MCQs for Mathematics | Questions with Answers

The most important MCQs for Mathematics are given with questions and answers. These MCQs are collected from Past Papers of Mathes Lecturer Test, NTS Test, Subject Specialist Test by KPPSC, FPSC Mathematics Test.  These Mathes MCQs are important for any Mathematics Test Prepearation. 

MCQs for Mathematics

Past Papers MCQs for Mathematics (Questions with Answers)

1. In a ratio which is equal to 3:5, if the antecedent is 30, the consequent is _________



2: Period of tanx is ________________



3: The length of a rectangular field is twice its width. What is the perimeter of the field if its area is m3?

(a)24 m
(b)63 m
(c)126 m 
(d)144 m


4: The multiplicative inverse of -1 is _________

(a) 1
(b) 0
(d) Does not exist

(c) -1

5: The relation R defined on the set A={1,2,3} by R={(1,1),(2,2), (2,1),(3,3)}

(a) Reflexive 
(d)None of these

(a) Reflexive

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6: Geometrically the modulus of a complex number represents its distance from _______.

(a) The Point(0,1)
(b)The Point (1,1)
(c)The Point (1,0)
(d)The origin 

(d) The origion

7: X, Y and Z start a business , X invest 3 time as much as Y invest and Y invest two third of what X invest. Then the ratio of capitals of X,Y, and Z is _______________.

(a) 3:9:2
(d) 6:2:3 

(d) 6:2:3

8: In the complex number z=x+iy is called ____________of z.

(a) Real Part
(c)Imaginary Part 

(c) Imaginary Part

9: The sum of two odd integers is ____________

(a) Even 
(b) Odd
(c) Zero
(d) Negative

(a) Even

10: One tap can fill a cistern in 2 hours and another can empty the cistern in 3 hours . How long will they take to fill the cistern if both the tap are opened?

(a) 5 hours
(b)6 hours 
(c) 7 hours
(d) 8 hours

(b) 6 hours

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