MCQs On Work And Energy Class 9th Chapter 6 MCQs

Latest MCQs On Work And Energy Class 9th Chapter 6 for online test preparation. In this section, we have covered all Physics MCQs of class 9th related to work and energy.

MCQs On Work And Energy Class 9th Chapter 6 MCQs

All these Work and Energy Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are important for class 9th students board exams. And also helpful for most Online Test Like NTS Test, ETEA Test,  Entry Test, KPPSC Test, CSS, and PMS Test Preparation, FPSC, PPPSC Test, etc. 

Work and Energy MCQs for Online Test Preparation

1: When an object moves distance ‘S’ in the direction of applied force ‘F’ the work done will be:

  • a) W= F/S
  • b) W=F2 x S
  • c) W= F x S2
  • d) W= Fcosθ x S

d) W= Fcos x S

2: The SI unit of Work is ___________.

  • a) Joule
  • b) Pascal 
  • c) Newton 
  • d) Meter 

a) Joule

3: Workdone is a ___________ quantity.

  • a) Scalar 
  • b) Vector 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

a) Scalar

4: Equation Ek=½ mv2 mathematically represents: 

  • a) Potential Energy
  • b) Electrical Energy
  • c) Mechanical Energy
  • d) Kinetic Energy

d) Kintetic Energy

5: The SI Unit of Energy is __________

  • a) Newton 
  • b) Joule 
  • c) Pascal 
  • d) None of these 

b) Joule

6: Kinetic Energy of a body is due to its:

  • a) Heat 
  • b) Pressure
  • c) Charge 
  • d) Motion 

d) Motion

7: Geothermal energy is the energy recovered from ____________.

  • a) Sun
  • b) Wind
  • c) Earth Core 
  • d) Water 


c) Earth Core

8: To split large atoms like Uranium into two or more pieces, it releases an enormous amount of ________ in the form of radiation or heat. 

  • a) Sound
  • b) Energy 
  • c) Light 
  • d) None of these 

b) Energy

9: Energy obtained from sun light is called__________.

  • a) Sound Energy 
  • b) Potential Energy
  • c) Kinetic Energy 
  • d) Solar Energy 

d) Solar Energy

10: The time rate at which work is done is called__________.

  • a) Energy 
  • b) Work
  • c) Power
  • d) Electricity 

c) Power

11: Work done will be zero when the angle between force and displacement is:

  • a) 30°
  • b) 45°
  • c) 60°
  • d) 90°

d) 90°

12: Energy of an object due to its position is known as :

  • a) Potential Energy 
  • b) Kinetic Energy 
  • c) Electrical Energy 
  • d) Mechanical Energy 

a) Potential Energy

13: The given equation  Ep,garv = mgh represents:  

  • a) Geothermal Energy
  • b) Gravitational Energy
  • c) Potential Energy
  • d) Kinetic Energy

b) Gravational Energy

14: Law of conservation of energy states that:

  • a) Energy neither created nor destroyed
  • b) Energy can be created but not destroyed 
  • c) Energy can’t be created but destroyed 
  • d) All of these 

a) Energy neither created not destroyed

15: kWh is unit for : 

  • a) Power 
  • b) Electrical Energy 
  • c) Efficiency 
  • d) None of these 

b) Electrical Energy


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