General Knowledge MCQs For FIA Test

If you have applied for the latest FIA Jobs and looking for General knowledge MCQs for FIA Test. Here you will find the most important and repeated FIA Test MCQs for FIA Test Online Preparation. All these GK MCQs for FIA Test are helpful for:

  • FIA Assistant Test Preparation
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  • FIA Constable Test Preparation 
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  • Stenotypist Test Preparation 
General Knowledge MCQs for FIA Test

All these solved MCQs of general knowledge include Basic Information about FIA, History MCQs, Pakistan Affairs MCQs, Sports MCQs, and World Affairs MCQs for your FIA Test Preparation. 


In this section, you will find all MCQs related to Federal Investigation Agency.

1: Federal Investigation Agency was established on:

  • a) 13 Jan 1975
  • b) 01 August 1980
  • c) 10 March 1999
  • d) 13 June 2001

a) 13 Jan 1975

2: Who was the first Director General of FIA?

  • a)  M.Akram Sheikh 
  • b)  M.Aslam Hayat 
  • c)  Obaid Ur Rahman 
  • d) M.Y Orakazi  

d) M.Y Orakazi

3: Who is the current DG of FIA?

  • a) Akbar Khan Hoti 
  • b) Muhammad Tahir Rai 
  • c) Bashir Memon 
  • d) Wajid Zia 

b) Muhammad Tahir Rai

4: The Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency reports directly to:

  • a) Prime Minister of Pakistan 
  • b) Chief Justice of Pakistan 
  • c) Cheif of Army Staff 
  • d) Interior Secretary of Pakistan 

d) Interior Secretary of Pakistan

5: What is the Motto of FIA?

  • a) So Judge between the people in political views
  • b) Iman, Ittihad and Nazm 
  • c) Symbol of pride for the nation 
  • d) Truth and Honesty 

d) Truth and Honesty

6: FIA is being monitored by:

  • a) Ministery of Interior 
  • b) Defence Ministry
  • c) Supreme Court 
  • d) Foreign Ministery 

a) Ministery of Interior

Solved FIA MCQs Past Papers

7: Supreme Court of Pakistan established:

  • a) 14 August 1947 
  • b) 20 September 1948 
  • c) 02 May 1956 
  • d) 14 July 1973 

a) 14 August 1947

8: Interpol has ________ member countries.

  • a) 110
  • b) 159 
  • c) 175 
  • d) 195

d) 195

9: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBA) investigates: 

  • a) Tax Crimes 
  • b) Suspicious Accumulation of Wealth 
  • c) Money-Laundering 
  • d) All of above 

d) All of above

10: The capital of Cambodia is:

  • a) Phnom Penh
  • b) Luanda
  • c) Saint John’s
  • d) Buenos Aires

a) Phnom Penh

11: Takla Makan desert is located in:

  • a) Turkey
  • b) Bangladash
  • c) China 
  • d) Russia 

c) China

12: The conference of the Head of State of OIC is convened every _______ years.

  • a) 3 
  • b) 4
  • c) 5 
  • d) 6

a) 3

13: Kuril Island is situated in:

  • a) China and India 
  • b) Russia and Japan 
  • c) North Korea and South Korea 
  • d) Iran and Pakistan 

b) Russia and Japan

14: Mirani Dam is situated in __________ district of Balochistan.

  • a) Bolan 
  • b) Kech 
  • c) Jhal Magsi 
  • d) Barkhan 

b) Kech

15: The first motorway in Pakistan is:

  • a) M-1 
  • b) M-2 
  • c) M-3 
  • d) M-4 

b) M-2

Most Repeated FIA Test MCQs

In this part of General Knowledge MCQs for FIA Test will find the most repeated FIA Test MCQs.

16: The deepest part of the ocean is:

  • a) Mariana Trench 
  • b) Molly Deep 
  • c) Puerto Rico 
  • d) Sandwich Trench 

a) Mariana Trench

17: Which one is the biggest Island in the world?

  • a) Baffin Island 
  • b) Victoria Island 
  • c) Greenland Island 
  • d) Borneo Island 

c) Greenland Island

18: The Indus valley houses were built of:

  • a) Bamboo 
  • b) Bricks 
  • c) Wood 
  • d) Stone

b) Bricks

19: Wall Street is famous for:

  • a) Tourism 
  • b) Jewellary 
  • c) Education 
  • d) Finance and Stock Exchange 

d) Finance and Stock Exchange

20: Which country is the champion of the T-20 world cup 2021?

a) India 

b) West Indies 

c) Australia 

d) Pakistan


c) Australia

21: Busan Tower is located in:

  • a) North Korea 
  • b) Japan 
  • c) South Korea 
  • d) South Africa

c) South Korea

22: National vegetable of Pakistan is:

  • a) Lady Finger 
  • b) Carrot 
  • c) Cauliflower 
  • d) Potato

a) Lady Finger

23: When did motorways start in Pakistan?

  • a) 1991
  • b) 1997 
  • c) 2001
  • d) 2005

b) 1997

24: National aquatic mammal of Pakistan is:

  • a) Shark 
  • b) Mahasheer 
  • c) Trout
  • d) Indus River Dolphin

d) Indus River Dolphin

25: ASIS is the government intelligence agency of:

  • a) France 
  • b) United Kingdom 
  • c) Australia 
  • d) Germany

FIA Test Solved MCQs with Answers

c) Australia

26: The headquarter of Canadian Security Intelligence Service ( CSIS) is in:

  • a) Toronto
  • b) Ottawa 
  • c) Calgary
  • d) Edmonton

b) Ottawa

27: Longest river in Asia is:

  • a) Yellow River 
  • b) Mekong 
  • c) Yangtze 
  • d) Lena

c) Yangtze

28: Prime Minister of Palestine is:

  • a) Nabil Shaath 
  • b) Muhammad Shtayyeh
  • c) Zaid Abu Amr 
  • d) Nasri Abu Jaish

b) Muhammad Shtayyeh

29: Current president of India is:

  • a) Ram Nath Kovind 
  • b) Pranab Mukherjee 
  • c) Pratibha Patil 
  • d) Droupadi Murmu

d) Droupadi Murmu

30: FATF stands for:

  • a) Federal Action Task Force 
  • b) Financial Action Task Force 
  • c) France Acids Task Force 
  • d) None of these


I hope all these General knowledge MCQs for FIA Test will be helpful for your FIA test Online Preparation. If you need more FIA Test Solved MCQs, you can find them below. 

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