Currency General Knowledge MCQs with Answers

General Knowledge MCQs Country Wise Currency

Given are General Knowledge MCQs about country-wise Currency. You can learn about the currencies of different countries.

All these General Knowledge MCQs are very important for most tests like NTS Test, ETEA Test, ATS Test, etc. 

These GK MCQs are also helpful in many competitive exams like PMS, KPPSC Screening Tests, PPSC Tests, BPSC Tests, SPSC Tests, and FPSC tests. 

In most competitive examination tests some questions are given about the currencies of different countries.

So after completing this section you will be able to learn more about different countries and their respective currencies. 

Currency General Knowledge MCQs

Currency MCQs : Questions with Answers

1: Currency of French Republic is______.

  • a) Pound
  • b) Euro
  • c) Dollar
  • d) Marka

b) Euro

2: What is the currency name of Denmark?

  • a) Krone
  • b) Yun
  • c) Cuban 
  • d) Dollar 

a) Krone

3: __________is the currency of Federative Republic of Brazil.

  • a) Euro 
  • b) Marka
  • c) Real 
  • d)Lew 

c) Real

4: What is the name of the currency used in the Republic of Albania?

  • a) Dinar
  • b) Peso
  • c) Manat 
  • d) Lek 

d) Lek

5: ________is the currency of Armenia ?

  • a) Dram
  • b) Rial 
  • c) Darham
  • d) Manat 

a) Dram

6: Which of the following is the currency of Azerbaijan?

  • a) Dram 
  • b) Rial
  • c) Darham 
  • d) Manat 


7: The name of  the currency of Japan is:

  • a) Shekel
  • b) Yen
  • c) Dollar
  • d) Euro 

b) Yen

8: ________is the official currency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

  • a) Yen 
  • b) Som
  • c) Won
  • d) Rial 

c) Won

9: The currency of Mongolia is _________.

  • a) Tugrik
  • b) Dirham
  • c) Kyat 
  • d) Rial 

a) Tugrik

10: Which of the following is the currency of Poland?

  • a) Peso
  •  b) Naira
  • c) CFA Franc
  • d) Zloty


d) Zloty

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11: The currency of Romania is :

  • a) Lev
  • b) Ruble
  • c) Rupee
  • d) Dinar 

a) Lev

12: Currency of South Africa is _____.

  • a) Euro 
  • b) Rand
  • c) Rupee
  • d) Krone 

b) Rand

13: _______is the name of the currency of Tajikistan?

  • a) Dirham
  • b) Bhat
  • c) Somonia 
  • d) Lira 

c) Somonia

14: What is the name of the currency of Vietnam?

  • a) Dong
  • b) Tala
  • c) Kwacha
  • d) Bilivar 

a) Dong

15: Currency of Morocco is _______.

  • a) Kyat 
  • b) Euro
  • c) Dirham
  • d) Rail 

c) Dirham

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