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Introduction to computing MCQs

All these Solved MCQs of Introduction to Computing are also crucial for Online Test Preparation. If you need Computing MCQs for Computer Science Lecturer Test, IT Teacher Test, Software Engineering Test, or college or University Entrance Test these solved MCQs questions are helpful for your test preparation.

Important MCQs on Introduction to Computing

1: The computing capability of a microprocessor can be enhanced by:

  • a) Increasing the clock frequency 
  • b) Increasing the word-width
  • c) Improving the architecture 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

2: Which of the following component of the central processing unit is called the brain of the computer microprocessor?

  • a) Register 
  • b) ALU
  • c) Control Unit 
  • d) Buses

c) Control Unit

3: The type of Registers used to hold memory addresses and are used to access memory are ___________.

  • a) Data Registers 
  • b) Vector Registers 
  • c) Adress Registers 
  • d) Constant Registers 

c) Adress Registers

4: An arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) is also known as___________.

  • a) Cache memory 
  • b) Integer Unit 
  • c) Floating-point unit 
  • d) Control Unit 

b) Integer Unit

5: A__________ is a collection of duplicate data.

  • a) Cache 
  • b) Proxy 
  • c) ROM
  • d) None of these 

a) Cahche

6: A microcontroller includes:

  • a) CPU
  • b) ROM
  • c) Input and Output 
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

7: Alan Turing introduced __________ for the first time in 1936.

  • a) ABC 
  • b) ENIAC
  • c) Turing Machine 
  • d) IBM

c) Truring Machine

8: The World’s first electronic digital computer was___________.

  • a) Harvard Mark1
  • b) Turing Machine 
  • c) UNIVAC1
  • d) Atanasoff-Berry Computer 

d) Atanasoff-Berry Computer

9: Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator was introduced in ________.

  • a) 1880
  • b) 1900
  • c) 1930
  • d) 1946

d) 1946

10: Who invented the floppy disk?

  • a) Yoshiro Nakamatsu
  • b) John Mauchly 
  • c) William Shockley 
  • d) Presper Eckert 

a) Yoshiro Nakamatsu

Computing Questions and Answers

11: A ___________ is an application program through which we can interact with all the information on the World Wide Web.

  • a) Browser 
  • b) HTML
  • c) Outlook 
  • d) Compiler 

a) Broswer

12: A________ is the address of a file accessible on the internet.

  • a) WWW
  • b) URL
  • c) Directory 
  • d) Web Page 

b) URL

13: A _______ is typically used for scientific and engineering applications.

  • a) Personel computer 
  • b) Mainframe computer
  • c) Mini computer 
  • d) Super computer 

d) Super computer

14: A_______ is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer.

  • a) Memory 
  • b) Storage 
  • c) Processor 
  • d) Input 

c) Processor

15: A_______ is a cursor control device used in computer games.

  • a) Scanner 
  • b) Joystick
  • c) Keyboard 
  • d) Light Pen 

b) Joystick

16: Which of the following device convert sound waves into audio signals?

  • a) Digital Camera 
  • b) Mouse 
  • c) Microphone 
  • d) Printer 

c) Microphone

17: A personal computer is provided with one or more serial ports and usually _________ parallel port.

  • a) One 
  • b) Three 
  • c) Five 
  • d) Ten 

a) One

18: The type of storage which is much faster to read from and write to than the other kind of storage is:

  • a) Hardisk 
  • b) USB
  • c) RAM
  • d) Floppy Disk 

c) RAM

19: The device which is both input, as well as output, is_________.

  • a) Scanner 
  • b) Moniter 
  • c) CD-Drive 
  • d) Modem 

d) Modem

20: A_____ is designed to perform arithmetic and logic operations.

  • a) Microprocessor
  • b) RAM
  • c) ROM
  • d) Hard Drive 

a) Microprocessor

Computing Solved MCQs

21: A chip is also called_________.

  • a) Register 
  • b) Bus
  • c) Integrated Circut
  • d) Inductor 

c) Integrated Circut

22: A _______ is an electrical component designed to have an electrical resistance that is independent of the current flowing through it.

  • a) Capacitor 
  • b) Resistor 
  • c) Diodes 
  • d) Transister 

b) Resistor

23: Hardware refers to a computer ________components.

  • a) Numerical 
  • b) Logical 
  • c) Physical 
  • d) None of these 

c) Physical

24:  Device drivers, firmware, and the operating systems are:

  • a) Application Programs 
  • b) System Software
  • c) Compilers 
  • d) Both a and b 

b) System Software

25: Media players, Graphics Software, and Accounting software are the best examples of _________.

  • a) Computer Languages 
  • b) Application Software 
  • c) Database Management System
  • d) Operating System 

b) Application Software

26: The global system of interconnected networks is known as________.

  • a) Internet
  • b) LAN
  • c) MAN
  • d) WAN 

a) Internet

27: The branch of science which deal with scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications is:

a) Software Engineering 

b) Artificial Intellegnce 

c) Computer Science 

d) System Engineering 

c) Computer Science

28: The modren computer system consist of :

  • a) Hardware 
  • b) Software 
  • c) Both Hardware and Software 
  • d) None of these 

c) Both Hardware and Software

29: C# is a ________

  • a) Programming language 
  • b) Compiler 
  • c) Application Software 
  • d) None of these 

a) Programming Language

30: Assembly language is good example of __________.

  • a) High-Level Language 
  • b) Low-Level Language 
  • c) Server Side Language 
  • d) None of these 

b) Low-Level Language

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