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In this section of English MCQs, you will find Multiple Choice Questions On Tenses With Answers. All these solved MCQs on Tenses with Answers are useful for English Test Online Preparation. You can also easily Download all these MCQs in PDF for Free.

Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers

In most English Tests, Quizzes and Exams the correct usage of verbs and auxiliary (helping) verbs are important. Therefore we have included a complete  chapter of Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers. 

You can find the find the following main types of English Tenses MCQs for English Test Preparation. 

  • Present Tense MCQs
  • Past Tense MCQs 
  • Future Tense MCQs

Furthermore, we have also divided each tense into its sub-type. For example:

  • Simple Tense MCQs
  • Continues Tense MCQs
  • Perfect Tense MCQs
  • Perfect Continues Tense MCQs

All these objective questions on tenses will help you to learn English Grammar as well as English Tenses. You can easily prepare for English tests with the help of these solved English MCQs. 

Direction: For each question, there are four options. Click the “Show Answer” button if you don’t know the answer to the question.

English Tenses MCQs Test Online

1: Qaisar __________ television every day. 

  • a) watching 
  • b) watched 
  • c) watches 
  • d) watch

c) watches

2: Students __________ their note books. 

  • a) writes 
  • b) are write 
  • c) write
  • d) writing

c) write

3: Kabeer had already finished his task when his boss _______.

  • a) arrives 
  • b) arrived 
  • c) arriving 
  • d) none of these 

b) arrived

4: It snows in Muree. ( Identify the tense)

  • a) Simple Present 
  • b) Simple Past 
  • c) Present Continous 
  • d) Simple Future

a) Simple Present

5: Maryia always _________ an apple jam in her breakfast. 

  • a) eat 
  • b) eats 
  • c) ate 
  • d) eating

b) eats

6: I _______ gifts for children every Eid.

  • a) buying 
  • b) buy 
  • c) buys 
  • d) bought

b) buy

7: Water ________ of hydrogen and oxygen.

  • a) consist
  • b) consisting 
  • c) consists 
  • d) consisted

c) consists

8: Zakir is _______ typing right now.

  • a) typing 
  • b) typed 
  • c) has typed 
  • d) is being typing

a) typing

9: My classmates ______ practicing. ( put the correct present continuous tense helping verb)

  • a) is 
  • b) are 
  • c) were 
  • d) was

b) are

10: Yousaf has already ________ football.

  • a) play
  • b) playing 
  • c) plays
  • d) played

d) played

Objective Questions On Tenses

11: I _________ already eaten today.

  • a) am 
  • b) is 
  • c) has 
  • d) have

d) have

12: Zeenab watched a drama serial on T.V.

The above sentence belongs to:

  • a)  Present Perfect 
  • b) Simple Future 
  • c) Future Perfect 
  • d) Future Perfect continues 

b) Simple Future

13: I _____  Waqar’s brother.

  • a) am not knowing 
  • b) don’t know
  • c) not know
  • d) does not know

b) don’t know

14: The Prime Minister ________ talking about the economical situation in the country.

  • a) is 
  • b) are 
  • c) had 
  • d) has

a) is

15: Yum! this burger _______ good.

  • a) tasting 
  • b) taste 
  • c) tastes 
  • d) tasts

c) tastes

16: The children are being awfully ______ today.

  • a) sick 
  • b) hungry 
  • c) noisy
  • d) none of these 

c) noisy

17: Hens ________ eggs.

  • a) lay
  • b) lie
  • c) laying 
  • d) lays

a) lay

18: I __________ Mr Rita at nine last night, but he was not at home.

  • a) call
  • b) called 
  • c) calling 
  • d) has called

b) called

19: I __________ a new laptop four days ago.

  • a) buy
  • b) was buying 
  • c) bought 
  • d) buys

c) bought

20: He’s _______ bragging about himself.

  • a) forever 
  • b) always 
  • c) frequently 
  • d) constantly 

d) constantly

MCQs on Tenses with Answers

Below are the solved Multiple Choice Questions On Tenses With Answers for English Exams Preparation. 

21: He is ________ upstairs his book. 

  • a) get 
  • b) got 
  • c) getting
  • d) getting up

c) getting

22: She is in the kitchen _______ dishes.

  • a) washing 
  • b) washed 
  • c) wash
  • d) none of above

a) washing

23: Portugal _______ to the west of Spain.

  • a) lay
  • b) lie 
  • c) laying 
  • d) lies

d) lies

24: Breakfast is an important meal. I _______ breakfast.

  • a) am always eat 
  • b) always eat 
  • c) eating 
  • d) both a and b 

b) always eat

25: Have you ever _______ a toy?

  • a) break
  • b) broke
  • c) broken 
  • d) breaking

c) broken

26: Sanan has been here _______ the 22nd of June.

  • a) since 
  • b) for 
  • c) both a and b
  • d) none of above

a) since

27: Last February, I _______ for the first time in Muree.

  • a) see
  • b) saw 
  • c) seen
  • d) has saw

b) saw

28: I __________ at least seven E-mails to the Deputy Director.

  • a) have sent
  • b) has sent
  • c) have send
  • d) has sending

a) have sent

29: Growing flowers ______ her hobby.

  • a) are 
  • b) is 
  • c) has 
  • d) has been

b) is

30: Twenty dollars _______ too much to pay.

  • a) are 
  • b) is 
  • c) both a and b are correct
  • d) none of these are correct

b) is

English Grammar Tenses MCQs Test

Most important and repeated Multiple Choice Questions on Tenses with Answers for Online Test Preparation.

31: Zain ______ watch a movie on television tomorrow.

  • a) had 
  • b) has 
  • c) will 
  • d) is

c) will

32: I will already _______ read the newspaper when my father arrives.

  • a) has
  • b) have
  • c) had 
  • d) has been

b) have

33: Will they _______ from the university by July 2025?

  • a) graduate 
  • b) graduating 
  • c) graduates 
  • d) graduated

d) graduated

34: Tania will have been sleeping for two hours.

The given sentence is:

  • a) Future Continous 
  • b) Future Perfect 
  • c) Future Perfect Continous
  • d) Simple Future

c) Future Perfect Contious

35: I think Umer _______ studying a book.

  • a) has been
  • b) will be
  • c) being
  • d) be

b) will be

36: Tomorrow at this time, I will be ________ bored at the office.

  • a) get 
  • b) got 
  • c) gotten
  • d) getting

d) getting

37: We won’t be _______ super tomorrow before 8 o’clock.

  • a) have 
  • b) had 
  • c) having 
  • d) has

c) having

38: Pakistan will win this match.

Identify the tense.

  • a) Simple past 
  • b) Simple Future
  • c) Simple Present 
  • d) None of above 

b) Simple Future

39: This team is definitely ________ to win the competition.

  • a) go
  • b) gone
  • c) going 
  • d) goes 

c) going

40: For how many hours Fred________ painting the house when the ladder _______.

  • a) been, fell
  • b) is, fallen
  • c) was, falling
  • d) had, fall

a) been, fall

Solved Tenses Questions for English Test

Important Multiple Choice Questions On Tenses With Answers for Online English Quizzes and Test Preparation.

41: When I reached home my mother had been _______  the house for two hours.

  • a) clean 
  • b) cleaned 
  • c) cleans 
  • d) cleaning

d) cleaning

42: Shan _______ as if he had done something terrible.

  • a) look
  • b) is looking
  • c) looked 
  • d) looks

c) looked

43: When we arrived the ceremony __________ already finished.

  • a) is 
  • b) had 
  • c) was 
  • d) has

b) had

44: _________ they playing tennis when you reached?

  • a) Are
  • b) Were 
  • c) Is
  • d) Have

b) Were

45: His cigar _______ irritating me.

  • a) was
  • b) were 
  • c) has 
  • d) had

a) was

46: We’ve been waiting for a good offer to buy a Mercedes ________ March.

  • a) since 
  • b) for 
  • c) from 
  • d) None of these  

a) since

47: She’s been crying in her room ________ half an hour now.

  • a) for 
  • b) since
  • c) an
  • d) the

a) for

48: The day before yesterday I __________ a lion.

  • a) see
  • b) saw
  • c) seen
  • d) seeing

b) saw

49: The officer had ________ the documents carefully before to _________it.

  • a) read, sign
  • b) reads, signed 
  • c) read, signed 
  • d) reads, signs

c) read, signed

50: The train _________ before we reached the railway station.

  • a) left
  • b) had left
  • c) have left
  • d) none of these 


I hope all these Multiple Choice Questions with Answers will be helpful for your English Test Online Preparation. If you need more English MCQs. You can easily find them below. 

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