MS Office MCQs With Answers: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook MCQs

Are you preparing for a competitive exam such as ETEA, NTS, CTS, PPSC, KPPSC, or ATS? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of MS Office MCQs with Answers to help you ace your competitive exam.

MS Office MCQs with Answers

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We have included questions from all the major topics related to Ms Office, such as  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Each answer has been verified to ensure accuracy, so you can be confident that you are studying the right material. Below are the most important and repeated MS Office MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation. 

MS Office Online Test Preparation

1: Latest version of MS Office is:

  • a) 2019
  • b) 2020
  • c) 2021
  • d) 2022

c) 2021

2: Microsoft MapPoint enables you to create and share_____________?

  • a) interactive maps
  • b) messages
  • c) an audio
  • d) videos

a) interactive maps

3: What is the name of the feature that enables you to create 3D models?

  • a) Microsoft 365
  • b) Microsoft Edge
  • c) Microsoft Visio
  • d) Microsoft Lists

c) Microsoft Visio

4: Software enables you to create spreadsheets and analyze data is:

  • a) Word
  • b) Paint 
  • c) Access 
  • d) Excel 

d) Excel

5. What is the name of the feature that enables you to share documents and collaborate with others in real-time?

  • a) WordPress
  • b) Microsoft Office Online
  • c) Canva 
  • d) None of these 

b) Microsoft Office Online

6. Which of the following tool is used to share surveys?

  • a) Microsoft PowerPoint
  • b) Microsoft Forms
  • c) Microsoft Excel
  • d) Microsoft Word

b) Microsoft Forms

7. To create and manage databases we use:

  • a) MS Acess 
  • b) MS Exel 
  • c) MS Word 
  • d) MS Outlook

a) MS Access

8: Microsoft Project is used to:

  • a) Design Databases
  • b) Desing Graphics
  • c) Manage Multiple Projects
  • d) None of these 

c) Manage Multiple Projects

9: What is the name of the feature that enables you to record audio and video?

  • a) Mircosoft Edge 
  • b) Microsoft Outlook 
  • c) Microsoft Word 
  • d) Microsoft Expression

d) Microsoft Expression

10: Microsoft Movie Maker Software is mainly used to:

  • a) Make a Website 
  • b) Edit Sounds
  • c) Create and Edit videos
  • d) All of these 

c) Create and Edit Videos

MS Office Online Test Preparation

11. To create documents, spreadsheets and presentations we use?

  • a)Microsoft Word
  • b) Excel
  • c) PowerPoint
  • d) All of these

d) All of these

12: What type of file extension is used for Microsoft PowerPoint documents?

  • a) .docx
  • b) .xlsx,
  • c) .pptx.
  • d) .cpp

c) .pptx

13: What is the name of the cloud storage service offered by Microsoft?

  • a) Microsoft OneDrive
  • b) Google Drive
  • c) Amazon Prime
  • d) Netflix

a) Microsoft OneDrive

14: Microsoft Office app for iOS and Android  on a tablet device is used to:

  • a) Access Microsoft File
  • b) Send an Email
  • c) Design Graphic
  • d) Make a website

a) Access Microsoft File

15: The tool used to quickly access and switch between Microsoft Office applications?

  • a) The Minimize Button
  • b) The Office Ribbon
  • c) Dashboard
  • d) Slides

b) The Office Ribbon

16: The feature of Microsoft that enables you to collaborate on documents with other users?

  • a) Google Drive
  • b) Google Docs
  • c) Microsoft Office Online.
  • d) Google Sheets

c) Microsoft Office Online

17: What is the name of the feature that enables you to create a digital notebook and store notes, images and other documents?

  • a) Microsoft OneNote
  • b) Microsoft Access
  • c) Microsoft Outlook
  • d) Microsoft Edge

a) Microsoft OneNote

18: We can  create interactive presentations with the help of :

  • a) Photoshop
  • b) PowerPoint
  • c) CorelDraw
  • d) Google Chrome

b) PowerPoint

19: Microsoft Access enables us to :

  • a) Create and manage Databases
  • b) Create Budgets
  • c) Send Emails
  • d) None of these

a) Create and Manage Databases

20: Data visualization is a feature of?

  • a) Microsoft Word
  • b) Microsoft Publisher
  • c) Microsoft Excel
  • d) MS Paint

c) Microsoft Excel

MS Office Keyboard Short Cut MCQs

In this section of MS Office MCQs with Answers, you will find the most important MS Word MCQs with Answers, MS Excel MCQs with Answers, PowerPoint MCQs with Answers, Outlook MCQs with Answers, MS Access MCQs with Answers and all other software related to MS Office.

MS Word MCQs with Answers

21: In Microsoft Word,  formatting is performed on:

  • a) Texts 
  • b) Tables 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None 

c) Both

22: __________ is the change in the way text warps around the selected object.

  • a) Text Wrapping 
  • b) Text Bolding 
  • c) Text Deleting 
  • d) Text Copying

a) Text Wrapping

23: To delete the selected text in MS Word press ___________ button.

  • a) Insert 
  • b) Delete 
  • c) Left Arrow 
  • d) Right Arrow

b) Delete

24: To make the selected text italic, the shortcut key is:

  • a) Ctrl+A
  • b) Ctrl+B
  • c) Ctrl+I
  • d) Alt+I

c) Ctrl+I

25: Portrait and Landscape are called:

  • a) Page Insertion 
  • b) Page Setup 
  • c) Print Preview 
  • d) Page Orientation

d) Page Orientation

26: The most important page setup before printing a document is /are:

  • a) To set paper setting 
  • b) To see the print preview 
  • c) Setting Page Margins 
  • d) All of above

d) All of above

27: To centre the selected text, the keyboard shortcut key is:

  • a) Alt+E
  • b) Ctrl+E
  • c) Shift+E
  • d) Alt+C

b) Ctrl+E

28: Sort feature is for ______ in MS Word.

  • a) Alphabetize 
  • b) Formatting 
  • c) Moving 
  • d) Copying

a) Alphabetize

29: To align right the selected text, the shortcut key is:

  • a) Alt+R
  • b) Shift+R
  • c) Ctrl+R
  • d) Shift+Alt+Ctrl+R

c) Ctrl+R

30: If you want to undo an action in a Word document, then press:

  • a) Ctrl+Z
  • b) Ctrl+P
  • c) Ctrl+U
  • d) Alt+Z

a) Ctrl+Z

MS Excel MCQs with Answers

31: Every formula in MS Excel begins with _________ sign.

  • a) an equal 
  • b) plus 
  • c) minus
  • d) percentage 

a) an equal

32: What are the basic building blocks of a spreadsheet?

  • a) Rows 
  • b) Columns 
  • c) Tables 
  • d) Cells 

d) Cells

33: To minimize the currently selected window in Excel, press:

  • a) Ctrl+F6
  • b) Ctrl+F7
  • c) Ctrl+F8
  • d) Ctrl+F9

d) Ctrl+F9

34: The pictural representation of worksheet data is also known as:

  • a) Tables 
  • b) Pivot Tables 
  • c) Charts 
  • d) None of these 

c) Charts

35: To save an active file in Microsoft Excel press:

  • a) Alt+S
  • b) Shift+S
  • c) Alt+Ctrl+Delete
  • d) Ctrl+S

d) Ctrl+S

36: To make a chart in the current range of data press:

  • a) F1
  • b) Cltr+F1
  • c) Alt+F1
  • d) Shift+F1

c) Alt+F1

37: To display the save dialog box, the keyboard shortcut key is:

  • a) F5
  • b) F6
  • c) F10
  • d) F12

d) F12

38: Choose the correct formula for adding a range in Excel:

  • a) =sum(range)
  • b) sum(range)
  • c) =range(sum)
  • d) =add(range)

a) =sum(range)

39: Repeats the last command or action:

  • a) Alt+Y
  • b) Ctrl+Y
  • c) Shift+Y
  • d) Ctrl+Alt+Y

b) Ctrl+Y

40: Press __________ to create charts.

  • a) F1
  • b) F2
  • c) F11
  • d) F12

c) F11

PowerPoint MCQs with Answers

41: MS PowerPoint is __________.

  • a) Animation program 
  • b) Presentation program
  • c) Video editing program
  • d) Content Management System

b) Presentation program

42: The miximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is:

  • a) 100%
  • b) 200%
  • c) 300%
  • d) 400%

d) 400 %

43: To make the selected text underlined, the shortcut key is:

  • a) Ctrl+A
  • b) Ctrl+U
  • c) Ctrl+B
  • d) Ctrl+I

b) Ctrl+U

44: To align the right the selected text in MS PowerPoint the keyboard shortcut key is:

  • a) Alt+R
  • b) Ctrl+L
  • c) Ctrl+R
  • d) Shift+R

c) Ctrl+R

45: Press ________ to delete one character to the right.

  • a) Alt+Delete
  • b) Shift+Delete 
  • c) Delete 
  • d) None of these 

MS Access MCQs with Answers

46: Which of the following Microsoft Office program is used as Rational Database Management System?

  • a) Excel 
  • b) Access
  • c) Word 
  • d) Outlook

b) Access

47: In MS Access ________ are used to store the data.

  • a) Rows
  • b) Columns 
  • c) Tables 
  • d) Query 

c) Tables

48: A______ is an area reserved for a specific piece of data.

  • a) Row 
  • b) Record 
  • c) Field 
  • d) Data

c) Field

49: The checking operation performed on input data is called the:

  • a) Sorting of data 
  • b) Updating the data 
  • c) Validation of data 
  • d) All of these 

50: In the table design view which key can be used to switch between the field names and properties panels?

  • a) F4
  • b) F5
  • c) F6
  • d) F7

c) F6


I hope all these MS Office MCQs with Answers will be helpful for your Computer Operator Test, Junior Clerk Test, Office Assistant Test, Computer Programmer Test and other computer-related test online preparation. You can also find more Computer MCQs with Answers below.

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