Everyday Science MCQs for NTS Test Online Preparation

In this part, you will find Everyday Science MCQs for NTS Online Test Preparation. If you want to prepare for your NTS test, and need Everyday Science MCQs, these are the latest and solved everyday science MCQs questions with answers. 

Everyday Science MCQs for NTS Test

NTS Everyday Science MCQs

61: In human face, total number of bones are ______________.

  • a) 6
  • b) 12
  • c) 14 
  • d) 16

c) 14

62: Bats can fly in the dark because they are capable of taking the help of ____________

  • a) Micro Waves
  • b) Electromagnetic Waves
  • c) Ultrasonic Waves 
  • d) Light Waves

Ultrasonic Waves

63: Which of the following branch of Chemistry help us to identify and classify the various naturally occurring compounds and to create one with desired properties and functions?

  • a) Organic Chemistry
  • b) Inorganic Chemistry
  • c) Analytical Chemistry
  • d) Physical Chemistry

a) Organic Chemistry

64: Diamond is the purest naturally occurring crystalline form of ______________

  • a) Oxygen
  • b) Sodium
  • c) Potassium
  • d) Carbon 

d) Carbon

65: To increase or decrease AC voltage we use a_______________

  • a) Dynamo
  • b) Transformer 
  • c) Generator
  • d) Electric Polls

b) Transformer

NTS Online Test Preparation

66: Measles is a____________disease.

  • a) Bacterial
  • b) Fungal
  • c) Viral
  • d) None of these

c) Viral

67: In a colour television , the colours are _______________

  • a) White, black and red
  • b) Green, red and blue 
  • c) Black, red and white
  • d) Blue, white and black

b) Green, red and blue

68: Which of these is the hardest material?

  • a) Silver
  • b) Gold
  • c) Diamond
  • d) Plastic

c) Diamond

69: Sulfuric acid  was invented by________________

  • a) Jabir Abni Hayan 
  • b) Yaqoob Al Kandi
  • c) Abni Al Hathim
  • d) Bu Ali Sina

a) Jabir Abni Hayan

70: A population is the number of organisms of the _____________

  • a) Different species
  • b) Same species 
  • c) Animals
  • d) Plants

b) Same Species

71: Who discovered that DNA carries hereditary information and is passed down from generation to generation?

  • a) Oswald Avery 
  • b) Rachel Carson
  • c) Marie Curie
  • d) Charles Darwin

a) Oswald Avery

72: Degree of humidity is measured by ________________

  • a) counter
  • b) Fathometer
  • c) Hydrometer
  • d) Hygrometer 

d) Hygrometer

72: Pascal is the unit of _______________

  • a) Temperature
  • b) Volume
  • c) Inductance
  • d) Pressure 

d) Pressure

74: __________is the only mammal, which can fly .

  • a) Bat 
  • b) Monkey
  • c) Gorilla
  • d) Kangaroo

a) Bat

75: Cataract is a disease of ________________

  • a) Ear
  • b) Eye 
  • c) Nose
  • d) Throat

b) Eye


I hope the above solved MCQs of Everyday Science will be helpful for NTS Test Online Preparation. If you need more everyday science-related MCQs. You can easily practice the below MCQs for your test.

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