
  • b) Resistive Heating 
  • c) Both a and b 
  • d) None of these 

c) Both a and b

Temperature is measured with the help of ______.

  • a) Ammeter 
  • b) Thermometer 
  • c) Hydrometer 
  • d) Milimeter 

b) Thermometer

The commonly known SI unit of Power is __________.

a) Ohm 

b) Watt 

c) Ampere 

d) None of these


b) Watt

Horology is the study of devices related with__________.

  • a) Time 
  • b) Length 
  • c) Amount of substances 
  • d) Mass 

a) Time

Main Topics of these Multiple Choices Questions

Topics covered in ETEA MCQs of Physics Introduction to Physical Quantities, Physical Units, Motions, Base Quantities, Derived Quantities, Current, Lenght, Mass, Time, Temperature, Basics Machenica MCQs, Basics Physics MCQs. 

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