Everyday Science MCQs for CTS Test Online Preparation

Here you will find all the solved Everyday Science MCQs for CTS Test Online Preparation. All these Everyday Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are also important for ETEA Test, NTS, PTS, ATS, and other competitive exams and tests.

Everyday Science MCQs for CTS Test

Everyday Science MCQs for CTS Test

76: Which of the following Vitamin causes Beriberi?

  • a) Vitamin C
  • b) Vitamin E
  • c) Vitamin B
  • d) Vitamin A 

c) Vitamin B

77: The outer most layer of the __________is called Crust.

  • a) Moon 
  • b) Sun  
  • c) Star
  • d) Earth 

d) Earth

78: HIV stands for ______________

  • a) Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • b) Human Internal Virus
  • c) Human Immune Virus
  • d) None of these  

a) Human Immunodeficiency Virus

79: The famous Muslim Scientist Abu Ali Sina was born in __________

  • a) Iran
  • b) Samarkand 
  • c) Iraq
  • d) Andalus 

c) Iraq

80: The scientific study of human or animal mental functions and bahiours is called___________.

  • a) Morphology
  • b) Zoology
  • c) Genetics
  • d) Psychology 

d) Psychology

81: The first astronaut who landed on the surface of the moon was_________.

  • a) Neil Armstrong 
  • b) Buzz Aldren 
  • c) Sally Ride 
  • d) Jim Lovell 

a) Neil Armstrong

82: In which medium does sound travels faster?

  • a) Air
  • b) Iron
  • c) Water
  • d) Wood 

b) Iron

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83: The percentage of water in human body is about___________

  • a) 20-30 %
  • b) 30-40 %
  • c) 50-60 %
  • d) 60-70 %

d) 60-70 %

84: __________layer prevent the Ultraviolet radiations from the atmosphere.

  • a) Oxygen 
  • b) Hydrogen
  • c) Ozone
  • d) Corbon 


c) Ozone

85: The famous book Al-Qanoon Fil Tib is written by the Muslim Scientist ____________.

  • a) Abni Al Haitham 
  • b) Yaqoob Al Kandi 
  • c) Abni-e- Sina 
  • d) None of these 

c) Abni -e- Sina

86: Energy of an object due to its motion is called__________.

  • a) Mechanical Energy 
  • b) Electrical Energy
  • c) Solar Energy 
  • d) Hydropower Energy 

a) Mechanical Energy

87: Which of the following are Non-renewable resources of energy?

  • a) Fossil fuel
  • b) Natural Gas 
  • c) Oil
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

88: The blood vessels which always carry blood toward the heart are ________.

  • a) Veins 
  • b) Arteries 
  • c) Both a and b
  • c) None of these 

a) Veins

89: Hyperglycaemia is a condition in which blood sugar level:

  • a) Rise above its normal range
  • b) Down below its normal range
  • c) Remain same
  • d) None of these 

a) Rise above its normal range

90: Which of the following is a source of proteins?

  • a) Potatoes 
  • b) Meat
  • c) Butter
  • d) Sugarcane 

b) Meat


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