Everyday Science MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation

In this part of Everyday Science MCQs with Answers, you will find the most important Everyday Science MCQs for any Test Online Preparation. 

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Everyday Science MCQs with Answers

Everyday Science MCQs Questions with Answers

91: Hemophilia is caused due to the deficiency of:

  • a) Vitamin A
  • b) Vitamin B
  • c) Vitamin C 
  • d) Vitamin K

d) Vitamin K

92: ___________is the largest organ of the human body.

  • a) Leg
  • b) Hand
  • c) Head
  • d) Skin

d) Skin

93: Polio disease is caused by:

  • a) Virus
  • b) Bacteria
  • c) Fungi
  • d)None of these

a) Virus

94: The smallest planet of the solar system is:

  • a) Earth
  • b) Mercury
  • c) Plato
  • d) Neptune

b) Mercury

95: Which instrument is specially designed for recording earthquake waves?

  • a) Anemometer
  • b) Seismograph
  • c) Fathometer
  • d) Barometer

b) Seismograph

96: Self-fertilization occurs with in ________________

  • a) Same animals
  • b) Different Animals
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of the above

a) Same Animals

97: A_________ is an electrical device that converts sound energy into electrical energy.

  • a) Speaker
  • b) Keyboard
  • c) Microphone
  • d) Camera 

c) Microphone

98: The food which contains all essential food nutrients necessary for healthy growth of the body is calle________

  • a) Junk Food
  • b) Balance Diet
  • c) Fast Food
  • d) None of these 

b) Balance Diet

99: Comets are those bodies which revolve around the__________

  • a) Sun
  • b) Earth 
  • b) Moon 
  • d) Stars 

a) Sun

MCQs of Everyday Science for CSS and PMS Tests

100: Revolution period of Mars is _______days.

  • a) 786 
  • b) 887
  • c) 687 
  • d) 786 

c) 687

101: Titania is the largest moon of :

  • a) Saturn 
  • b) Neptune
  • c) Jupiter
  • d) Uranus 

d) Uranus

102: Jupiter has________ moons.

  • a) 63 
  • b) 62
  • c) 27
  • d) no 

a) 63

103: The main source of carbohydrates are ___________.

  • a) Potatoes, wheat, and Maiz
  • b) Butter, Cheese, and soybean
  • c) Meat, eggs, and milk
  • d) Fats and oil 

a) Potatoes, Wheats, and Maiz

104: Coal and petroleum are the source of _____________.

  • a) Kinetic Energy
  • b) Chemical Energy
  • c) Electrical Energy 
  • d) Machinal Energy 

b) Chemical Energy

105: Ants, Butterfies, and earth worms are best examples of _____________.

  • a) Vertebrates
  • b) Invertebrates
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

b) Invertebrates

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