General Knowledge MCQs For Entry Test | Questions and Answers

If you are looking to find General Knowledge MCQs For Entry Test like UET ECAT, MDCAT, SAT, NTS, GRE, LCAT, NUST Entry Test, COMSATS-NTS Test, ETEA and LAT Test. Below are the most important and repeated GK MCQs for entry test preparation. 

General Knowledge MCQs for Entry Test

All these general knowledge questions include MCQs about World, Pakistan, Provinces of Pakistan as well as international GK MCQs. 

GK MCQs for Entry Test Preparation

Below are the most important  general knowledge MCQs for entry test online preparation. 

1: The headquarter of Amnesty International is in:

  • a) Paris
  • b) New York 
  • c) Moscow 
  • d) London

d) London

2: Who is the writer of the book Payam-e-Mashriq?

  • a) Faiz Ahmad Faiz 
  • b) Allama Muhammad Iqbal 
  • c) Nazir Ahmad 
  • d) Seikh Saadi

b) Allama Muhammad Iqbal

3: Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) established on:

  • a) 01 May 1948
  • b) 14 August 1971 
  • c) 13 January 1975
  • d) 10 July 1992

c) 13 January 1975

4: Jannat-Ul-Baqi is located in__________.

  • a) Makkah
  • b) Madina 
  • c) Taif 
  • d) Jeddah 

b) Madina

5: The Holy Quran completed in ______ years.

  • a) 21 
  • b) 23 
  • c) 30 
  • d) 40

b) 23

6: Where is the headquarter of International Labour Organization?

  • a) Geneva 
  • b) Basel 
  • c) Tokyo 
  • d) Los Angeles

a) Geneva

7: The circumference of the Earth is _______miles.

  • a) 20,901
  • b) 23,109
  • c) 24,901
  • d) 29,409

c) 24,901

8: The largest continent of the world is:

  • a) North America
  • b) South America 
  • c) Asia 
  • d) Europe

c) Asia

9: Which one of the following is the 2nd largest continent in the world?

  • a) Africa 
  • b) Antarctica
  • c) Australia
  • d) Europe 

a) Africa

10: The world biggest rainforest is:

  • a) Congo Rainforest 
  • b) Valdivian Temperate Rainforest
  • c) Daintree Rainforest
  • d) Amazon Rainforest

d) Amazon Rainforest

Entry Test Past Papers GK Questions with Answers

11: The old name of Sindh Province is________.

  • a) Sindhak
  • b) Sindhu 
  • c) Debal 
  • d) Sindhan 

b) Sindhu

12: Kotri barrage is situated in _________ province of Pakistan.

  • a) KPK
  • b) Punjab 
  • c) Baluchistan 
  • d) Sindh 

d) Sindh

13: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the ___________ largest province of Pakistan by size.

  • a) Second 
  • b) Third 
  • c) Fourth 
  • d) Fifth 

b) Third

14: Ayubia National Park is located in _________ district.

  • a) Mardan 
  • b) Peshawar 
  • c) Swat 
  • d) Abbottabad 

d) Abbottabad

15: ‘Pakhtunkhwa’ means:

  • a) The land of flowers
  • b) The land of hospitality 
  • c) Land of Pakhtuns 
  • d) None of these 

c) Land of Pakhtuns

16: Mohabat Khan Mosque is situated in:

  • a) Lahore 
  • b) Peshawar 
  • c) Karachi 
  • d) Quetta 

b) Peshawar

17: The second largest province of Pakistan by area is:

  • a) Baluchistan 
  • b) Sindh 
  • c) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa 
  • d) Punjab 

d) Punjab

18: The 1st Olympic Metal for Pakistan was in the summer Olympic Games of:

  • a) 1955
  • b) 1960 
  • c) 1965
  • d) 1970

b) 1960

19: In Pakistan the earth is more closer to the sun in month of:

  • a) January 
  • b) June 
  • c) September 
  • d) December

b) June

20: The Capital of United States of America is:

  • a) Washington DC
  • b) Chicago 
  • c) Las Vegas
  • d) New York 

a) Washington DC

Important General Knowledge Entry Test MCQs

21: GPS is controlled and owned by the ___________government.

  • a) Canadian 
  • b) American 
  • c) Russian  
  • d) Chines 

b) American

22: The _________ has won the most Olympic medals of all time.

  • a) United Kingdom
  • b) Germany
  • c) United States
  • d) Australia

c) United States

23: The world’s third biggest country by territory is:

  • a) China 
  • b) India 
  • c) France 
  • d) Italy 

a) China

24: The largest sea-crossing bridge in the world is:

  • a) Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China
  • b) Bang Na Expressway, Thailand
  • c) San Mateo–Hayward Bridge USA
  • d) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Japan

a) Danyang-Kunshan Bridge China

25: About one-fifth of the world’s trees are in:

  • a) USA
  • b) Russia 
  • c) Brazil 
  • d) Indonesia 

b) Russia

26: Bal-e-Jibreel is the famous book __________.

  • a) Allama Muhammad Iqbal 
  • b) Ibni-Inhsa 
  • c) Qudrat Ullah Shahab 
  • d) Ahmad Faraz 

a) Allama Muhammad Iqbal

27: Dorab Pass connects Chitral with_________

  • a) Nooristan 
  • b) Ghazni 
  • c) Khasghar 
  • d) Wakhan 

a) Nooristan

28: Largest museum of Pakistan is__________.

  • a) Lahore Museum
  • b) Montgomery Museum
  • c) National Museum of Pakistan
  • d) Peshawar Museum

a) Lahore Museum

29:Kinabalu National Park is situated in:

  • a) Malaysia
  • b) South America
  • c) North America
  • d) None of these 

a) Malaysia

30: The capital of Cambodia is:

  • a) Phnom Penh
  • b) Tirana
  • c) Andorra la Vella
  • d) Minsk

a) Phnom Penh


I hope all these General Knowledge MCQs For Entry Test will be helpful for your Entry Test Online Preparation. If you need more General Knowledge MCQs you can find them below. 


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