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MCQs On Motion Class 9th Physics Chapter 7

In this section, you will find the latest MCQs on Motion Class 9th Physics. All these Physics MCQs are helpful for online test preparation. 

MCQs On Motion Class 9th

Class 9th students can prepare their motion chapter with the help of these multiple-choice questions. 

All these Physics MCQs on Motion are also helpful for most of the competitive exams such that NTS Test preparation, GAT Test, GRE, ETEA Test, FPSC Test, KPPSC Test, Lecturer in Physics Test, BPSC Physics Test, KPPSC Physics Lecturer, and Subject Specialist Test, FPSC Physics Test, MDCAT Test, CAT Test, etc. 

Physics MCQs Questions Class 9th Motion With Answers

1: The motion of swing is an example of:

  • a) Rotatory Motion 
  • b) Vibratory Motion 
  • c) Random Motion 
  • d) None of these 

b) Vibratory Motion

2: A cyclist is moving with a uniform acceleration of 3 m/s2 how much time will it be required to change velocity from 6 m/s to 12 m/s? 

  • a) 18 sec
  • b) 12 sec
  • c) 2 sec
  • d) 3 sec

c) 2 sec

3: Mechinics deals with the study of motion of object:

  • a) With force
  • b) Without force
  • c) Due to fraction 
  • d) Both a and b 

d) Both a and b

4: A man covered 78 m distance in 30 sec what will be the speed of man?

  • a) 2.6 m/s
  • b) 5.2 m/s
  • c) 78 m/s
  • d) 30 m/s 

a) 2.6 m/s

5:A butterfly flight in a garden what type of motion will follow?

  • a) Curved motion 
  • b) Vibratory motion 
  • c) Random motion 
  • d) Both a and c 

c) Random motion

6: Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

  • a) Speed
  • b) Displacement
  • c) Acceleration 
  • d) Both a and b 

a) Speed

7: The measurement velocity of an object at a specific point is called___________.

  • a) Average Velocity
  • b) Uniform Velocity 
  • c) Instantaneous Velocity
  • d) None of these 

c) Instantaneous Velocity

8: If the length of a triangle is double its width the width is 3 then the arc of the triangle is:

  • a) 18 m²
  • b) 9 m²
  • c) 6m²
  • d) 3 m²

9 m2

9: Which of the following is not a vector quantity?>

  • a) Force
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Torque
  • d) Displacement 

a) Force

10: Which one is derived quantity?

  • a) Lenght
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Density
  • d) Electric Current 

c) Density

11: The distance is increasing linearly with time but the slope is constant, the object is moving with_____________.

  • a) Variable speed
  • b) Zero speed
  • c) Minimum speed
  • d) Uniform speed 

d) Uniform speed

12: The slope of a distance-time curve gives:

  • a) Speed
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Velocity 
  • d) Momentum 

a) Speed

13: Unit of speed is:

  • a) Kg m/s²
  • b) m/s²
  • c) m/s
  • d) m²/s²

c) m/s

14: Force needed to produce an acceleration of 10 m/s² in a ball of mass 0.5 kg?

  • a) 10 N
  • b) 9.5 N
  • c) 0.5 N
  • d) 5 N  

d) 5 N

15: The average speed of a car is 18 m/s how for it can travel in 9 seconds.

  • a) 18 m
  • b) 9 m
  • c) 2 m
  • d) 162 m 

d) 162 m

I hope all these MCQs On Motion Class 9th will be helpful for your Physics Online Test Preparation. Find more solved Physics MCQs with Answers below. 

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