Everyday Science MCQs For ETEA Test Online Preparation

If you are looking to find the most important Everyday Science MCQs for ETEA Test, NTS Test, CTS, PTS, PMS, CSS, or any other Test Online Preparation. Here you will find all the solved multiple-choice questions with answers to everyday science. 

Everyday Science MCQs For ETEA Test

All these Everyday Science MCQs for ETEA Test cover basic physics, chemistry, biology, and geography. 

Everyday Science MCQs for ETEA Test

1: The process of digestion begin in ___________.

  • a) Mouth 
  • b) Stomach
  • c) Pharynx
  • d) Small intestine

a) Mouth

2: Sodium Bicarbonat is the chemical name of __________.

  • a) Bath Soap
  • b) Washing Soda
  • c) Salt
  • d) Coca-Cola 

b) Washing Soda

3: A mobile phone sends and recieve messages through_________.

  • a) Ultraviolet waves
  • b) Radio waves
  • c) Microwaves
  • d) Ultra Sound Wave

b) Radio Wave

4: Diseases that spreads through air are called _________.

  • a) Water Borne Diseases
  • b) Air Born Diseases 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

b) Air Born Diseases

5: Eggshell is composed of __________.

  • a) Magnesium 
  • b) Zink
  • c) Copper 
  • d) Calcium Carbonate 

d) Calcium Carbonate

6: Dynano convert Mechinical Energy into __________.

  • a) Kinetic Energy 
  • b) Potential Energy 
  • c) Electrical Energy 
  • d) Heat Energy 

c) Electrical Energy

7: The rate of heartbeat in a normal resting man is about __________.

  • a) 62
  • b) 75
  • c) 72 
  • d) 78 

c) 72

8: ____________ is the lighest gas.

  • a) Oxygen 
  • b) Hydrogen
  • c) Nitrogen
  • d) Carbon Dioxide 

b) Hydrogen

ETEA Test Everyday Science Online Test Preparation

9:Electricity was invented by by___________.

  • a) Newton
  • b) Einstein 
  • c) Mosley 
  • d) Thomas Edison 

d) Thomas Edison

10: The branch of Medicine which deal with the study of blood and its disorder is called_____.

  • a) Haemotology
  • b) Genetics 
  • c) Psychology 
  • d) None of these 

a) Haemotology

11: Which of the following is the unit of electric charge?

  • a) Columb 
  • b) Volt
  • c) Power
  • d) Ohm

a) Columb

12: Calcium and Phosphorus are essential elements of _____________.

  • a) Blood
  • b) Bones 
  • c) Nails 
  • d) Hairs 

b) Bones

13:The basic unit of heredity material that is responsible for the development of trait is called________.

  • a) Gene 
  • b) Alleles
  • c) Genotype
  • d) Recessive

a) Gene

14: Ammeter is a device through which we can measure____________.

  • a) Electric Current 
  • b) Voltage
  • c) Pressure
  • d) Earthquake

a) Electric Current

15: Atomic Number was first discovered by ______________.

  • a) Ruther Ford
  • b) Mosley
  • c) Bohar
  • d) Edison 

b) Mosley


All these were the most important and repeated Everyday Science MCQs for ETEA Test Online Preparation. If you need more solved MCQs with Answers, you can find them below. 

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