General Knowledge MCQs for CTS Test | Most Repeated MCQs

In this post you will find most important and repeated General Knowledge MCQs for CTS Test. If you have applied for different jobs advertised by Central Testing Services (CTS). You must know that each and every CTS test include General Knowledge MCQs.

Most important and repeated General Knowledge MCQs for CTS Test

All these CTS Test GK MCQs are helpful for Stenographer, Computer Operator, Junior Clerk, Accountant, Junior Auditor, Technician, Steno typist, Assistant, Office Assistant, Data Entry Operator, Police Constable, WAPDA and Punjab Police Test. 

Most Important and Repeated CTS Test GK MCQs

Below are the most important and repeated General Knowledge MCQs for CTS Test collected from past papers and other source for CTS Test Online Preparation. 

1: Which of the following city is called ” Gateway of Pakistan” ? 

  • a) Lahore 
  • b) Karachi 
  • c) Peshawar 
  • d) Queta 

b) Karachi

2: The first country to recognize Pakistan for the first time was:

  • a) Turkey 
  • b) Afghanistan 
  • c) Iran 
  • d) China 

c) Iran

3: “Bab-Ul-Islam is the title of __________ province.

  • a) Sindh 
  • b) Baluchistan
  • c) Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa 
  • d) Punjab  

a) Sindh

4: The famous city for telephone industry is:

  • a) Gujrat 
  • b) Lahore 
  • c) Hari Pur 
  • d) Karachi 

c) Hari Pur

5: “Valley of Flowers” is the title of ___________.

  • a) Swat 
  • b) Bajur 
  • c) Multan 
  • d) Peshawar 

d) Peshawar

6: Pakistan win the first cricket world cup in 1992 against__________.

  • a) India 
  • b) Sri Lanka 
  • c) Australia  
  • d) England 

d) England

7: The word ” Urdu” has been taken from _________ language.

  • a) Arabic 
  • b) Persian 
  • c) Turkish 
  • d) Ibrani 

c) Trukish

8: The verses of Pakistan National Anthem were composed by _________.

  • a) Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal 
  • b) Hafeez Jallandri 
  • c) Mirza Ghalib 
  • d) None of these 

b) Hafeez Jallandri

9: The national animal of Pakistan is___________.

  • a) Leopard
  • b) Markhor 
  • c) Tiger 
  • d) Lion  

b) Markhor

10: Manshera city is situated in ____________ province.

  • a) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
  • b) Punjab 
  • c) Baluchistan 
  • d) Sindh 

a) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa


11: Lawari Pass connects: 

  • a) Upper Dir with Lower Dir 
  • b) Swat with Upper Dir 
  • c) Upper Dir with Kohistan 
  • d) Chitral with Upper Dir 

d) Chitral with Upper Dir

12: Khojak Pass is located between ____________.

  • a) Quetta and Chaman 
  • b) D.I Khan and Quetta 
  • c) Jamrud and Landi Kotal 
  • d) Khyber and Peshawar 

a) Quetta and Chaman

13: IMF and World Bank were created through:

  • a) Treaty of Versailles
  • b) Bretton Wood Agreement 
  • c)  Yaita Conference
  • d) New Deal 

b) Bretton Wood Agreeement

14: Headquarter of World Bank is located in________. 

  • a) New York City
  • b) California
  • c) Washington DC 
  • d) Chicago

c) Washington DC

15: “City of Textile ” is the title of ________________ city. 

  • a) Sialkot 
  • b) Faisalabad
  • c) Multan 
  • d) Bahawalpur  

b) Faisalabad

16: First international Olympic Games were held in _________ in 1896.

  • a) Beijing
  • b) Paris
  • c) Greece 
  • d) Pyeongchang

c) Greece

17: The second battle of of Panipat ______ was defeated. 

  • a) Akbar 
  • b) Hemu 
  • c) Ahmad Shah Durrani
  • d) None of these 

b) Hemu

18: Khilafat was abolished in __________.

  • a) 1920
  • b) 1922 
  • c) 1924 
  • d) 1926

d) 1926

19: Who was the founder of Khilji Dynasty?

  • a) Jalal-ul-Din Khiljy 
  • b) Ghiyasuddin Balban
  • c) Shamsuddin Iltutmish
  • d)  Qutbuddin Aibak

a) Jalal-ul-Din Khiljy

20: Muslim country with highest per capital income is: 

  • a) Maldives 
  • b) Kuwait
  • c) United Arab Emirates 
  • d) Saudi Arabia  

b) Kuwait

Questions and Answers for CTS Test

21: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah mother tongue was:

  • a) Urdu 
  • b) Punjabi 
  • c) Gujrati 
  • d) Hindko 

c) Gujrati

22: Largest Airline of Pakistan is_________.

  • a) Shaheen Airline 
  • b) Airblue Airline 
  • c) Pakistan International Airline 
  • d) None of these 

c) Pakistan Internation Airline

23: Pakistan is the world ____________ most populous country. 

  • a) Fourth 
  • b) Fifth 
  • c) Sixth 
  • d) Seventh 

b) Fifth

24: The world’s second-largest Muslim population country is:

  • a) Indonesia 
  • b) Pakistan 
  • c) Saudi Arabia 
  • d) Iran 

b) Pakistan

25: ____________ has the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world.

  • a) India 
  • b) USA 
  • c) China 
  • d) Pakistan 

d) Pakistan

26: Largest Airport of Pakistan is_________.

  • a) Jinnah International Airport Karachi 
  • b) Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar 
  • c) Alama Iqbal International Airport Lahore 
  • d) Sialkot Airport

a) Jinnah Internation Airpost Karachi

27: Largest Barrage in Pakistan is_________.

  • a) Guddu Barrage
  • b) Kotri Barrage
  • c) Sukkur Barrage
  • d) Sindh Barrage

c) Sukkur Barrage

28: The second largest and oldest salt mine in the world is situated in ________.

  • a) Pakistan 
  • b) Tajikistan 
  • c) Turkmenistan 
  • d) China 

a) Pakistan

29: he Badshahi Mosque Lahore  was commissioned by the Mughal emperor _________. 

  • a) Aurangzeb
  • b) Humayun
  • b) Shah Jahan
  • d) Jahangir 

a) Aurangzeb

30: Tarbela Dam is situated in the  _________ province of Pakistan. 

  • a) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • b) Punjab 
  • c) Sindh 
  • d) Baluchistan 

a) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


I hope all these General Knowledge MCQs for CTS Test will be helpful for your GK online test preparation. If you need more General Knowledge MCQs you can easily find them below. 

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