Interjection MCQs With Answers: Interjection Quiz

In this chapter of Parts of Speech MCQs, you will find Interjection MCQs With Answers. All these Interjection Multiple Choice Questions are important to solve interjection questions in Engihs Quiz or Test.

Interjection MCQs with Answers

 If you need Interjections questions for tests, quizzes and exercises these are the most repeated and important Interjection MCQs With Answers for online test preparation. 

Interjection Online MCQs Quiz

1: To express sudden feelings or strong emotions we use:

  • a) Conjunctions
  • b) Prepositions 
  • c) Adverbs 
  • d) Interjections 

d) Interjections

2: ___________ you have a baby girl.

  • a) Hoorah!
  • b) Yeah!
  • c) Good!
  • d) Congratulation!

d) Congratulation!

3: ___________ I will not work for your company any more.

  • a) Listen!
  • b) Yikes!
  • c) Look!
  • d) No!

c) Look!

4:___________ the cake is so delicious.

  • a) Bravo!
  • b) Brillion!
  • c) Well done!
  • d) Yummy! 

d) Yummy!

5: _________ my friend Waqar in no more with us.

  • a) Oh!
  • b) Wow!
  • c) Oops!
  • d) Alas!

d) Alas!

6: ________ we have won the basketball match.

  • a) Bravo!
  • b) Hurrah!
  • c) Wow!
  • d) Ouch!

b) Hurrah!

7: _______! Do not disturb me.

  • a) No
  • b) Yes 
  • c) Yum
  • d) Please

d) Please

8: _______! How are you.

  • a) Oh no
  • b) Wow
  • c) Hi
  • d) Please 

c) Hi

9: ________ I can’t believe I forgot to do my homework.

  • a) Gosh!
  • b) Super!
  • c) Yippee!
  • d) Yes!

a) Gosh!

10: Super! I am excited to go to the party with you.

Interjection in the above sentence is:

  • a) Super 
  • b) Excited
  • c) Party 
  • d) You 

Interjection Quiz With Answers

11: The word Alas! is used to express:

  • a) Graveness
  • b) Happiness
  • c) Excitement
  • d) None of these 

a) Graveness

12: Which of the following interjections are used to express pain?

  • a) Boo, ew
  • b) Ow, ouch
  • c) Yay, yippee
  • d) Cheers 

b) Ow, ouch

13: To express congratulation we use:

  • a) Cheers!
  • b) Congratulation!
  • c) EK!
  • d) Both a and b

d) Both a and b

14: Zoinks! is used to express?

  • a) Surprise
  • b) Displeasure
  • c) Excitement
  • d) Aprovel 

a) Surprise

15: In the following exclamations, which one is used as an exclamation of discovery?

  • a) Gee whizz!
  • b) Fiddlesticks
  • c) Eureka!
  • d) None of these 

c) Eureka!

16: __________ I caught you red-handed. Put the correct interjection.

  • a) Gee!
  • b) Phew!
  • c) Shoo!
  • d) Aha!

d) Aha!

17: OMG! is used to express?

  • a) Shock
  • b) Confusion
  • c) Surprise 
  • d) Both a and c 

d) Both a and c

18: To express displeasure we use:

  • a) Oh no!
  • b) Oh well!
  • c) Oh gosh!
  • d) Oh yes!

a) Oh no!

19: They can_______ finish the homework.

  • a) Erm!
  • b) Alas!
  • c) Indeed!
  • d) Really!

c) Indeed!

20: I forgot my laptop bag and charger_________!

  • a) Huh
  • b) Boo
  • c) Oops
  • d) Yikes 

c) Oops


I hope all these Interjection MCQs with Answers will be helpful for your English Quiz Online Preparation. Now you will be able to use interjection correctly in your sentence. If you still have any queries, you can ask in the comment section below. 

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