Mathematics MCQs Most Important Questions with Answers

Below are the most important Mathematics MCQs Questions with Answers. All these MCQs are important for compatative exams. For tests Like NTS, FPSC, KPPSC , ETEA and Engineering Entry Test . At the end of each MCQ Answer is given. Test your knowledge and Click the Shwo Answer button if you don’t know  the answer of a specific Question. 

Mathematics MCQs

Mathematics MCQS with Answers

1: If the polynomial x2+3×3-2x-5 is divided by x-2 then the remainder is _________.

(a) 0
(b) 11 
(c) 6
(d) 21

(b) 11

2: The angle between the lines whose direction number triads are (1,3,1) & (4,-2,2) is___________.

(a) θ
(b) π/2 
(c) π/4
(d) π/6


3: The constant of integration ____________.

(a) is always rational
(b) is always real
(c) is always complex
(d)  May be complex 

(d) May be Complex

4: (0.803 x 0.647 + 0.803 x 0.353 )=______



5: (0.09 x 0.008) =_____________



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6: A certain number of men complete a piece of work in 60 days. If there were 8 men more the work could be finished in 10 days less. How many men were originally there?

(a) 30
(b) 40 
(c) 32
(d) 36

(b) 40

7: Every natural number is _____________number.

(a) Prime
(b) Irrational
(c) Integer 
(d) Even

(c) Integer

8: The two parts of 50 such that the product of the cube of the one & the square of the other is maximum are_____________.

(d) 35,15

(b) 30,20

9: Any equation of first degree in x,y represent ____________.

(d) Rectangle

(b) Line

10: The quadrilateral with the vertices (2,-1),(3,4) (-2,3) & (-3,-2) is a _________.


(a) Rhombus

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